Black cats and voodoo dolls

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--Uh-oh! Someone rescue this sore heap at the bottom of the stairs. :<

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Something went bump in the night.

Jehan lifted his head from the furs and rolled away from where Cartier slept, peering across the dark room to the secondary suite where Clover snored -- a far cry from her jumpy, restless nights as a loner. He frowned and sat upright, pushing lank white hair from his face then scooting against the wall to do his ponytail. The practiced motions were quick, and he slipped an amulet or two about his person for good measure before he opened the door.

Hello? the dog called, softly. He didn't want to wake any of their neighbors, though the door creaked as badly as the floorboards and vice versa. D'Neville was not a young building.

He heard soft feet running, and pinned his ears back. It was probably just a mouse, he thought, or that freaky zombie puppy.

That wasn't really comforting.

He padded down the hall, sniffing, but must and coyote were the strongest scents and he was still half-asleep. He rubbed at his eyes with the back of his wrist and turned the corner to get to the stairs. Grabbing for the railing, he made his way down, squinting into the dark.

His foot hit something and he fell down with a yelp and a series of painful thumps.

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Sometimes, Kara makes me cringe. She's so rude. D: (+000)

The Lykoi still felt like she served no purpose here in Inferni. Everything she thought the pack stood for had been distorted and now, she wasn't sure what to believe in. It was a feeling she never quite had before and one she wished she could get past. Hal talked her into trying, but success in that area was hard to come by. Some say she was dramatic. Most were telling the truth, but it didn't change the way she felt. Something was still so wrong.

For the first night since the big battle, and since she was drunk off her bum on Devil's Night, she slept somewhat soundly. Her coyote snores filled her room, no doubt trailing into Basilio's portion of the conjoined living space. Her dreams were still missing from unconsciousness, but she slept. That was, until a sharp yelp and heavy thuds stirred her from her slumber.

With loud snarl she awoke, jolting upwards with fangs bared. The thuds completed as she realized they came from inside the mansion. With a grumble she rolled off her pile of furs and made her way to the door to peak out. Nothing could be seen from where she stood. Damnit... Irritated and groggy, she hesitantly made her way to the source of the ruckus. A hand attempted to smooth the mess of hair on her head only to fail and her hands raised to wipe the sleep from her eyes. Once she reached the main lobby, crimson hues fell on the Outsider. Black lips curled in disgust. It just had to be the mongrel, the one person in all of Inferni she never wanted to see.

Great. She muttered as she approached only to stand above him and not even offer him help up. You're being loud. Did you lose your balance Stumpy? She questioned in a snarky tone. A hand rested on her hip as she looked down on him. The Lykoi woman then realized she was speaking to a member of the pack, however hard that was to grasp. Are you alive? Still, she didn't lift a finger to help Jehan up off the floor.

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-- Bahaha what a meanie!

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Jehan groaned and tried to prop himself up with his elbow, blinking into the darkness. Try as he might he couldn't quite get his eyes to adjust to the stairwell; at least outside, in the forest, the moon and stars cast some dim light over the land. He couldn't rub at his sore face (he must have smacked it on the railing) without compromising his balance, so he settled on groaning again.

A spicy coyote scent and a sharp voice drew his attention upward. A sandy-gold and black coyote woman stood over him, disdain plain in her expression and voice. She put her hand on her hip, mocking him with careless questions, and the short dog's temper began to bubble. Quickly, he pushed himself into a sitting position, but decided against trying to put his weight on his sore legs. He glared at her.

I'm missing an arm, not a leg, he muttered. Sorry for not falling quietly. He rubbed at his face finally and growled. Something tripped me, it felt furry. Do you see any critters around here? He looked out into the lobby, but everything was dark, dark, dark. He didn't know how the coyotes could stand it.

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I love meanie butts. (+000)

Reflective crimson hues were pinned on the tripod mutt. If he were anyone else, Kára would have gladly helped him onto his feet. It was dark, but she could see enough to know that Jehan was glowering at her. It only satisfied her to know her cruel words were having a negative effect on him.

He mumbled back and the dragon smirked. If she had a tail, it would be held high behind her in coyote dominance over the Outsider. Instead, she let the rest of her body do the talking. Less hands to catch yourself with. Her smirk widened. The mongrel explained that something furry tripped him and she looked around into the darkness, lifting her head to sniff as well. She may have smelled something that was distinctively not canine, but rodents also boldly made their home in the mansion.

It was probably your own paws. She considered not spitting anymore venom at him, but it was too tempting. Finally, Kára held out a hand for the gold touched male so he could get up. Whether she liked it or not, he was part of the clan.

Hurry and get up. Did you see the culprit at all? Are you sure you aren't just imagining things? Again, the ginger woman looked around to try and get a glimpse of any other moving thing in the room. A shuffling sound drew one large coyote ear in that direction. Maybe he wasn't just imagining things.

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-- jehan's face rn (also i will play critter-culprit bc i am gonna make one of his npcs yay)

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Nah, my face caught me just fine, Jehan said, and rubbed it. Experience taught him that making fun of himself before others did gave him a little power. Not allowing the woman to get under his skin was easier said than done, though.

He almost refused her help but decided that his pride would be meaningless if he stumbled and fell again. He let her haul him ot his feet, and he was glad to note that they were the same height, at least; he didn't think he could bare being shorter than her after this mess of a first impression.

I'm not, Jehan muttered, and pricked his ears as he, too, caught the sound. He growled and trudged in that direction. This is what you get for picking a shitty old building for a home, he said -- even if he felt very differently when sleeping near Cartier at night. Critters and rusty nails and rotten wood and it's just a huge friggin' mess, you know?

The quiet shuffle turned into soft-pawed pattering, though it sounded bigger than he expected. He grimaced and chased after it, only for the dark shape to squeeze out the front doors.

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Okay! Thought so! :D (+000)

Oooh, so that's what happened. The ginger coyote muttered under her breath as Jehan took her hand. She was never good at controlling her tongue. If anything, the current madness only brought out the worst in her. It seemed to bring out the worst in all of them.

The mutt was sure he saw something, insisting upon the fact. Both of them turned in the direction of shuffling and she was forced to believe he was telling the truth. With an irritated huff and slight hesitation, Kára followed the mottled dog in the direction of the believed culprit. She contemplated letting him go on his own, but sleep came with difficulty anyways and she was also curious.

You don't have to be here you know. I'm sure the neutral territories welcome you. A smug grin crept onto her slender muzzle and she tossed him a glance. She liked the mansion. It kept her warm during the winter and shielded from the elements, it was home.

Ears pressed forward intently as the sounds grew louder and into the definable sound of paws. They both moved towards it, but despite their haste the invader escaped through the front doors. Move faster mutt. She spat as she pushed past Jehan towards the front doors. Do you want to catch it or not? She scoffed once again before pushing through the front doors as quietly as she could and off in the direction of the intruder.

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She smirked over her shoulder, and Jehan snorted. I know, he replied plainly, supposing that that would give her the least satisfaction. She was right, though; he didn't have to, but he chose to live here anyway.

Because of Cartier, this is all for Cartier and Clover, he reminded himself. It was worth it. For their sakes, it had to be worth it.

She shoved past him to step outside, opening the door. He staggered slightly and curled his lip at her, irritation overcoming his resolve to be the bigger Luperci. Maybe I don't care. Why are you so interested? He curled his hand into a fist then sniffed the air, the cold November air filling his lungs. He snorted and abandoned the thought of the critter for a moment, his turquoise eyes cutting at the coyote. If I didn't know any better, I'd say you coyotes like to use your species as an excuse to be a bitch. It's not really flattering, sweet cheeks.

There was a rustling ahead, in the bushes, and Jehan stopped, pricking his ears. Some sort of bird flew past with a quiet alarm call into the night. Curious and angry despite himself, he slowly approached the foliage edging the building.

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So sorry for the wait Raze. <3(+000)

When Jehan questioned her about her interest in the chase, she had to pause for a moment. A large black tipped ear tipped backwards. I like adventure, and whatever we're chasing is not the usual visitor. It's interesting. Her own nose lifted to scent the air. The sounds of their intruder were harder to trace out here. The wind rustled and whistled through leaves and distracted her ears from the sound of pattering paws.

Before the ginger coyote could get far, Jehan's comment stopped her and she raised herself dominantly to turn towards him. There was the hint of annoyance in her eyes, but she wore a grin regardless. I'm not here to flatter you. She turned away with the dismissive wave of her hand. I don't need an excuse. I've got experience to back it. Her ears caught the sound of rustling and pushed forward. The woman's crimson gaze followed the bird who fled to the sky, then pinpointed where the sound came from.

She whispered back to Jehan, turning her head slightly. I'm gonna sneak around. Hopefully I'll scare it towards you. She then crouched and crept around, taking a wide path around the bushes lining the mansion. When she was past the bushes she waved to Jehan and waited for him to give her the signal. When he was ready she'd tried to scare the creature his way.

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Interesting, the coyote called it. He wondered if she had an ulterior motive besides being a rude bitch to him, or if these sick Infernians really did get their kicks running around in the middle of the fucking cold chasing shadows. Scoffing, he pinned his ears against the wind then glared when she turned to him. His fur fluffed, he remained silent, then shrugged contemptuously at her suggestion and leaned against the brick.

She crept past the foliage, looking his way, and when he nodded she made her attempt -- though when the bushes rattled, it was on Jehan's other side, causing him to jump and yelp.

Then curse like a sailor.

A large, fluffy cat black as bad luck stared up at him with pumpkin-colored eyes, whiskers aquiver in amusement.

"Look like you seen a ghost, poochie," said the cat, while Jehan had already started crossing himself and grabbing at the amulets at his throat.

"Fuckin' great!" he shouted, half at the coyote and half at the shaggy black queen still staring with her hellfire-eyes at him. "Just great!"

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So sorry for the wait Raze...and crappy post. </3

She could smell the creature, though couldn't see it. The best thing she could do was make a guess where it was and hope it was stupid enough to run towards Jehan. Once the mutt gave her the signal she growled and shook the bushes. Both canine's orbs darted to the source of the unknown bandit's commotion which was opposite of where it was believed to be. Surprisingly, it wasn't the usual rat or raccoon, it was a cat which immediately faced off with Jehan.

Kára's eyes widened and then narrowed in slight confusion. She was half crouched and contemplating which she even wanted to catch the cat. What came as even more of a surprise than a cat creeping about the home of vicious canines, was that it spoke fluent high speech. The fire furred woman wasn't sure if she found it amusing or irritating the way it back sassed the dog. Her muzzle decided for her and her lip curled up in an amused smirk.

It's obviously dumb, sneaking about coyote territory. The Lykoi explained, standing straight and tossing a hand. She smiled widely, thoroughly entertained by the cat's remark and Jehan's sour reaction. What do we do with it? Kára eyed the cat. Also, calm down it's just a cat. The fire breather's stub wiggled behind her, excited that she decided to help Jehan. The outcome was much more intriguing than she could have hoped for.

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