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WARNING: This thread contains material exceeding the general board rating of PG-13. It may contain very strong language, drug usage, graphic violence, or graphic sexual content. Reader discretion is advised.

Word Count → 000 :: it's battle time guys! please reference this to find out who you are facing! set a between outskirts of Winterwynd and the border!

'We move now.' Somhairle ordered with a growl. The old Scotsman was sick and tired of seemingly endless scouting and preparing that his underlings insisted upon. Only the boy, Rune, seemed as eager as he did to strike. From beside him, Malthe gritted his teeth, hesitating for a long moment before he turned to the black wolf and nodded reluctantly, and submissively. The black-faced dog directed an uneasy glance over the men, and boy, that had become the closest thing that he now had to a family. He wasn't particularly fond of any of them, save for the boy perhaps, and even still, he was a particularly cocky and argumentative thing sometimes. Without any further fanfare, Somhairle moved forward, crossing the invisible border that marked the furthest reaches of the pack upon whose borders they were plaguing. 'We target their centre. I don't know how many they are, but we can take them.' he said gruffly as the other four followed on in silence. Somehaire knew he was trained well in battle, and he knew that the Hungarian Csaba could hold his own. The Dutch jackal was a trickster, a small one at that, but he was slippery and perhaps that would come in use. Malthe was by far the most level-headed, but he lacked any initiative and always tried to worm his way out of aggression. And the boy, as green as he was he had the right spirit and Somhairle was sure he could mould him right given enough time.


Night threatened to fall over the Vale, a cold breeze settling down as the sunset and sapped the land of any warmth. Though night came swiftly, no one in the Vale slept soundly, least of all it's Ursarchon. Saga D'Angelo lay awake in the bowels of the Old Brassard Church, having remained in there throughout the day to organise things. It soothed her mind somewhat, focussing on something other than the strange episodes of trespassing that were plaguing them throughout the first month of the new year. Saga had hoped that the blizzard had starved them away, but it had apparently done the exact opposite. Elijah's scouting had revealed that buildings on the outskirts of the territory had shown signs of being inhabited during the blizzard and even after that signs of life and scavenging showed itself.

It was Elijah again that raised the alarm that night, his booming bark sounding out from the town square. Saga was the first on the scene, easing her way out of the heavy doors of the chapel and cantered towards the Defender, her face panic-stricken. Soon enough she was joined by the rest of the Mistwalkers that had come running to his call. The Ursarchon's vibrant eyes scanned the crowd, hoping not to see the face of either of her sons. Credit to Caspar, she didn't, though she knew that he would have heard the call and strongly considered heeding it. Thankfully it seemed that he was wise enough to remain with his younger brother.

Once everyone was assembled, Saga turned to regard the assembled Mistwalkers. Peeling herself away from her hushed conversation with Elijah, she spoke quickly, 'Elijah has just informed me that he caught wind of the trespassers entered our lands. It is our duty to see them off.' Glancing towards the Defender, she signalled for him to continue. Clearing his throat, he stepped forward, 'If you'd all follow me, I can lead you to them. It may very well be dangerous, so I advise you to think carefully about signing up for this fight.' After a brief hum of murmuring from the Mistwalkers, Elijah nodded and set off towards the edge of the territory.


It wasn't long before the group were face to face with the five who had been plaguing them. Saga and Elijah led the group, but it was the Ursarchon who spoke first. 'You're trespassing.' she stated forcefully, 'You've been doing do for some time. I'd advise you to leave while you still have the chance to.' There was a dry, coarse laugh from the large black wolf who stood at the head of his own little group. Saga's eyes regarded them individually, a jackal looking stood to his left, small and sharp, puffing himself up as he stood beside his larger comrades. On the right, stood a white dog. Long, thick hair coated his entire body, which was broad and tall. Towards the back stood another dog, but this one was black-faced and elegant, deep brown eyes like little glossy marbles against the matte of his coat. Saga felt her heart skip a beat as she spotted the last man. It was a boy in fact, scarcely older than Caspar and Daniel themselves were. Swallowing hard, she cast a covert glance towards those nearest to her, signalling that they were to avoid harming the boy. Everyone else was fair game.

'How generous.' he scoffed and without anymore words, he stepped forward to begin the battle.

Saga D'Angelo
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OOC: please excuse my giant post--last three paragraphs relevant, lol. Tl;dr: Ginny and Rupert are armed with swords and choose their assigned target and try to separate him from the others. I am completely okay with Ginny and Rupert not making the killing blow when it gets to that point--this will be Ginny's first real fight using her sword. WC: 1152

Ginny knew she should be getting some sleep, but she just could not manage to drop off. Every sound had her eyes snapping open so that she could try to figure out what it was. All of the sounds she heard were normal, though. Or at least, she was pretty sure they were. And since none of them were followed by someone bursting into the house, none of them meant danger.

Still. Ginny laid under her pile of furs and listened to Rupert's breathing. It was even, but not his normal slower sleeping rate. He was awake, too. She suspected that he was doing exactly the same thing that she was, and probably pretending that he was asleep, too. Ginny turned over, peering into the darkness where she could make out his form. Her eyes had adjusted to the darkness once she stopped closing them and trying to sleep.

Maybe she should just get up and find something to do. It was dark, and flickering candles were not enough to look at her map by. They had no books to read, something Rupert lamented on a regular basis. He had owned a couple of them, but opted to leave them in Portland when they left because he did not know what conditions would be like out on the road and if the books would do alright. As it turned out, they probably would have been fine, all things considered, but they were a few less things that needed to be carried.

Finally, Ginny tossed the furs off of her body, hissing slightly at the blast of cold air. Their house was not one that had a working fireplace. There was a fireplace, but Ginny was sure that if they tried to light a fire in it, it would just burn the whole house down. The one time she tried getting a look inside the chimney, she came away with a soot covered face and Rupert was torn between laughing at her and forcing her outside until she was clean. He did both of those options at once.

With a sigh, she forced herself to keep moving, picking up her sword from where it now stood near her bed. It was wrapped in leather to keep it from damaging anything since she did not have a sheath for it; just the makeshift sheath that doubled as a way to let her and Rupert practice with their blades and avoid hurting each other with them. Next to her sword was the stone she used to sharpen it. She had intended to do it before bed, but never got around to it. She figured now was as good a time as any.

Ginny's movements got Rupert moving as well, and Ginny lit a candle. It was getting down to a nub, so they would need to find someone to trade with to get more at some point, but for now it would do. They did not do much by candle light anyway, especially during the summer when the days were longer.

"Want me to do your sword, too?" Ginny asked, carefully removing the leather from her own. She ran the pad of her thumb over the edge of the blade, testing its sharpness. There were more than a couple of spots where there were nicks in the metal, but she was not too worried about them. The blade would do its job, even if, at the end of the day, she did not want to do so.

"Sure," Rupert said, bringing his sword over to her. She set it down by her leg and got to work on her own. She ran the stone carefully over the blade, as she had been taught by Naenia when she was first learning to use the weapon. At first, Naenia did not think she was serious about learning, but Ginny was able to prove that she was.

The stone bumped gently at the imperfections on the blade, and Ginny was careful there. She did not want to make them any bigger than they already were and risk doing real damage to the blade. She liked the sound the stone made on each pass. There was nothing she could come up with to compare it to, and whenever she tried to describe it by imitating it, Rupert laughed at her. Sometimes she did that just to make him laugh.

After a few passes, she checked the blade again. When she first started learning to do this, she could only tell the difference between a very dull blade and a sharp one; that difference was plenty obvious. Now she was able to tell when a blade was getting dull and needed to be sharpened. It was odd to her that the leather wrap did not keep it from dulling.

Once her sword was done, she set it aside, leaving it on top the leather and picked up Rupert's to get started. His blade was similar in condition to hers, which made sense. She was part way through her third pass on it when the booming bark startled her and she dropped the stone. She turned wide eyes to Rupert and saw that he was already on his feet. With a nod, she passed him his blade and picked up her own. After a momentary glance at the leather wrap, she decided to leave it here. Rupert removed his, and then they were out of their house, heading for the Old Brassard Church where others were gathering. They listened to what Saga had to say and then followed her out the door.

Nerves sparked down Ginny's arms, causing her fingertips to tingle as adrenaline filled her veins. For all the practice she did, she had never used her sword in a real fight before. Before, she thought that she might be excited at the prospect, but now... now she was scared and felt something akin to dread. She could seriously hurt someone tonight, or worse. Yes, they had been invading their pack lands, but it was still a big deal to Ginny. She glanced over at Rupert and saw an expression of grim determination.

The group they found were smaller than Ginny was expecting, and she bared her teeth at them, holding her sword in front of her in the first form that Naenia had taught her. She kept her grip at just the right amount of tightness; too tight, and it would hurt, but too loose and she may drop her weapon. She and Rupert stood side by side and Ginny's eyes went to Saga in time to catch the instructions about not killing the small canine. Ginny looked next from Rupert to the tall, shaggy one with light fur. He nodded slightly and as their leader stepped forward, Ginny and Rupert did as well, working immediately to separate their chosen target from the rest.

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[MV] A Lean Winter – Opponent : Rune Nørgaard wrote:Rune is a young [one-year-old wolfdog], but tenacious boy. […] He is to suffer significant injuries but ultimately escapes. In his Secui form, Rune is formidable and bearlike, although a healthy amount of his mass is taken up by a thick coat.
  • Form: Secui
  • Size: 46 in (106 cm)

Optime --> Lupus --> Secui | Mistfell Vale | Dated: Jan 31st | NPC: Einarr (+1,188)

[MV] A Lean Winter

Since Skadi’s got her own opponent, I went a little further into their fighting. Don’t let the fight fool you, they’re both inexperienced, they just happen to be of the same relative level and are going by instinct xD

TL;DR: Rune charged at Genevieve and Rupert, Skadi side-tackled him. Rune and Skadi dog fight Secui-style. He takes a chunk out of her ear. She returns the favor by biting his cheek. They struggle. He latches onto the loose skin of her neck. She digs her claws into his chest and belly/groin, and pushes him off of her. They have a stare down, and then become an angry ball of fighting dogs again.

The distant and urgent sound of alarm echoing out from deeper in the town caused Skadi to jerk up from where she had been lounging near the fireplace. Quickly, she rolled up onto her feet and ran to the shuttered window of the room, pulling it hastily open as she stuck her head out. She had never heard anything like it in her young, relatively peaceful life in the Vale. Straining her ears, it sounded like the barking was Elijah, and it was coming from the center of town.

Behind her, Einarr frowned as he joined her by the window. “That doesn’t sound good.”

Skadi pulled herself back into the house and secured the shutters quickly, swiftly moving to douse the fire that had kept the living room warm. “It might be those trespassers,” she said from over her shoulder. For the better portion of the month, a particularly arrogant group of Loners had lingered just beyond their borders, had vandalized their border markers and looted outer lying buildings, had been hunting too close to the Vale. In agreement with her mother’s thoughts, it wouldn’t have surprised Skadi if the group had finally decided to do something a little bolder.

Einarr pulled the fur blanket to cover the shutters before turning to look at his sister. “Mom’s still out with Sindri.” His eyes narrowed on Skadi as she crossed over to the front door. “What are you doing?” He asked, following her.

She rolled her eyes at him as she pulled open the door. “I’m going to go see what’s going on. Hurry up.”

He let out a grunt as he shouldered past her. With Einarr out of the house, Skadi closed the door behind them and shifted down into Lupus. They would reach the town square faster if they ran, and she could run faster in her four-legged form.

They made it to the square with the rest of the Mistwalkers that had been in range of the Defender’s alarm call, and, from the sound of it, Skadi’s assumption that it was the Loner group had been right. The warning the Collins gave did little to dissuade the decision the young Eklund had already made in her heart.

These trespassers had become a threat, and Skadi wasn’t about let her inexperience keep her out of the business of the pack. She would be a year old at the first sign of spring, and she had done nothing but train since she could stand on her own paws. She either ready now, or she’d never be to join the adults.

When the group dispersed, she shifted up into Secui. “You’re not really going, are you?” Einarr whispered harshly in her ear as his attention darted between those that split off to join Elijah and the Ursarchon and those that looked as if they might stay behind. “Mom will kill us.”

“Mom’s not here,” Skadi reminded the bear, “Someone has to go.”

“Let the adults handle it. Look, there’s a good group of them already.”

Her shifting finished, Skadi shook out her fur before glaring at her brother. “Are you an Eklund or aren’t you?” Without waiting for his answer, she padded off, running to catch up with the adults following Elijah.

Following the Defender’s lead, the Mistwalkers finally came face to face with their harassers. It was a small group of only five strong, and their leader looked to be the big male wolf who stood out in front. The group was a mixed one, and none of them looked like they were about to heed the Ursarchon’s warning.

Skadi’s lips curled in a snarl as she sensed the tension rise.

The wolf scoffed and stepped forward, and the fighting began.

The youngest male, a tri-colored, landrace dog in their Secui form, rushed headlong after his leader into the fray. He charged for Genevieve as she and Rupert moved to engage with the white-furred wolfdog. Though Saga had given subtle orders to not attack the yearling, Skadi charged forward. Given a choice between a Mistwalker or a random loner boy, the Vanguard felt confident that the Ursarchon would forgive her for disobeying.

A vicious snarl ripped through her as she slammed into his side with her chest, causing the boy to roll from the sudden contact. They were roughly the same size, though, the boy might have been more or less a few inches taller and some pounds heavier than she. Skadi planted a foot to stabilize herself as she skidded to a halt in the snow. The action put her directly above the male, and he snapped at his aggressor. She jerked back to avoid his teeth, and had to back up further as he pushed himself up to follow her retreat.

He snapped her twice, catching little more than air as she dodged and evaded his wildly thrown bites to get her out of his space. Once she got her footing, she returned them, nearly catching his cheek. Their bodies collided, twisted, and rolled with one another as they each struggled to tag their opponent with their teeth. They were a ball of snarls and snaps as they sprayed snow all around them.

Suddenly, the boy lashed out, snatching her just barely by the ear.

Skadi let out a yelping snarl as pain shot through her head. She instinctively turned on him as he wrestled her onto her back to the ground. Her teeth latched onto his cheek, pulling at the loose skin there while her canines broke through flesh. She must have hurt him too, because he yelped and tried to pull away from her.

She held firm though, pushing against his chest with her forepaws to keep his head from pulling away from her. On her back, she would have been at his mercy if he managed to get free of her. He tried to shake her off, stepping on her prone form with claws out in an attempt to loosen her grip. Skadi growled, repositioning her own footing against the boy that stood over her.

Eventually, he had enough. Snarling, he lashed out, grabbing a mouthful of her thick neck fur. Skadi scratched at him, the claws on one of her forepaws scraping down his thickly-furred chest. With her back feet, she readjusted them in preparation to kick him off, the claws there raking against the tender, less-protected flesh of his belly and groin area.

The sharp pinpricks of pain, combined with her upward push against his gut, caused the boy to release her, and Skadi scrambled into her feet. The two children broke apart, both panting from exertion while still baring their teeth at one another. Blood stained across each of their pelts, coated their fangs.

They glared at each other, a stubborn fury in each of their eyes as they caught their breath.

In an instant, they started again, snarling and snapping at each other, rolling and wrestling in the snow as they fought for dominance over the other.

Skadi Eklund

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OOC: TLDR; Sedona is on horseback, circling around the fighting, keeping her arrows trained on the trespassers to keep them from fleeing. She fire's one shot at Klaas' flank to assist Saga but misses. She's aiming to take a kill shot on Csaba. LMK if I need to change anything! WC: 598 +5 use co-rank in a thread

IC: The urgent barks had rang through the Winterwynd square just as Sedona was walking her horse back to the stables on the other side of the town after an unsuccessful hunt. A deep frown met the coydog's muzzle as a commotion grew in front of the Old Brassard Church. Saga was there as was a distressed Elijah and a few other gathered Mistwalkers. Clucking her tongue, she urged her horse to move along faster and headed towards the hubbub. Catching the Defender's words, Sedona's face hardened and she rested her paw on her equine companion's side.

Slung over the Whitesage woman's back was her ironwood bow and a quiver of arrows. This was the moment she'd been waiting for. She'd been practicing her archery feverishly the past few months since her attack. Now she would have the chance to use her skills to defend her pack and prove her worth. There was no question in Sedona's mind. She was fighting.

Mounting up, the pack Constructor pressed her heels into Hopi's flanks and directed her after the Ursarchon towards the last known location of the trespassers.


Hopi's snorted and neighed loudly with excitement, pawing the snowy ground. The horse was ready for action able to sense to adrenaline in the air. Sedona growled as Saga's words were brushed aside by the black wolf leading the group of loners. She wanted to send an arrow flying right into his eye right then and there, but waited for the Ursarchon's word before moving. It wasn't but a few tense moments later that the fighting began. Rupert and Ginny went for the shaggy white furred brute, the youngest of the group darted forward to attack, but Skadi was quicker and the two went tumbling in a ball of fur and fury. The rest of the Mistwalkers engaged the other trespassers and Sedona took up her task of keeping anyone from escaping.

Keeping her bow drawn, she kicked her heels into her mare's side and began circling around the fighting. Kicking up snow, the large animal created a fast moving, heavy barrier of sorts. Sedona upon her back was able to see everything going on and could take shots to assist anyone who required it in their individual scraps. Seeing Saga's fight turning into a spray of snow and blood, Sedona wheeled her horse around and trained her arrow on the flash of brown atop the galaxy pelted woman. She lined up the shot as she passed by. Releasing the arrow it whistled free from the bow, but embedded harmlessly in the snow mere inches from the fighting luperci.

Snarling, scarred face twisting and green-yellow eyes flashing, Sedona knocked another arrow and prepared to fire again when Saga finally got ahead of her opponent again, and Sedona focused once more on the rest of the battle. Falcon, Phoenix, Zuri, Ezra, Wally, Rialu and the rest all seemed to have a handle on their attackers. The white snow was becoming stained with crimson though. Nobody was free of injury but herself it seemed.

Circling back around towards where Ginny and Rupert fought the large white male, she narrowed her eyes, catching on as the two Mistwalkers were being slowly herded and back up into a thicket of snow covered brambles where they'd have no escape. Recognizing the trap, she grabbed for a second arrow, knocking it along with the first and resolved herself to what she had to do. Kicking her heels into her mount's side she speed towards her fellow Valemen, taking aim at the back of large snarling white dog's head...


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TL;DR - Wally runs to the side of the trespasser's group to try to be a bit of a distraction, watching for an opening. He's armed with a spear and has a few items to help stop bleeding.
487 Words

The howl was what stirred Wally, who pushed the headband out of his eyes. Probably due to the talk of the recent trespassings, Wally's insomnia was acting up again, making most of his nights restless. It was probably by luck he took a nap during the day, because he didn't feel as bad as he usually did. Getting up, he grabbed his bag and his spear, making sure the bag was secured on his back before leaving. It contained his sewing stuff, both of his knives, and a club. There was only one reason why he would hear a howl this late, and he was prepared to deal with it and its aftermath.

As he expected, the meeting was called to gather some of the pack to fend off the trespassers. Wally was quick to join the group, keeping his spear close with a steady hand. With his past experiences, it was weird to be doing something that reminded him of his own pack, or defending against people that could've been him if he didn't get into the area before winter. On his travels to the north, he had to fend off some of the established packs due to accidental trespassing or from trying to satiate his hunger. He guessed this was a similar circumstance, only he was now on the side of the pack, and these trespassers have long outstayed their welcome. If they decided to bolt, he wouldn't pursue, but if it came to blows, he was capable of crippling and killing. Hopefully, none of them carried a torch.

As the group of Mistwalkers finally came across the trespassers, what surprised Wally the most was the fact there were only five of them. Even with the Vale's little group, he knew they outnumbered them, possibly by a factor of two to one. They also lacked any weapons, severely crippling their abilities when it came to reach. The only thing they had as an advantage was the stature of two of them, but that would probably do little to aid them.

As the fight began, Wally was quick to try to run around the group. Remaining calm, he kept his spear pointed at the trespassers as the rest of the pack moved to attack. He doubted he would be able to injure any of them, but that wasn't his intent. If even one of the trespassers focused on him, that could provide an opening for a fellow Mistwalker. Every now and again, he glanced around to see how the rest were doing, looking for someone who might need a spear on their side. His gaze kept glancing back on the closest threat, waiting for an opportunity to strike but also having enough distance to scramble if they came too close. He was ready to patch people up after this mess, and seeing some blood already splatter the ground, he was sure his skills would be required.
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Took slight control with Somhairle. Hope that's ok Vida.

Zuri had been doing her best to ensure she was still up a night as the winter days came and went. It was more a matter of security above anything else. With her usual scouts hiding away in hibernation, it left many of their borders without defenses, which left her to take their place. It was an idea that had crossed her mind when she had once spoken with Falcon, but never really put into practice until now. There had been more clues turning up of suspicious behavior around their borders, something that couldn't be ignored.

If the Vale wasn't already on edge, then they certainly were now. The blizzard had done nothing to help the situation.

The pale woman had been close to the center of town when she heard Elijah's alarm going off. That couldn't have been good. She could only hope that her children would be in the care of her husband while she answered such a call. There was no doubt in her mind that such a call would mean that something was going on in relation to the other strange things that were found around their territory.

There were others along with the Ursarchon already at the church when she arrived. Just as she had predicted, the trespassers had been spotted, and they were making their way towards the gathered people. It was now or never. Zuri did not even hesitate when she placed herself to come along with those that would stand in fight. The only thing that made her feel a small pang of worry was the lack of a weapon.

Another reason to curse herself with not grabbing something when she had fled from Mortimer.

The Risegard was not too far behind Saga and Elijah, the two of them heading the charge to confront their attackers. Her crimson gaze focused on the only one that seemed to offer them any kind of words to the Ursarchon's warning. He did not heed her words, him and the others making their approach. Zuri singled him out among the rest of his peers, seeming to be the one in control of the others. If they could take him out, then surely the rest would crumble around him.

The pale woman's dress blew in the winter wind as she stepped to the challenge. Her fingers flexed, turning her attention on the man as the others made their own targets. It seemed only fitting that she should single him out.

But without a weapon, there was only so much she would be able to do.

Bracing herself, the man seemed to step forward, herself having purposefully place herself between him and the rest of the group, "What's the matter princess? Why don't you get out of way before you get hurt."

"Try me."

His movements were fast, but nothing she couldn't catch. Nothing was going to let him get by her. Weapon or not, he was not going anywhere.

Zuri Acidic-Trombetta

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"Aw, Jesus." It was all he could muster out when Saga called them together, informing them of the situation at hand. The Vale had been reluctantly hosting a few unwelcome visitors as of late, but nothing really came of it until now; in fact, these outsiders saw it fit to rear their ugly head at the borders, and presumably they were not leaving without a fight.

Well, alright. It that was how it was gonna be. Phoenix was getting on up there in years, and he certainly didn't move the same way he used to, but he'd be damned if he didn't try. The Vale had given him everything, a roof over his head, a stable for his best friend, his sister — it was time to give back.

He shifted down for the occasion, revisiting the halfling stage so apt for combat, and he made his way with the others.

Words flew from both sides, indicating there was really no way around it; anticipation ran through his veins like the worst sort of high, and he growled under his breath as tension grew bigger and more untamable between the two groups. And finally, it broke. He let instinct bring him forward, seeing the doggish-looking male close in on his young friend Wally; he almost seemed reluctant, as if he didn't want to fight, but Nick didn't especially care.

A bark escaped his maw as he crashed into the unsuspecting Malthe, wrestling him to the ground and giving Wally some breathing room. The surprised trespasser reacted with snarling and claws, fighting the coymutt off of him as best he could; they writhed in a violent dance in the dirt, blood spilling as Malthe managed to bury his teeth into Phoenix's shoulder — the Whitesage yelped at the pain, frantically shaking off the intruder as he regained his footing.

Choice words fell from his mouth as he threw himself into the fighting again, pushing through the anguish as wild green eyes darted around to see the rest of the carnage — more than enough motivation to keep him going against the dog, snapping and scratching and clamping down on fur or flesh or whatever the hell got in his way.

helloooo nick is in secui, fighting malthe, doing /okay-ish/ but might not can keep it up. a bit rusty ;x

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Clipped wings, I was a broken thing

Elijah’s call had woken her from a dead sleep, and she immediately knew what it was for. Falcon rushed out of her house feeling unusually well-clothed, a borrowed shirt dragged over her shoulders and a warm, deer fur skirt covering her legs. Cloaks could be grabbed, as could hair, forcing the Mistwalker to leave the former behind and tie the latter up tight. If Falcon didn’t care how long it would take to grow back, she’d have chopped it off in preparation.

She brushed her hands over her skirt and resisted the urge to grab it. This was tailor made for her, a gift from a friend; she couldn’t ruin it. Falcon settled for fidgeting with her axes instead, the belt snug around her hips, until everyone had arrived.

The news was… Dire. About as dire as she’d thought. The trespassers who’d weathered the blizzard on their land were back, and they needed to get rid of them. The Elkenfrey volunteered as soon as she could, her pale hand shooting up into the air in the half-moonlight. She wasn’t as experienced as some of the other combatants who volunteered, but if Skadi was going to fight—Ragna’s girl, who definitely wasn’t supposed to be here without her—she needed to be there too.

Falcon saw an almost yearling, a young woman in the eyes of the pack, but also the tiny pup who’d sunk her teeth into the older Mistwalker’s foot.

The group followed Elijah in a loose formation, eyes peeled for any sign of the trespassers he’d found. Falcon had no idea how many there were or how well-armed they’d be; she just had to hope their numbers were strong enough. Thankfully, she didn’t have to hope for long. The trespassers who’d put them on edge all moon, who’d disrespected their borders, who’d stolen food from their land… Numbered four, unarmed men and a single, unarmed boy.

Saga shared a pointed look with the Mistwalkers under her command, one that swung from away from the halfling boy’s young, green eyes. Falcon nodded and squeezed the axes in her hands; the kid wasn’t their target, not unless he had to be.

The trespassers’ cocky, dark-furred leader advanced, as if they weren’t outnumbered just over two to one, and the battle began. Falcon hung back for a moment, watching her packmates separate the trespassers from each other on foot and horseback. She couldn’t risk throwing an axe at unarmed combatants—not when they could pick it up and start swinging it themselves—and she didn’t want to crowd the fight until she knew where she was needed.

Then, she knew. A large, black and brown dog rushed toward the edge of the group, toward Wally, but he wasn’t running at the smaller man; he was trying to run past him. The Elkenfrey had little time to wonder why before Phoenix tackled the dog man to the ground. She rushed forward, hoping to get to them in time to… Gods, she didn’t know, help hold him down? Deliver the killing blow? Falcon certainly had the strength and weapons for it, but… Fuck, it didn’t matter right now.

Phoenix’s opponent sunk his teeth into the coyote hybrid’s shoulder, forcing him back and away from his target. The dog man scrambled onto unsteady feet, dark brown eyes blown wide with adrenaline, and Falcon followed his gaze to the boy they weren’t supposed to hurt. Before he could recover enough to move, she swung at his side and ran to block his escape; he couldn’t get to the boy, not when Skadi was trying to tear him to shreds.

The trespasser shoved past Falcon mid-swing, the blade grazing his arm as his palm flew at her cheek, and knocked the axe out of hand. She held her other weapon in a white-knuckled grip, but she didn’t have enough time to use it.

Falcon stumbled, her face pushed backward by a large, bloody hand, and felt his claws catch the side of her face as she fell. Crashing down on her back, she hissed in pain between clenched teeth. There was no time to think, or plan, or strategize; Falcon just dropped her second axe and moved. Before their opponent could reach the green-eyed boy, she grabbed his ankle in a vice grip and dragged him backward with both hands. The dog man landed with a dull thud in the packed snow, his nose bloodied and chest heaving.

She saw Wally out of the corner of her eye, her packmate diving for the axe the trespasser had knocked out of her hand. Falcon couldn’t risk letting go and reaching for her spare.

”Why are you doing this?” she shouted, fresh blood trickling down into her mouth. The dog man stared at her with startled, disbelieving eyes for a second, clearly dazed from the painful fall, and tried to kick out of her grasp. ”You’re outnumbered! Why?” His breath caught in his chest as he came back to himself, as if he’d realized he’d lied there too long. Another kick, stronger this time, grazed her wounded face and forced her to let go.

A deep, shuddering breath flooded the Mistwalker’s lungs. Only then did real, white-hot pain throb in the pinprick cuts below her eye, across her cheek, and the long, backward scratch that broke the skin above her mouth. A shadow of a packmate rushed past her, then another; Falcon could barely register who they were in the chaos, as hard as Phoenix was to miss right now.

The Elkenfrey clutched the injury for a moment, a sharp whine crawling up her throat. It stung every time she moved her mouth—when her bleeding, split lip curled into a growl—but it wouldn’t kill her. Falcon rolled onto her stomach and dragged herself to her feet, before charging after the dog man again. He couldn’t get to Skadi; she wouldn’t let him.

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Note: Falcon uses he/him pronouns publicly (i.e. to most packmates, acquaintances, and strangers) and she/her pronouns privately (i.e. to specific, close friends).
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