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[MV] Specialty Thread Prompt wrote:The Ursarchon has decreed that all Mistwalkers should familiarise themselves with combat in the event of an attack, so team up with a packmate to practise some sparring! If fightings not your thing, head out to the borders and make sure they're well marked!

Optime | Winterwynd | NPC: Einarr (+556)

Drakehund I and Vanguard II.

Open for one! Come help Skadi get some Luperci-to-Luperci training! :3

The sun was out for a change, and there was no sign of icy rain or snow clouds on the near horizon. It was a small reprieve that Skadi intended to take full advantage of. The spot she and her bear brother, Einarr, chose was a good-sized little clearing. It sat between two houses, and the area had been cleaned of any hazardous debris. A fence roughly quarantined the area off, though, it had many broken planks and portions throughout. Some spots were nearly covered by the deep snow that had yet to melt from the blizzard of the month previous.

With their brother, Sindri, off hunting with their mother, Skadi and Einarr had decided to make the most of the short, daylight hours of winter. Skadi hadn’t brought much with her, only a severely dull knife that might have worked better to spread butter than to cut flesh. With more experience, perhaps, one day, she could train with a real, bladed knife with Einarr. As they were both still learning to truly master the art of fighting from their Eklund mother though, it was simply safer to practice with a dull blade.

Einarr let out a pulsing groan as he swayed back and forth between his forepaws. His head was held low and his ears were pinned back. He looked threatening, making the eerie bear-like noise and motions. His mouth was open, ready to strike, to clamp down on whatever he might be able to grab of his sister. Beneath his dark coat, his muscles were tense, ready to spring and grapple his sibling to the ground the moment she let her guard down.

Skadi, by comparison, was bare of any clothing or mock-armor of any sort. She held her dull, borrowed knife in her hand, poised in front of her in as clear of a threat as the bear’s own body language. Her feet were spread shoulder length apart, her knees bent, arms raised. She waited, patiently for her opponent to make the first move, as to do so before would show her impatience with this round.

Glacier eyes watched her brother as he swayed, trying to keep her distracted with the repetitive movement and sound. In the blink of an eye, he charged her, hooked forepaws reaching out to grapple and trip up her feet while his teeth snapped up at her thighs. She sidestepped, and Einarr followed the movement.

One of his paws managed to snatch her foot and pull it out from underneath her, something that he had never done before. It caused Skadi to trip, sending her crashing into the semi-packed snow. Einarr tackled her the minute her body hit the ground. He jabbed his nose into her ear and snorted hot puffs of air.

“Einarr! God, you jerk! Stop that!” Skadi laughed-snarled as she tried to shove the bear off of her.

“Can’t. I’m mauling you,” the black bear argued, grabbing her by her torn ear and tugging gently.

Skadi jabbed the point of her dull blade into his shoulder blade, causing the bear to let out the bear equivalent of a yelp. “Ouch! Skadi, that hurt!”

“It’s supposed to. You just got stabbed, stupid,” she growled as she sat upright and pushed the young boar off of her.

Skadi Eklund

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What's a Wolverthorne?

The old coywolf's narrow, scarred features wrinkled with good humor as her shoulder brushed against Clover, making the dog sigh. It seemed that the hours Clover spent patrolling the territory and providing food for the other Mistwalkers had made an impact on the Ursarchon, because she had granted Clover a promotion – and with it a title the newcomers were trying to wrap their heads around. No packs were quite like the Vale, dividing ranks into houses based on personality rather than function, though everything else made sense.

Didn't Posey explain it to you?

She tried. She said I was probably a Hawkesond, whatever that means. She lolled her tongue in a laugh, baring yellow fangs.

Clover rolled her eyes without a clue, then stopped and pricked her ears at the sound of grunts, growls, and scuffling ahead. The tension left her body as quickly as it came, her fluffy tail sweeping low again as she padded between the houses to lay eyes on the haphazardly sectioned-off clearing – an unofficial arena featuring a familiar pair. She smiled slightly as the youths bickered, then wuffed to announce herself. Behind her, Vesper approached with her limp.

You training? the shaggy grey dog asked. She might have thought they were merely playing if not for the serious demeanor Skadi had exhibited, and the decree hanging over the Vale. While Clover hadn't participated in the recent fighting, she had heard vague bits from Lyric about other incidents. She couldn't fault the pack for taking a more defensive approach; that was how she'd been raised in Inferni, warned that any wayward wolf might threaten their livelihood.

Her tail wagged, uncertainly, as she offered: I could tag in. They might not want to spar with a stranger, but training with someone whose techniques they didn't know – if they knew any – helped any aspiring fighter. Clover liked to think she was capable of being a gentle teacher, too.

Gentler than Vesper had been with her, anyway.

Her brown eyes flicked to the old coyote to see Ves sitting, alert and innocent.


They are so cute omg!

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NPC: Einarr (+470)

Once they gives their answers, feel free to PP them starting the fight! :3

Einarr stumbled off of her, but managed to keep himself upright. He tried to massage the tenderness out of his shoulder from where Skadi had jabbed him, silently cursing the fact that his limbs were not as flexible as a Luperci’s in their Optime. Skadi, meanwhile, fussed over her torn ear, making sure that he hadn’t injured it further while it was still in its delicate healing process.

A woof caused the two distracted siblings to turn their attention elsewhere, spying the familiar figures of the two Loners that they’d found out in the blizzard. “Hey Clover, Vesper,” the Eklund daughter greeted with a jut of her chin. Her ear seemed fine—he hadn’t torn the flimsy scab back open—so, she let it alone. She rolled onto her feet to properly greet the two other Mistwalkers.

“Yeah,” Einarr answered the doggish—they had been able to confirm that Clover was, indeed, just a different type of dog than the few they knew in the Vale—woman. He moved to stand beside his sister. “It’s nice out for once.”

At her offer to train with them, both of the Eklund siblings visibly lit up. “Yes!” They chimed in unison.

“This’ll be fun!” Skadi grinned as she rolled her shoulders. “Take whatever form you want,” she encouraged. Anything the large female chose would be a good challenge for Skadi. Clover was older, and with age, there was the assumption of experience. The dog’s size and suspected power would help the Eklund train for larger opponents too—something she had less experience with—and the lack of familiarity with the fellow Wolverthorne meant that Skadi couldn’t predict attacks or reactions, not like she could with her mother or blood brother, Sindri, at least.

“I need more practice in Optime and using a knife.” She waved the dull blade to further emphasize which form she’d be using for the bout. “Einarr has his own issues.” The bear grunted in acknowledgment of the obvious. Unable to shift like the Luperci could, he was stuck fighting with tooth and claw.

Einarr’s dark gaze flicked to the Whalestray. “You joining too, Vesper?” She was old and crippled, but, he thought he’d offer all the same. She could probably still fight. Their mother, Ragna, had always warned about underestimating one’s opponent, and Vesper had the look of someone that could be harmless or mistaken as being an easy target. If nothing else, Vesper probably had a wealth of valuable experience in the fray, for, surely, the old coywolf hadn’t earned all the scars that she had from losing.

“Any preference for teams? Or just a free-for-all?” Skadi honestly didn’t care which. It merely determined how her plan of attack would be.

Skadi Eklund

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