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Nestled into the nooks and crannies of the southern half of St. John's River, Mistfell Vale has claimed parts of the lush Fundy National Park as well as the abandoned Camp Gagetown. Its southern half boasts rich evergreen forests, while the center of the territory shows off green fields and valleys - to the north, a mysterious swampland. Surrounding the territory is the St. John's River, which offers fresh water and life to the members of the Vale.
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There was probably a better way to do this...

Wed Jan 08, 2020 12:37 pm

The light coming from the front window was enough to wake up Wally, even though it only appeared as a sliver from where he was sleeping. He felt himself uncurl and sit up with a yawn, the cloak falling from his body. He took it off so it could be better used as a blanket and did the same with the wraps so his arms could breathe a bit better. Slowly getting up in the darker building, he stretched his limbs as he walked into the main room, tapping a rusted piece of piping with his toe as he did so. He kept it since it was interesting, but he smacked his foot against it one morning. Nowadays, he only tapped it just to remember it was there.

With his arms wrapped up, the cloak attached securely, and with a few berries in his belly, Wally picked up his spear and was ready for the day. Looking over the main room, he noticed it looked a bit barren, with extra materials or other things placed towards the back wall. It didn't bother him, but maybe he could get a table or something else to make it a bit cozier. Of course, it was rather dark, but Wally would rather keep it like that instead of lighting some candles; while he could stand the presence of fire, it unnerved him and lighting one created more hassle than it was worth. Walking over to the door, he pulled it open a bit to see some snow spill in. Closing it, he thought up his options. He didn't want to throw out the snow again, but maybe there was a way to bypass it...

To anyone passing by, they would probably be shocked to see a spear-like stake be thrown out a window, then followed by a dog. There was enough snow piled out the window to cushion Wally's face-first fall, whose form sunk a bit into the snow piled up. Quickly getting to his feet, he shielded his eyes from the rising sun as he retrieved his spear with a face relatively deadpan compared to what just happened.

Re: There was probably a better way to do this...

Tue Jan 14, 2020 2:58 pm

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The air was cold, but Falcon was warm. She’d heated her clothes by the fire before leaving the house and poured a cup of hot broth to take with her on her rounds. They were just a collection of ever-growing things she started her day with—checking if her packmates needed her help, making sure there were no potential hazards around town, and so on—but she treated them like part of her job. Once Falcon was done, she’d run home to warm her clothes and belly again before heading to Hee Haw Orchard. Maybe she’d stop at Ezra’s papermill too, just to see what he was up to.

The Elkenfrey jumped when a spear landed in her peripheral vision, nearly dropping her half-empty cup. She turned to see Wally tumble out of his window and land face first in the snow. The yearling stood, shielding his eyes from the sun as he did so, and collected his thrown spear. Falcon glanced up the street toward her intended destination, a small clearing on the edge of Winterwynd; she was trying to figure out what to do with the rusted hunks of metal and large, black wheels she’d found covered in dead vines and fresh snow.

”Front door won’t open?” Falcon asked, taking a sip of her broth; the past few days had been cold enough to warrant cooking large pots of it, the excess she couldn’t drink given to families who would. The green-eyed woman glanced at Wally’s front door and noted the large pile of snow that had been blown in front of it; it was melting, but it was still in the way. ”I just have icicles all over my roof.” They were pretty, and heavy, and she’d started knocking down the biggest ones to keep them from damaging her house.

There was also snow piling up against her back door, but she didn’t mind taking the long way around to get to the garden; she just had to avoid banging her head on any icicles.

Re: There was probably a better way to do this...

Wed Jan 15, 2020 12:21 pm

Shaking some of the snow from his fur and brushing off the rest, Wally finally noticed the presence of another luperci. "Mornin'." With the automatic greeting out of the way, the shepherd dog realized who he was speaking to. "How've ye been? I'm guessing yer day started better than me own."

Wally turned to the door. "I'm sure I could've opened it if I tried hard enough, but I didn't really want to shovel it out. It always make me hands chilled." He really needed to get a shovel. He was sure he saw a few in the storage shed, but he had yet to go back to see if there were any there, nor did he feel comfortable taking something from there. The last thing he needed was to cause a pack-wide disaster due to a missing shovel.

"Icicles? Maybe I could knock a few of those down for ye." If there was one good thing Wally liked about the cold, it was the formation of those ice spikes. He had yet to have one threaten his life since he would always use his spear to swipe at them. It was a means to help him practice with his distance, and while he usually got showered by the ice afterwards, he thoroughly enjoyed it to the point he knocked the icicles from some of the unoccupied houses. He didn't know if there were others who shared his love for knocking them down or if they found it a nice addition to the snowy scenery.

Turning his attention to whatever Falcon took a quick look at, Wally asked, "Ye need help with anything? I don't have anythin' important today, so let me know if ye need help." As of now, his plans involved finding a deer and hunting it down, a likely futile effort, and then pick berries. As of late, there seemed to be less berries to be picked. Wally chalked it up to more of the pack picking berries instead of hunting, since deer and rabbits in the area were few and far between.

Re: There was probably a better way to do this...

Wed Jan 29, 2020 4:07 am

Clipped wings, I was a broken thing

Falcon tilted her head to the side, cradling the hot cup in her gloved hands. She supposed that made sense; she hadn’t enjoyed shoveling snow last winter, before she had her gloves. ”I guess so. My clothes are warm and my drink is warm, so I’m pretty happy. Maybe you should borrow a shovel—I think I saw one behind Old Brassard Church,” she said, gesturing in its direction. Wherever it was, she’d probably need it for her back door at some point.

”Someone’s excited. I wouldn’t mind the help, especially since I try to clear everyone else’s. You wouldn’t happen to be the one clearing the unoccupied houses, would you?” She took another sip of her drink, almost slurping at the end; she was happy she had such a tall cup.

Falcon glanced up at the half-blue sky and wondered how her future snow storage was holding up in the sun. She’d put a call out for empty jars and bottles from her packmates, ones they’d emptied out at some point and hadn’t yet refilled, and she planned on using them to shuffle smaller amounts of broth around the Vale. The hardest part wasn’t going to be making the broth anymore, or getting a heavy pot half-filled with hot liquid to someone’s house; it was going to be finding a way to keep them fresh for more than a day. She was already anxious about leaving the broth unattended, whether in her incomplete hearth or in Old Brassard Church next door, so she definitely couldn't do it for days in a row.

The Elkenfrey knew it wouldn’t be particularly useful when all the snow melted, but it would help feed the pack next winter—and maybe even help into the next spring, if she could dig a root cellar with her packmates before then. It would be an ambitious project, more ambitious than anything she’d ever tried to organize, but a piece of cake for the entire pack. It would give them accessible, long-term storage, and they might even be able to store snow into early spring.

Wally’s voice dragged her out of her thoughts, her mind having wandered back to work again; she wished it would stop doing that. ”I’m… Not sure, really. I usually just wander around Winterwynd until I have a list of jobs to do,” Falcon said, shrugging. ”I’ve been patrolling a lot, too. I found an abandoned camp in a clearing past the northern border—I might go looking for others, see if I can track down whoever made it.” The camp had been too old and picked through for her to recognize any scents, but it was close enough to make her worry.

”Have you noticed anything out of the ordinary?” Falcon asked, pressing her warm cup to her cold cheek. The sun was out, but it was still so cold. Maybe Wally had seen something strange and brushed it off. ”I… Don’t like it. It makes me worry.” Falcon wasn’t afraid to be honest with the boy; she didn’t know what this meant, but it wasn’t good.

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Re: There was probably a better way to do this...

Sat Feb 01, 2020 7:51 pm

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"Maybe I'll do that next time, or at the end of the day." It would be nice to use the door without snow spilling in, but that would be for later. There was bound to be something else to do today.

Falcon was uncannily perceptive in Wally's mind, who would probably have not noticed the icicles missing if he didn't do it himself. "Aye, ye be right 'bout that..." He stopped as Falcon continued drinking something. "By the way, what be ye drinkin'?" He had yet to see what was inside, but if it was warm, he might ask for some. Hunger was no stranger to him, and filling up would make him feel good for the first half of the day.

At the mention of a camp, Wally tilted his head a bit as he crossed his arms. "I haven't seen any camps. I guess the odd thing is some footprints, but I've always thought it be from the Vale, some of our own kind bandin' together to hunt. I guess food's harder, but it could be because of winter." He sighed, rubbing his face. "I swear, when summer comes 'round, I'll eat everythin' I can get me hands on. I'm tired of starvin'."

"I wonder if any of them be friendly though, if they jus' haven't noticed we exist right here. Maybe this just be some misunderstadin' or along those lines, and they just haven't noticed. It's certainly possible." He easily spoke from experience, wondering how many warning signs he passed by without his nose picking them up. "I'll come lookin' with ye if ye want, I doubt I'll catch a deer today."

There was a fear from Falcon that unsettled Wally a bit. It didn't do much, but it was similar to the coyote attack in his old pack. The only difference was the signs were seen within a span of a week, and everyone knew it would happen. Maybe that was part of the reason Wally was as relaxed as he was, since he couldn't picture a scenario more dire than that night. "If somethin' does happen, I think we'll be fine. We have bows on our side, an' that's terrifying fer anyone involved. Besides, if those were trespassers, they be nothin' compared to some of the things I came across comin' up here. Those be some scary night, believe me on that."
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