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by Raze

Broken windows. That had to be solved somehow.

Dorcas didn't have the skills to make glass, nor did she have any inkling as to how she'd even getting started making that, if she wanted to. As far as she knew, glass was a wondrous but fragile remnant left from the previous human age. It was not a thing for their time; Luperci would have to make do with other things.

The easiest solution she saw would be to board the windows up. For some particularly drafty rooms, it may even be a good solution. For others, though? She knew that there were advantages to having an opening to let heat escape, and a nice view of the outside. It just needed to be able to be closed if the weather was too cold.

Heavy, warm pelts hanging on a wooden rod - that was her solution. If she built it right, anyone would be able to push the pelt aside if need be, to let out warm air, and move it back in if it was cold. There was a cruder version of this in her own room, though whether it'd stand up to the cold of winter had yet to be tested. That didn't deter her from trying; she'd just board the things up if it was too cold, and her idea failed.

Dorcas was sitting on Inferni's front porch with a stack of wood to one side, a knife in hand and a long, thin piece of wood on her lap. It had been stripped free of bark, and the soft inner layer beneath it was exposed. There was a whetstone on the other side, to help her smooth away any splinters. Her wooden leg with its assorted straps and strings to keep it in place was attached below her knee, to the stump of her back leg. She kept the crutch close by, too, because she didn't feel steady on her feet yet, even with a wooden leg.

She was also very much aware that as far as prototypes went, it was bound to break down and fail on her eventually. Some of the leather straps were already frayed. Perhaps nailing them into the wood hadn't been the best solution.


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The shaking stopped. Finally. The ground didn't need to be angry and move all the time. Plus she had been forced to sleep in building instead of at home. Molca said it was too dangerous, but Lis didn't think so. How could their cave be dangerous? It was home. The place that kept them save when they slept. It couldn't be dangerous. No way.

Her distaste for the mansion wasn't the only thing she despised. Molca was planning another lesson. She could sense it. Molca was going back and forth, gathering a variety of items as she mumbled to herself. Lis's grey gaze watched her sitter, waiting. Her opportunity came when Molca went into the den. Lis got to her feet and trotted away. She took a fox's winding path through the trees, confusing her scent and direction. Lis went over and under everything she could find, scratching up her cheeks in the prickers as she passed through them. But it was worth it.

Once Lis was satisfied that she had sufficiently lost her watcher, she dashed through the forest with criminal glee. Her tongue flopped from her jaws as she loped nowhere. Eventually, Lis slowed as buildings came into view. Her chest heaved and she padded through the wreck. The shaking had destroyed windows and knocked so many things down. Kind of like when she dug up ground nests and ant hills. Lis eyed the damage as she wandered. A sniff here. A look there. But it wasn't enough to keep her interest.

She was about to turn back to the forest when a strange sound made her ears flick. Lis's head popped up and she turned around. Her oversized paws flopped as she padded towards the source of the noise. A female that she didn't know sat working on... something. Something weird. But it wasn't half as weird as her leg. Lis's rear plopped against the earth as she stared at the female's wooden leg. Her mouth hung open. "What happened to your leg!" Lis cried. "It's a stick! Did a tree eat it? Are you part tree? Does it hurt?"
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by Raze

Dorcas was aware of the little noises the pup was making as she approached - one ear followed the sound of her pawsteps - but her eyes remained upon her task. She was carving away, removing the sapwood on the log to expose the sturdier heartwood beneath. Sapwood was prone to rot, and was undesirable for carving. Her mother, Alma, had once told her that it was necessary for carving bows as the heartwood lacked the flexibility to bend as needed - so it did have a use. But bow-making had never been her strong-suit anyway, and by choice she was only a carpenter rather than a bowyer.

The pup's sudden barrage of questions drew her out of her task. Dorcas raised her head to peer at the black-and-white coywolf. Her expression was stern, as usual, and her brow was furrowed. One could take this to mean disapproval. After all, prying about someone's missing limbs could be considered rude.

Then, Dorcas broke into a fit of barking laughter. Her whole body shook; for someone who was usually silent, it was louder than one might expect. When she had calmed, she was regarding the pup with a tilt of her head. Her reply was not immediate.

As far as the reason for her leg's absence, Elisabeth had come closer to the truth than anyone else had - though "a tree ate it" was not how she'd describe it. The truth of it was a story she was unwilling to tell, even to a pup. Yet, her own morals prevented her from lying; she would, as she had when Oliver had first asked, tell only a little information and leave the rest to her imagination.

I left it in Scintilla, she said. A passing, mischievous thought made her wonder if she might be able to convince the pup that legs just fell right off, with no warning - but that seemed cruel, didn't it? Forgot to bring it with me, you see. She gave an exaggerated shrug. To an extent, that was true - she did forget to take Alma's wooden leg with her when she left home.

This one is a replacement for the old one. It's made of wood - the same stuff as trees - but it is not a tree by itself. I can take it on and off as I like. While she spoke, she took in the puppy's features, and made note of her wolfish blood. This had to have been the puppy that the traitor had been so eager to kill. It doesn't hurt.

It was young, so she saw no reason to condemn it; if anything, its blood was more the fault of the father than her own. Raised in a coyote clan, perhaps she could be steered toward a better nature than the sins that wolves were so inclined toward.


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Lis stomped. Her lip jutted out as she pouted at the tree lady. "It's not funny!" she howled as her voice rose in pitch. Lis had half a mind to bite her tail until she cried. Tree lady or not, she didn't have to laugh like that. Lis curled her body and sniffled. Her grey eyes darted to and from the other, scowling and shooting daggers every instant she got.

Lis finally got her answer when the laughter subsided. Her pout turned to curiosity. Lis uncurled her body slightly as she blinked in confusion. "What's a Scintilla?" It sounded like an animal. How one left a leg in an animal was beyond her. Lis might have understood if the leg had been eaten, but it didn't sound like that was the case.

Curiosity turned into pure horror. Lis's ears fell back and she recoiled. "How can you forget a leg!? It's your leg! You can't just leave it. That's like, like, ah, I don't know but it's like something really bad. You shouldn't do that!" Lis glanced at her own leg and wondered what would happen if she ever forgot it. But she was smarter than that. She'd never forget her leg or any other part of her for that matter.

Well, at least the wooden leg didn't hurt. Lis breathed a sigh of relief. She got to her feet and closed the distance between herself and the tree lady. Lis padded to her side and shoved her nose so that it was only inches from the strange leg. She took a sniff. Then another. It didn't smell like a tree. More like the mansion. Lis took a few steps away as she eyed it incredulously. "Take it off." Lis paused for a moment with a tiny cock of her head. "Please." she added.
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by Raze

Dorcas didn't heed the notion that the pup's questions weren't funny. The pout, actually, had added to the humor of the situation. She didn't say this or laugh further, though.

Scintilla is where I was born. It is a place like Inferni - for coyotes she clarified. Full of warriors and men seeking God. She was not sure what more she could say of it that the pup might understand.

After all, she had wanted to know how she'd lost her leg, and -- was it not obvious? In her adult arrogance, she couldn't remember what it had been like to have been truly young. Nor could she remember an age when she'd not been aware of danger. She couldn't recall seeing any other three-legged coyotes when she grew up, but she'd seen injuries when she was young, including her own sister's. She felt it was likely that she would immediately understand what had happened when she saw a missing limb. To Dorcas, the pup's questions were both perplexing and humorous in their lack of understanding.

She suppressed a chuckle at Elisabeth's sigh of relief, which came out as an amused snort. Being scolded by a puppy, of all people, was not a situation she'd ever imagined herself in. She was not sure how she ought to respond. After a moment of contemplative silence, she said, I'll keep that in mind.

She did not mind Elisabeth inspecting the wooden leg, but she instantly became wary when asked to take it off. She couldn't immediately articulate why. Was it the fact that the pup had phrased it in such a way that she interpreted it as an order? She balked at the idea of responding to the request of someone younger than her, when it was phrased in such a way.

A passing, curmudgeonly thought made her wonder whether children were especially defiant in Inferni, before she recalled her own sarcastic youth.

No she said, and gestured to the leg itself - where various straps and ties kept it in place and attached to the stump. It is not easy to take on and off. Why do you want to see it off?

Immediately after she asked, it occurred to her that the pup could just as easily prank her by running off with the leg like it was any old stick. It might be too heavy for her to carry, but she wasn't sure.


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"I know God!" Elisabeth exclaimed. Daddy told her ALL about God. Although, it was only really once. Molca told her about the power of fire and Elisabeth just assumed was what God looked like. "I don't have too look though, cus I know how to find God." Lis gave a quick nod. She pictured a bunch of grown coyotes gathered around a bunch of sticks trying to light a fire and failing over and over again. It was just as sad as it was funny.

The idea of anyone being from anywhere other than Inferni was new. Lis had been born in Inferni. She had never left its boarders. Inferni was her entire world and the canines within the only ones she knew. Sure, she knew that there were other places and other canines. But she didn't really understand it. The concept was beyond her. In truth, Lis wanted to ask more about the place beyond Inferni, but she had so many more questions about the wooden leg. It was weird. It was funny. Most importantly, it was right in front of her and not off in the wildest recesses of her imagination.

"No," was the instant reply to her request. Lis's mouth dropped and her eyes went wide. Her gaze followed the hand to all those straps, but Lis didn't care. She just wanted to see it come off. What was half a leg like? Did it just stop or disappear? Was it bloody or covered in fur? She wanted to know. She had to know. It wasn't fair that she wasn't allowed to know. "Because I want too!" Lis whined. The beginnings of a tantrum were taking hold and she began to bounce impatiently as her voice hiked up an extra octave. "I wanna see! I wanna see!" She wailed.
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by Raze

You do? Has your father father taught you how to seek Him? She assumed she was about to get a mundane answer, like in the bible (though she was much too young to read) or through prayer. These were simple, logical answers that her adult mind provided.

And then they came back on the subject of her wooden leg, again. From the way her mouth flew open and her eyes went wide, Dorcas made the immediate assumption that this pup had never been denied anything in her life, and thus was in quite a shock. She could only think how poorly it reflected upon her father.

And then came the whining.

Oh god. Dorcas mentally remarked, and for a moment, she was tempted to give into the little brat's request just so that she didn't have to listen to her voice and the tantrum that was sure to come.

But that moment passed, because Dorcas was far too stubborn and far too proud to give into a child. No, she repeated, voice flat and face stern. You cannot get what you want simply because you want it. Life is full of toil and disappointment; very few things are gained for free, and what is not often worth keeping.

She could feel herself becoming that person. That one person in her homeland, who had disapproved of her sarcasm and her smart mouth, and kept harping on her about discipline. She could not remember his name, nor even what he looked like, but she could recall the way her ears stung when she heard his dressing down.

You are a de le Poer. You come from a proud lineage of warriors and priests, and your actions reflect on them as much as it does you. You are young now, but one day you will be an adult, and you will be faced with disappointment like this one. Will you react like this then? How do you suppose that will look, little one? Would a warrior whine like a baby seeking milk? Would a priest demand what is not given to him? These were not questions that were meant to be answered, and so she gave only a moment's pause before continuing onwards. Act like the person you wish to be in the future. Use your words. They are as important to the warrior as they are to the priest; if you cannot talk and convince your allies, you cannot lead them to battle. You can make plans, but you will not be able to convince anyone to work with you. So, I say, again: why do you want me to remove my leg? Why do you want to see it?

And then she waited, and hoped that the pup understood enough, and that it was enough to belay her impending tantrum. She wasn't familiar with children, much less any this age, and had no idea whether her lecture was even remotely close to something that worked on children Elisabeth's age.


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Elisabeth rolled her eyes. "Yes." she said, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. "But I always need help on acounta, I have no hands. But I'm allowed to get the sticks." One day, she wouldn't need help. Once she was old enough, she'd be able to change forms just like Daddy and Ves. After all, lighting fires was for big kids and adults. All she could do was sit back and watch.

The conversation steered away from God to the wooden leg and Lis was on the verge of a breakdown.

It wasn't fair! Why couldn't she just see the leg come off. That's all she wanted. It wasn't so hard. Lis stomped and began to cry as she was once again, told no. To make matters worse, she was being scolded. Tears began to bubble in Lis's eyes and she began to wail. "Noooooo!" She said as she stomped her feet and shook her head. Her ears folded back as the lecture continued. Lis quieted a little bit, hiccuping as tears streamed down her cheeks. Of course, her request still wasn't granted and all she was getting was a stupid earful about being an adult and other stuff she didn't entirely get or, in her opinion, deserve. In fact, the whole lecture was an unjust punishment.

Lis jutted her lower lip out and glared at her paws. Finally, the lecture seemed to come to a close, but that didn't make Lis feel any better. "Because I just wanna." She sniffed. It's not fair! All I wanna do is see it! That's not so hard. Why do you have to be so mean!" She stomped again. Her anger swelled with her tears and she spouted the only thing she could think of. The worse thing she could think of. "God hates you!"
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