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Leadership: Vesper, Fang Espinoza
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The coyote and hybrid clan Inferni stakes a wide claim; it stretches from the mixed forest and bubbling streams of the Dampwoods, across the low flatlands and rolling hills of the Waste, to the pine forest and stark coasts of Drifter Bay. Settled along the breathtaking Bay of Fundy coast, the coyote territory is marked by tall prairie grasses, solitary glacial boulders, and a few crumbling human structures. Most distinct is the coyote's border decor. Wolf skulls dangle from the trees in the east and perch on pikes in the west. The grim visual markers declare the coyote borders and serve as warning to would-be trespassers.
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Inferni Information Portal

Fri Oct 26, 2012 11:15 am

Information Portal
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Aquila Vesper Co-Rank
Magister Regulus Bellator
Crucifix de le Poer Co-Rank Rex III Vicira Tears Co-Rank Rex III Antioch de le Poer Co-Rank Rex II Mate to Versace
Fang Espinoza Co-Rank Rex I
Sciens Sciens Bellum
Virue Co-Rank Dove Reverie Co-Rank Rex I Izual Massacre Co-Rank Rex I
Sciens Mercatura
Elisabeth de le Poer Annabeth de Fonte Co-Rank Rex III
Cartier Inferni Co-Rank Rex III Mate to Jehan
Mercatura Civilis
Laurel del Bosque Co-Rank Canary Cash
Oriole de l'Or Co-Rank
Bellum Mercatura
Eire Lykoi Redtooth Co-Rank
Sciens Civilis Civilis
Travis Barron Versace Inferni Co-Rank Mate to Antioch Diego del Bosque
Nazario del Bosque Jethro Lykoi Adina Inferni
Kharma Asylum
Roman Cremini Gypsy Chanterelle Litany Rhodes
Aurelia Crucible de le Poer Jhiral
Briarblack Aether Creed Marui Fleurine
Hope Lykoi Sinech Dalisani Molcaxitl Yocatl
Conrad Nielssen Co-Rank
Belle de le Poer Co-Rank Daeva Lykoi Co-Rank Nicola Rockwell
River Creed Kyrios Lykoi Sophie Horne Co-Rank
Rialu Avarice Beckett Moineau Dorado Whiplash
Ignacio Rivera Kennedy Fisher Patrolman Rex III Elva Blackfoot
Omar de le Poer Lucilla Key Co-Rank Faith de le Poer
Nicola Rockwell Noel Priyantha Serenity Inferni
Clover Co-Rank Jehan de l'Or Co-Rank Mate to Cartier Mira Kaur
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  • Pack NPCs may be roleplayed with: see pNPC Policies. Don't confuse a Companion NPC, Youth NPC or Absence NPC with a pNPC, however.
  • Corank indicates a Co-Rank. Click on the Co-Rank icon to jump down to the Co-Ranks table.
  • Mate to Character indicates a mateship.
  • Rex Titles are indicated with arrows: Rex I indicates a Rex I, Rex II indicates a Rex II, and Rex III indicates a Rex III.
  • Open Characters are listed as such -- they're adoptable and in need of a player! You can obtain 75 game points in Inferni by adopting one. Typically, you can find information about an adoptable by visiting their profile link.
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Re: Inferni Information Portal

Fri Oct 26, 2012 11:18 am

Co-Ranks Information · Request Co-Rank
Annabeth Barbarian Boxer Collier Huntsman Smith
Antioch Chief
Belle Arbiter
Cartier Brute Coachman Falconer Fieldmaster Forester Groom Huntsman Marksman Pathmaster Protector Vanguard Watchman
Clover Brute Nurse
Conrad Ravenmaster
Crucifix Arborist Florist Gardener Nurse Spiritualist Vanguard
Cypher Tracker
Daeva Fletcher Huntsman Marksman Patrolman Spy
Dove Falconer Huntsman
Fang Healer Tracker
Jehan Commissary Gardener Tradesperson
Kennedy Brute Fisher Patrolman Tracker Vanguard
Laurel Tradesperson
Lucilla Armsman Boxer Brute
Oriole Chamberlain Brute
Redtooth Woodcutter
Shikoba Furrier Falconer Watchman Vaquero
Sophie Fieldmaster
Versace Cook
Vesper Brute Falconer Navigator Patrolman Ravenmaster
Vicira Groom Historian Patrolman Tradesperson Vaquero Furrier
Virue Patrolman Shepherd

Re: Inferni Information Portal

Fri Jul 11, 2014 12:40 am

Game Information · Submit Points?
Sylvey (Cartier) 5325
Salena (Crucifix) 921
Daniel (Virue) 886
Raze (Vesper, etc.) 583
Sammiie (Izual) 399
Songbird (Shikoba) 383
Stormie (Oriole) 361
Dread (Fang) 274
Ariel (Elisabeth) 166
Gen (Annabeth) 165
Mouzy (Noel) 151
Kiki (Lucilla, Magpie) 148
Legacy (Travis) 117
Shannah (Kennedy) 125
Sylvey (Prodigal) 170
Pi (Cypher) 473
Sylvey (Joaquina) 107
Ryan (Redtooth) 37
Silverfrost (Tacet) 36
Nat (Helotes) 1729
Tammi (Wraith) 1010
Libri (Oblivion Lykoi) 1007
Owl (Snapdragon) 776
Alta (Vieira) 592
Mel (Marlowe) 558
Bobbi (Sage River Lykoi) 537
Sylvey (Prophet) 473
Kiki (Talitha) 437
Kels (Xochime) 386
Cheshire (Kali) 385
Norniff (Delilah) 364
Eve (Dorado) 351
Sie (Myrika, Gehenna, Stigmata) 318
Cheer (Rosario) 312
Lorr (Vírún) 292
Erin (Rikka) 289
Sami (Kára) 260
Leah (Kadar) 245
Syringe (Kuba) 235
J (Valkyrie) 234
Yzz (Saut) 233
Kite (Vendetta) 226
Mutt (Ehren) 225
Blair (Rose) 216
Ku (Mephisto) 186
Shy (Sepirah) 175
Laura (Lucia) 173
Kahilli (Dartmouth) 165
Sara (Sascha) 162
Primadona (Ilusion) 150
Windy (Aether) 150
Emma (Emmanuelle Brenna) 121
Titmouse (Cassius) 118
Zero (Anselm) 112
Poppins (Mkhai) 109
Kite (Selena) 99
Alex (Snake) 90
Gen (Annabeth) 86
Rhoni (Ykesha) 80
Sunny (Nathaniel) 78
Vida (Dieter) 74
Jace (Makhesthai) 58
Kemo (Revan) 55
Alex (Loki) 45
Chelsie (China) 37
Aly (Sparrow) 26
Vaas (Leon) 26
Meghann (Nala) 21
Shannon (Zana) 20
Westy (Aysun) 15
Alex (Saut) 4
Kitty (Avaiki) 0
Kitty (Brumaire) 0
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