Snow does little to cover your tracks

For Saga D'Angelo

POSTED: Mon Jan 20, 2020 11:59 am

With dreary eyes, Wally sat up, making a big yawn that ended with the snap of his mouth. Slowly getting up, he pulled on his cloak and glanced out the window, thinking what he needed to do today. There was definitely something he needed to do, but what was it? He needed to clean off the snow on the roof eventually, before it collapsed in itself. He was lucky so far, but with some concerning creaking during that blizzard, the shepherd dog probably should find a way to clean it off. Still, he was sure it didn't involve snow. It wasn't hunting or berry picking, because those were just an afterthought nowadays. Did someone need help with anything? Wally felt that was what he needed to do, but he was sure...

The realization hit him like a freight train, and Wally's eyes quickly widened. Grabbing his arm wraps and his spear, he was quick to run out of his house, banging his foot on that piece of piping in the process. Yowling in pain, the shepherd dog shook his injured foot and limped as fast as he could.

With his stomach grumbling a bit, Wally did his best to ignore it. The pain in his feet subsided enough to allow him to walk normal, even though it still throbbed a bit. At the very least, he wasn't getting any looks by some of the other Mistwalkers. Quickening his pace, he didn't want to keep Saga waiting.

His mind was still a bit fuzzy from just waking up, but the shepherd dog remembered Saga asking him help for something. Whether it was from his eagerness to please and not really listening or his exhaustion still messing with him, he was quick to agree and was ready to do anything. He would've gotten there too, if he was able to sleep last night. He really hoped he hadn't angered her; being late doesn't set a good impression for the leader of the pack.

As he made his way to the center of Winterwynd, Wally could spy Saga. With his spear in one hand and his arm wraps in the other, he took a breath and approached, keeping his gaze away. The act wasn't entirely out of guilt or submission; Wally usually kept his eyes away, glancing every now and again. The only problem was the extra guilt and submission might make the habit a bit more noticeable, or Saga could be looking for these traits when he arrived. "Mornin'. Me apologies for bein' late, but I couldn't sleep last night. So, what did ye-" He stopped himself. On top of being late, he didn't want to sound like he wasn't listening either. "I mean, me head's a bit fuzzy from a lack of sleep, so what were we doin' again?" That didn't come out as well as he hoped, but at least he managed a reasonable excuse.
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