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[[Backdated 10/9 - Ezra, Sedona, Phoenix - Laying the roof is an important part of the building process. Being a papermill, it is important that the materials do not get wet before their time and are protected from the elements.]]

The wood plane was a simple tool, but it got the job done. Piping a whistled tune, Ezra worked since the first light of early morning to get the slats that were to to be made for the roof prepared. Each slat had been already cut to size, and willowy hands worked deftly to ensure that the angles of each slat were properly shaved, that all of the bark was removed. Between two boards and a primitive vice, he worked on the last batch. The frame logs still needed to be separated by size, but that wouldn't take nearly as long. Not only that, with the encroaching mists that seemed to thicken with each passing night, there wasn't much they could do higher up on the mill's ceiling until they could see.

He couldn't stop thinking, however, about the little one that was waiting for him at home. The faster he was done, the faster he could see the little bundle in the arms of his mate. The first of their happy family that was of Vahn blood. How he wished that his mother could shine that smile of hers down on him. How he wished that there was a history for her to grow with. It didn't sullen his grin, though. Where they did not have a history here, he was building a legacy, if she would have it. He knew by the beat of her heart she was going to do great things.

As the mist traveled on, carried upward and away by the warming of the earth with the brilliance of the sun softened in the overcast, he stacked another slat to the towers he'd made," There we go..." Moving through a new piece of raw wood to the vice again, whistling away as the wind blew, a merry tune from older days. He made sure to have what he could done before the others of the Vale might show. Even if it was hard on him, the last thing he wanted to do was put more work on those that had gone out of their way to offer him time and toil. So, with the recollection of all they'd done for him thus far, the grateful smile that ran across his slender maw could not be stifled.

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OOC: Constructor III Co-rank thread Four out of Four. WC: +3

The thick mists were ominous and eerie in the early morning darkness. The air was still, chill and sent shivers along one's spine. There was no birdsong which was even more odd. It was always misty around the Vale, but this kind of dense, dark rolling fog wasn't normal, even this time of year. Sedona was reminded a little of the unsettling events of last year's winter as she made her way from her home in the shadows of the looming Brassard Church in Winterwynd towards the mostly constructed Paper mill site in Hee Haw Orchard. Her mind was still on edge as she crunched over fallen leaves and the first rays of sun began to creep into the sky, slowly melting away the offending fog.

She approached Ezra, whistling his merry tune and smiling away, in a state unlike her normal self, bundled in a maroon scarf today over her usual red bandana. She was frowning and looking a bit ruffled. The dense fog clung to the edges of the fields and she eyed it warily even as she shook out her fur which was slightly damp with dew and greeted the head of the project. "Howdy there Ezra. Already hard at work I see?" She chuckled, rubbing her forehead where the band of her hat met her hairline. "What are we doing today?" She asked, eyes brightening and demeanor rapidly shifting as she began to focus on work rather than her spooky surroundings and the sun rose farther in the sky taking with it the rest of the looming mists.

She eyed the wooden planks he'd already finished and could guess the intention of their work today. "Ahhh, the roof!" She said brightly before he could respond. "Now there's somethin' I'm good at!" She grinned and went over to the planks, running her paw along the newly hewn wood. "Beautiful! ...Now let's hope the weather cooperates..." She said, stating the latter more to herself than to her pack mate. Looking up to the Elkenfrey, she slightly tipped her head "D'ya know who'll be joinin' us?"


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He was fashionably late mostly because he, well, forgot.

Helping with the paper mill was something he didn't put a lot of thought into — he was asked to lend a hand, and the response was a quick nod and a "sure" because of course he wanted to get in good with the rest of the pack — and then that was the last he thought about it. He had assisted Brom and Falcon about a month before, and while that was still a relatively fresh memory, the other assignments he promised to help with were forgotten.

Not on purpose, but he just forgot.

He ran through the mists hurriedly, still trying to fit his arms into the simple shirt he donned to ward off the morning chill — it didn't do a whole lot for him, but it was something nevertheless. His jeans were maybe hiked up a bit too high, but they often tried to slide down when he jogged about; at this point, though, they were chaffing in undesirable areas.

Finally he reached the work site, panting and trying to fix his clothes, when his green eyes rolled up to the see man in charge — "Mornin', Mister Ezra," he greeted amicably, even though he literally did not know the man besides his name. But Phoenix would be damned if he wasn't cordial.

"Oh, shoot, hey, Sedona!" He chuckled, running a hand through his wild hair as he spotted his sister nearby. "Fancy seein' you here, little lady! You workin' with us? How didn't I know that?"

What a coincidence. Or maybe he forgot the other Whitesage was going to be here, too. It was entirely likely.

"So, uh, what we got here, partner?" His hands planted at his hips as he looked around the building, slowly coming together and taking shape. Construction of some sort, surely — maybe the roof, from the looks of it.

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