Rest is for the weak

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Malfoy was restless, he didn't like just sitting around, no matter how much James said he needed to. Sneering to himself he got the crutch that his mate had made for him and got up. As it stood he was only supposed to move around their shared home. The crutch helped him since his leg was still healing from being scratched. Looking around for any sign of James he hobbled out of the home and took a deep breath once he was outside. Fresh air! It didn't matter that it had a bite of cold to it, it was better than the stale feeling of indoors.

Sighing he moved through the snow the best that he could, keeping his one good eye on the ground. His other eye was wrapped up so he couldn't really even try to look out of it. Making it only a few feet, he rested and just now thought that maybe this was a bit ridiculous. He wanted outside, but maneuvering in the snow felt like a hassle. Leaning into the crutch a little he contemplated his choices. The grey male could continue to try and travel through the snow, or he could go back home, or he could sit down somewhere. Sitting down was his most performed activity right now. Huffing lightly he moved again, making his way to a decent-sized rock, before managing to sit.

Gently he moved his injured leg, stretching it out and then smiling at his small victory of making it outside and out to a rock. Anything was truly better than being stuck indoors with a worried and somewhat nagging mate. Scratching his cheek, he knew James was just worried about him, but it still got frustrating at times. Adjusting his seating on the rock, he turned his gaze upward and just silently watched the clouds while enjoying the fresh air.

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Trans rights are human rights

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Similarly to her own attack, though not by a luperci, fellow Mistwalker, Malfoy, had also taken some nasty injuries by a cougar when it surprised him on a hunt. The news had of course spread through the Vale that another of the pack had been injured and it sent ripples of worry through the ranks. Saga's orders for increased security and border patrols were warranted it seemed. Not only for trespassers, but for hungry lurking predators as well.

Healing in her own rights, but still with a minor limp, Sedona was back to her usual duties, throwing herself into them as determinedly as possible. Today she towed a makeshift sled along behind her, currently empty of the building supplies she had previously loaded it with. She was still working in the forests along the Vale's borders building lookout posts and archery platforms. The project was slow going thanks to the impeding snows but she'd already erected six or so of the platforms and she felt accomplished in her task.

Passing by the residences of her fellow Mistwalkers, on her way to Hee Haw Orchard and the pack's storage to stash away the sled, the cowgirl paused, noticing a familiar face hobbling his way through the snow on a crutch, then finally resting heavily against a large rock. "Malfoy?" She called out, picking up her pace, scarred face twisting in concern. As she came up to him she dropped the handle to the sled and crunched through the snow. She understood what it was like being cooped up inside while she healed. Sedona was certain the pack healer Karria was insisting he rest just like she had after her own attack. Smiling kindly at the male, the Gamekeeper stopped before him, taking in his still bandaged face and leg.

"Need some fresh air, hm?" The coydog couldn't help but ask, concerned for his well being, but knowing exactly what it was like to have cabin-fever.


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