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WARNING: This thread contains material exceeding the general board rating of PG-13. It may contain very strong language, drug usage, graphic violence, or graphic sexual content. Reader discretion is advised.
Non-mandatory pack meeting to wrap up the Blood & Wine traitor plot! Osprey has been discovered to be the traitor—but his fate is up to you guys, and he has a few things to say... Come investigate!

Rounds will last ~3 days to keep this moving. :> Marked mature to allow for language and violence.

He was dragged to her, struggling in the grip of the Bellum, before the stone chairs. Vesper perched there, her fur bristling and yellow teeth bared, as she had months ago when the war ended and she took the title of Aquila for herself. There were eyes on her, too -- but most were on Osprey, who'd shifted to stand on two legs (she let him, he'd be easier to dispatch that way) and glared contemptuously at the coywolf leader.

Around him, coyotes murmured -- coyotes and a dog, who stared with an expression twisted in hatred and horror both at the man who'd tried to kill his sister.

The commotion had brought most of them out of the mansion, and rumors flew on black wings throughout the rest of the territory. Confused, putting the pieces slowly together, the clan trickled into the yard to see what was happening. Haggard Harosheth looked from the porch, Conrad was baring his teeth in a silent growl, Covenant stood over her weak, seated nephew -- and Vicira watched, and did not meet her mother's eyes.

Another traitor, Vesper snapped, flecks of saliva flying from her fangs. She decided to forgo formalities and leaped down from the stone seat, loping quickly toward Osprey. Though she had to look up at him, her stance was as dominant and aggressive as ever. You've set traps for your own clan and tried to poison an innocent girl. What the fuck do you have to say for yourself, Osprey?

He barked a scornful laugh. That dog is no clanmate of mine. The traps were accidents. His eyes flicked to those who'd been hurt. They were meant for you -- you and the dogs and your dog-loving son. No coyote was meant to be hurt.

Vesper narrowed her eyes; she'd suspected as much. But coyotes were -- and Jehan and Clover are protected by the same laws as any coyote. It's been this way for more than a decade. Even Kaena took a wolf mate. She saw Covenant cringe in the crowd, reminded of her heritage. Betrayal to the clan, to the Legatus, has always been a horrible crime.

I don't recognize a half-wolf bitch as my leader, Osprey snapped, especially if she harbors and coddles other filthy mongrels!

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You had not right. Cartier growled out the words. Clover never did anything to you. She had trusted you and this is how you repay her? Cartier struggled to keep from shouting though his body shook with suppressed rage. His hands were balled into fists and held down at his sides. You are the exact reason that the clan has been hated so much for so long. Your intolerance casts a negative light on all of us. We are all judged on your actions and are despised for it. The words were growled out.

Have you no heart that you could willingly hurt a child? Who would you turn on next? There are not many here who can claim to be full blooded coyote. You can't even say that about yourself. Would you seek to murder the whole clan and then turn against yourself for something that none of us can help? We didn't ask to be born they way we are but it happened anyways. If you want to hate someone then hate them for what they do, not what they are. What they are is out of their control but they have the power to change who they are. Cartier had never understood prejudices. He couldn't understand holding something that one had no control over against them. He had been lucky to be spared from the majority of racists.

You better hope that Clover has no lasting effects from what you did. Cartier would be unable to forgive Osprey should there be permanent damage done. When he had first found out what it was that Osprey had done Cartier had wanted to go find him and rip out his throat but he had been too worried about Clover to leave her side. The time spent with Clover had allowed him to cool off some but still he wanted Osprey to pay for his crimes.

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I didn't expect this post to come out like this. [683]

She and Oliver had just come back from a hunt, and still smelled of blood and prey, even if their kill hadn't been brought with them when they responded to the call. She was still in Seculi form when she sat down to watch the scene unfold. Oliver, in Lupus form, was almost too small by comparison. The look in his eyes said that he was shocked as to why anyone would want to do such a thing, and as the woodworker explained his reasons for committing his crimes, the expression changed to something that flickered between sadness and anger.

Dorcas's face was stern and impassive as ever, though it seemed to become sterner as trial wore on. Coming from Scintilla, she was not unfamiliar with racism against halfbreeds (though she'd rarely heard any expressed towards dogs), but nothing so blatant as this. Valuing pure blood was a thing she could excuse (so long as they kept their opinions private), but being a traitor...? Attacking one's own clan...?

She'd heard the man was an experienced woodworker, too, and she had thought she might learn from him. No, that wasn't going to happen now.

She turned her head to watch Cartier, and listened to him when he spoke. She gave a silent nod, and waited until he stopped to interject, "He is right. Very few of us are pure here. Would you have us whittle the clan down to a few individuals for the sake of purity? That would make us weaker."

She paused, and considered Scintilla. They had valued purity of blood - enough that her cousins had been ostracized for being too wolfish - and felt a brief stab of guilt that she hadn't spoken up when they had been hurt.

Another thought came to mind, and warred with the prior. Why would he join a coyote clan for the purpose of culling wolfish blood? There were more wolves outside, in other packs, and if they were anything like the Boreas - they were waiting to take advantage of their inner turmoil. Was he from one of them? Was this just an excuse? A lie, intended to break them apart?

"We are the only coyote clan in the area; what do you think will happen if we fight ourselves, and one of our enemies noticed?" She paused, to allow him -- or rather, the rest of the clan, because he felt too far gone -- to consider that, and then continued, "This is what your actions would cause if you had your way, and surely you know this."

She recalled that Cartier had mentioned that the man had attacked a child, and could not imagine the mental gymnastics required to excuse such a thing. Perhaps all this was just an excuse for cruelty? How could anyone look at a pup and see something that ought to be hurt?

Her immediate explanation, given to her by her Christian upbringing was devil. She recalled passages in the bible that spoke of casting them out, but she had no inkling how that could be done nor if it was truly possible by any mortal coyote. What she could recall of Scintilla told her that even the most devout would not bother with such a thing, anyhow - he'd committed treason, and treason meant death and damnation.

"It could also be cruelty that motivates him. An excuse." Her eyes flickered over to look at Vesper. She spoke of Osprey as if he weren't there now, because as far as she was concerned, he was going to be irrelevant. He'd soon be dead, or ought to be. "No matter the cause of his actions, he can't be trusted. If he's weak-willed enough to give into sin and violent urges - if he makes excuses for them and shows no remorse - how do we know that he won't do so again?"


As of April 1st, Dorcas is covered in burn scars.


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Roman stood impassively beside his small desert rose. His expression was inscrutable, though his ears flicked and twitched, catching the words of those who spoke. Betrayal of one’s clan and family was a heinous crime of that there was no doubt. The blood and smoke pelted male knew it only in an academic sense though. He felt no anger at what had been done or betrayal, he was too knew, and beside it affected him not at all. His world and whole reason for being was to protect one creature, and Inferni was where she had chosen to come. It was convenient protection, and while Gypsy, ever the diplomat, made friends as easily as breathe, Roman wanted nothing more than to be left alone. In fact, right now, what was causing him the most discomfort was not the display of unrepentance for acts of cowardice and betrayal, but rather being so close to so many. He stood with Gypsy before him, making it impossible for anyone to sneak up behind her. His eyes and nose took in the sights and scents of the clan.

Roman knew why she’d insisted to come of course. As terrible a scene as it might be for the clan, it would be a good show of solidarity, lending their support to the members of their new home. Roman knew that Gypsy would try to speak to others though, form bridges and afterwards furiously scribble in the loose-leafed, and well-thumbed journal that was her memory. The book in which, not so long ago, he’d found his name and her most recent feelings on him. A lot had changed since then though. Their first night had changed him, maybe not a lot, or noticeably, but something felt different.

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Normally Crucifix was not one to come to a meeting such as this one. She would rather be in the chapel praying for Osprey's soul, that it wouldn't burn too much for the great sins that he had committed. Even better idea was for her to make sure that Clover was alright since Harosheth was attending the meeting. The healer herself had encouraged the brown girl to come, but informed her that if she began to fell uncomfortable that she would be able to return to the dog girl's side. Crucifix was actually thankful for her company. Dogs were much easier for her to be around that wolves, much easier. She really wanted to see Clover get better, and at least she could help with that.

Crucifix moved along the porch, standing at Harosheth's side. Her green eyes moved up as the traitor was being forced along until he was in front of Vesper. The Aquila moved in front of Osprey, who retorted that everything he had done was to take care of the dogs, Cartier, and Vesper herself. She couldn't understand why the dogs were such a problem. Wolves were the real danger. Her brother had already done enough harm to bring about that. Inferni didn't need more.

The girl's green eyes turned to her sister at the mention of Kaena taking a wolf mate. A small frown came to her face before she turned her head back forward. A couple other voices spoke out against the male. Crucifix wasn't even sure what to think. If he wanted to save his soul from damnation, he would need to repent for what he had done, but some of the others might be calling for his death. Crucifix dared not to speak. She felt it was not her place, and that her decision would not be liked by anyone else. It was better for her to keep quiet. The girl's paws carried her closer towards Harosheth, her ears sinking down as she continued to watch on, listening to the others call out their thoughts.

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Saut stared with wide eyes up a one of the few coyotes he'd known and loved since childhood. He swallowed his fear, knowing her hot anger was not directed at him – but anger, born of anyone unto anyone, made him squirm nonetheless. He barely heard the words of his clanmates as they agreed on Osprey's crimes. The utter hybrid kept his amber sights trained on the light-furred Aquila, and the man whose name he'd never been able to remember correctly.

Today, though, he was undoubtedly Osprey, and Saut wouldn't forget it again. But he couldn't make himself hate the man.

He stood near the back of the group which had gathered, but he moved closer as disjointed questions gathered in his throat.

“If he doesn't recognize the Aquila,” he heard himself say haltingly, after the de le Poer woman had said her piece. “Can we not just...I wonder...” He paused to collect his thoughts, then looked directly to the accused. “Why did you not just leave? If Inferni is you believe it is, what kept you here?”

The Asylum male's voice wavered as he finished, like a child's, though his voice was deep like a man's. He clenched his fists and crossed his arms.

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ooc goes here. [322 +3]

He was silent for the first time in what felt like forever. He'd done what the Aquila needed, along with Antioch's help. He felt needed but he also felt like it was only a matter of time before he was called into action again. As a bellum, and hopefully one of the broods new Osprey was not sorry or even closely apologetic about his actions and the way he'd spoken about Vesper and about the other members within the pack... well, he couldn't have said anything worse for himself. Basilio was a firm believer in teaching by example.

Leadership wasn't really expected to dispatch of traitors, not in the way Basilio hoped it could be dealt with. He didn't enjoy the idea that just anyone in the pack could betray the rest of them and get away with it. Fortunately, there hadn't been any deaths though there were obviously close calls that made this had to bear. He growled, moving to settle close but not too close to the suspect in question.

He wasn't going to let him get away with it. "He doesn't have a right to explain himself anymore. After so many have been hurt by his actions, he's no better than the snake that ran away a short while ago," he managed, glancing toward Vesper. Basilio wasn't any better, now that he thought about it, but he'd never hurt one of their own. At least not intentionally or with malice in his gaze. The Coyote pack was changing, for better or worse, but he was simply happy to be within semi-decent standards within the pack as a member who was loyal to the most of Inferni.

He tried to put himself in Osprey's shoes. He'd spoken about this with Belial but that meant nothing compared to what Osprey did.

He shifted uneasily on his feet, letting his fingers brush against his katana.

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My next post will be on Monday. :> Should Osprey be killed or exiled?

Voices called out, came to the clan's defense.

Some of the voices Vesper anticipated -- like Cartier's furious growl, speaking the message that she'd tried to spread again and again as eloquently as she would have. Others were new voices, new faces in the crowd, and Osprey turned toward the three-legged coyote at her accusation, thrusting a finger toward Vesper.

The clan's already falling apart, he snapped. It's been weak ever since she took over.

That much, at least, Ves could feel was true -- Inferni had seemed like a wild creature itself, untamable, ever since the mantle had been passed to Myrika and her. It wasn't weaker, though -- there was just less hatred to direct it, and perhaps they suffered for it. Inferni never did half so well in peacetime as it did when there were wolves to kill.

Vesper nodded when the Scintilla woman addressed her, taking her opinion into consideration. Her stance remained dominant, but she'd fallen calm now, letting her coyotes speak their minds. The quiet seemed to unnerve Osprey more than the shouting.

The traitor curled his lip at Saut -- doggish-snouted Saut. I was hoping a real leader would rise up and cast out the mongrels, the blood of people we were at war with. His eyes flashed from coyote to coyote in the crowd, as if looking for that leader. Someone to take over and lead Inferni like it's supposed to be led! He glanced at Crucifix, hiding near Harosheth. Your family believes in this kind of thing, doesn't it? he demanded of her, and heard Covenant growl protectively. At her feet, Resurrection was listening with his eyes shut. I'll recognize an Aquila that isn't a mutt-lover, he finished with a spit in Saut's direction. Anyone would be better.

His eyes flashed desperately, and his gaze connected with Vicira's in the crowd. Her daughter's face was completely impassive, but an unknown bolt of fear coursed through Vesper's chest.

Vesper did lunge at him, then, sweeping against his bad leg, digging her teeth into his calf. He screamed angrily and swung at her with his claws, but she skittered away once he was on his ass in the dirt. Cursing, puffing up, Osprey tried to get his leg back under him but couldn't.

Basilio was right -- he'd spoken enough -- and Dorcas was right, too; there wasn't any way Vesper could trust him here, trust him alive.

Her voice was level, but those closest to her might have noticed her limbs shake before she sat. Does anyone speak for this man's life? she asked. She would not give the order to kill the hybrid outright.

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Like a flower as the dawn is breaking

It both scared and excited the petite Chanterelle coyote to be around so many of their Inferni clan members, but the reason for the gathering was an occasion that made her feel nervous with agitation. She stayed close to Roman, within arms reach really or just enough so that at any turn she could feel a brush of his shadowed pelt against her own for reassurance. This calling touted back to the days of old. Times before Roman and Gypsy had even existed when the council in Las Setas was rounded out by coyotes who clung fiercely to their ties of pure blood and the idea of hybrids or dogs within their ranks was enough to make a clan member sick to their stomach.

Gypsy understood the strong sentiments this Osprey felt, having been brought up in one of the last families that still aligned themselves and only bred with other pure families, but she’d never clung to and fully accepted the same prejudices her father and mother preached. While her hand had been tied to Roman before she was even born, Gypsy had come into the world with her own opinions and moral compass. She only held the age old fear and perhaps a little disgust for the wolves who meant her people harm.

What Osprey had done was a direct violation of the clan’s trust, and of their leader, pure coyote or not. The Chanterelle knew times were changing and had long ago accepted that. Hybrids happened and their blood did not determine their worth. She had no qualms with dogs either. She listened to everyone’s words, drawing closer to her companion as emotion spilled into accusations and a call for blood seemed to linger just below the surface of their shared tension.

It felt wrong in her bones to kill the older coyote for his beliefs, but it also didn’t feel right to let his acts go unpunished. He’d put everyone at risk for his own selfish desires, and this he most certainly had to pay for. In Las Setas, punishments were swift and always enforced. Gypsy found herself speaking before she realized she’d taken a few steps away from the Cremini. What is a coyote without their clan and without the protection of their own? She looked around, large ears splaying slightly before she went on. In Las Setas we marked our traitors...the enemies, and cut them loose. A tail for their deception and banishment, the wilds took care of the rest, she explained, stepping back to join Roman.

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For a long time, he listened.

In matters of such gravity, this was important. Antioch had been raised in a family where providence was not a given, but a place to work towards, and he had applied all of those things from the Good Book to his own life.

Earthly feelings like envy sprung from materialism. It was why he absconded the idea of taking to two legs and prattling about. The temptation to find an easier way – to give into yet another sin – would be never-ending. There would always be such moments of doubt, for this was the Devil's tool and his way, and those who were weak would succumb to wickedness.

Osprey was weak. From the moment the poison had entered his heart he had been weak. He was dying already, so what did it matter if they granted him the mercy of a quick death?

The sable coyote sat there and listened while others spoke. A woman with flame-red hair was standing next to him, and from her radiated a fury so palpable it prickled his skin.

How dare you, Versace hissed, and her great (perhaps wolfish, even, Antioch suddenly thought) mass spread as she unfolded her arms.

A voice thought to speak of mercy, though it hardly sounded proper to Antioch.

If we let him go he won't get very far, Antioch heard himself say, and wondered at the sound of his voice. He didn't know when he had stopped being a child – if it had been before or after Ferret's death – anymore.

If good people were not allowed to live, why should the wicked be allowed to roam free?

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