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Optime | D’Neville Mansion | cNPC: Scuttle (+433)

Set in early October, but before the ambush thread (October 13th)

“Have you seen Kore?”

Shikoba looked up from what he was doing, finding his coydog charge sitting unhappily across from him. “That ain’t how ya’ play Hide-an’-Seek, Kid,” he told her with a frown.

She whined, “It’s been over two hours though! And I’ve checked everywhere!”

“Well, check again,” the coymutt advised with a dismissive shrug, not showing as much sympathy to her plight as the girl would have liked. He knew exactly why the crafty fox couldn’t be found. The vixen had given the kid the slip…yet again. “Ya’ ain’t gonna make a better scout if ya’ lose the trail that easily.” Shikoba resumed his work on the rabbit skin, carefully going about removing any remnants of leftover flesh from it with a knife.

Scuttle huffed with an irritated scowl when she realized her guardian—of course—had made a test out of what had originally been nothing more than a simple game. Having nothing to say that wouldn’t get her flack for “more whining,” she put her nose to the floorboards and started to sniff around again. She wove around the room, following the distinct trail of the misfit family’s fox.

When the Quintus moved out of range, Shikoba let a knowing smirk spread across his lips as he let out a soft chuckle. Kore had left within the first hour of their little game. Scuttle would be looking more of how the fox had evaded her and escaped the Mansion than for the vixen herself. It was, perhaps, mean to send the coydog on a wild goose chase, but, it would teach her to use more than what she saw to pass judgement on the world around her.

A scout used multiple senses. Soon, she’d learn that.

It was rare that the Whiplash group stayed indoors, however, with the slow drizzle that fell outside, Shikoba had decided to stay indoors for the task he sought to finish. Scuttle had stayed because he had stayed. The others of their troop were in their usual spots, or, out roaming in Kore’s case.

The coymutt sat to one side of the main staircase. He wanted him and Scuttle to socialize more with their clanmates, and they couldn’t very well do that from behind their room’s door. Besides, Inferni was at war, and it would be better if his companions came to recognize him as a friendly face rather than a complete stranger that they would be forced to fight alongside when things escalated between the Clan and the Kingdom.

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Every so often Jhiral would take whatever he considered to be 'wares' towards the Mansion, a daunting trek lasting for mere hours, to a place that seemed to be so far and yet so close; so different from his quaint little Hideout. The D''Neville Mansion was typically full of activity that put the man off visiting for fear of upsetting the locals with his... perhaps not-beautiful visage and ever-present scents, and yet whenever he happened to be around the place during a quieter time, it felt... odd, maybe peaceful.

"Close 'now, yeh." Came a rattly caw, Maja's bright eyes shining as she hobbled along the floor temporarily, apparently too lazy to use her wings right now. The man she spoke to shook his head, mumbling wordlessly while he continued on, almost daydreaming and heading off-track to his destination. The light drizzle of rain didn't bother him - his wide leather hat kept his head, for the most part, dry, his layers of clothing did something to help, the small patch-work sack he carried upon his back was becoming damp however.

Using the back-entrance of the gardens as always, Jhiral slowly trudged onward, making his way closer with wariness snaking into his behavior more and more. Even if he was part of the pack, the man was not deluded in thinking he was part of the family, despite Vesper's words, and doubted he would ever be.

Inferni, or rather, The Aquila had taken him in for pragmatic reasons, and he sought to fulfill the price desired of him, after that... he didn't know, didn't wish to think about it; hardly as though the man possessed a clarified plan of the future.

By the time he moved right up to the eastern back-door... he blinked and looked around, forgetting himself for a moment, so wrapped up in -thinking- that he barely noticed a small form running around in and out of his vision, the words traded, something - someone - looking for something... or somebody?

Frustrated, he squeezed his eyes, walking onward and then opened them, gazing at... another perhaps naked person, save for the belt and such, sitting on the stairwell. Jhiral had inwardly hoped to get in and get out without any fuss, but standing just inside the main hallway of the Mansion, he figured there was little chance of sneaking about undetected for little more than trading his 'goods' for food - he'd met the Luperci manning the kitchen a few times, not always the same person... one seemed motherly, religious and... gods, his memory failed again.

Maja helpfully hop-fluttered in, head canting left and right, crooning. "G'day naked yote!" She cawed in greetings, and if it was possible, she wore a eager grin, trying to seem affable. The Jackal-Coyote himself merely blinked a few times, glanced to and fro, unsure what to do, and then raised his right hand, free from the walking-stick in the left, partly-mangled limb, and offered a silent, polite greetings.
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The sound of a door opening caught Scuttle’s attention first. Thinking it might be the vixen escaping or, perhaps, returning from whatever hiding place she had taken to, the coydog padded towards the source of the sound. When her golden gaze fell upon who had entered though, the girl started. It was a very intimidating individual, one that might have reminded her of a scarecrow in her younger months. They—he, judging by the quick sniff she gave at him—was swathed in multiple layers of clothing, coupled with bandages that covered most of his face and a wide hat to top off the jarring getup. A bird—a raven—perched on his shoulder, however, it didn’t stay long.

When it hop-fluttered and offered a raucous greeting in High Speech, Scuttle was off like a shot, scurrying to the only safety that she knew of; Shikoba. The coymutt himself had turned his gaze at the sound of a door opening and the clicking of claws on the floorboards. Unlike his young charge, however, the Tirones was not so quickly spooked by the fellow packmate.

He offered the man and his feathered friend a nod in return to their greetings. “Hello,” he said, putting the rabbit skin that he had been working on aside as Scuttle nosed her way between his legs on the step below him. She planted her back firmly against him, her eyes warily regarding the raggedy being that had arrived in the Mansion. Shikoba ignored her actions for the time being, as he was able to understand why she might feel frightened by the male’s presence.

“Don’t reckon I’ve ever seen your face before.” And it was not like the male’s appearance could be easily forgotten either with how distinctly…unique he looked. “Name’s Shikoba Whiplash, the girly here is Scuttle.” He pointed down to her with a claw. The coydog offered nothing but a cautious stare. “It’s been a few months since I’ve been with the Clan, so, we’re still learnin’ everyone,” he chuckled, trying to be friendly despite the child’s rather unfriendliness.

Wasabi eyes caught sight of the bag that the heavily clothed male had thrown over his shoulder. “Got somethin’ we can help ya’ with? Looks like ya’ dragged that over here in the rain.” Shikoba failed to stand, not yet anyway. Scuttle was disturbed by the sight of the Infernian, and, so, the Tirones felt the need to remain as her comfort for the time being.

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