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[AW; Ames de la Mort]

POSTED: Mon Jan 29, 2018 5:30 pm

Blaze froze when Faith pointed out two rabbits. She crouched down beside her and scanned the area around them. She nodded as the female suggested a plan.

”Good idea. Here, I'll hide over by those brambles,” Blaze whispered, pointing at a tangle of brambles. ”I'll bark when I get there, hopefully distracting the rabbits a little a bit.” She didn't wait for a reply from Faith before beginning to sneak to the brambles. The thought of food made her too impatient.

Blaze stepped lightly, crunching the snow as little as possible. She peeked over the brambles, hoping to see Faith moving. Blaze waited a few seconds for Faith to settle before giving a short bark. The rabbits shot up and turned their attention to her, unknowing of the lurking danger behind them.

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POSTED: Tue Feb 20, 2018 6:13 pm

Yet now I'm standing here, my heart so full, I can't explain
Seeking faith and speaking words I never thought I'd say.

The idea of separating the rabbits was good in theory, but it would be a bit harder to execute. While it would be easy to just give chase, there was no telling where the other one might do. Head lifted up slightly as the tan woman made the offer to go hide in the brambles, making a noise to distract the rabbits. Before Faith could even get a word out, the other woman was already on her way. A soft sigh passed through her lips. She hoped, that for the both of them, this plan would work.

Taking to hiding among the snow covered foliage, blue green gaze focused on the closest rabbit to her. As the bark came out, she watched the ears of the prey move up, turning in the direction of the sound. They began to move, prey always being too easily spooked for their own good. As the closest one began to move, teeth bared as the darker coyote leapt out of her hiding place. She began to give chase, kicking up the snow along with her. Not daring to take her eyes off her target, she could only hope the other woman was in pursuit of her own catch no matter which direction it had gone.

The animal was fast, and the Civilis had done her best to match that speed. With the land being so unfamiliar, the rabbit was sure to know more ways to get itself away from her powerful jaws. If she didn't take a chance soon, she was going to lose it. As the pair came to a clearing, her feet pushed her forward, leaping onto the small animal as her jaws make quick work around its neck. Paws pushed its body down onto the ground, keeping it there until all the life was sucked out of it.

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Faith de le Poer

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POSTED: Tue Mar 06, 2018 10:00 pm

Blaze new she should've been patient with Faith, as the dark furred luperci seemed unsure of hunting and possibly would've wanted a more solid plan. Yet, the coywolf's confidence was steadily growing and she believed she'd have few problems with the hunt. All she needed was to keep the rabbit in her sight.

Blaze watched with excited eyes as Faith leapt from hiding and chased one of the rabbits away, causing the other one to charge directly at her. The coywolf leaped from her own hiding spot and the rabbit clumsily turned and ran northward. She chased the rabbit through the snowy forest with bold determination.

The rabbit tried its best to shake Blaze off of its tail by leading her over roots, rocks, and rough terrain. She made sure to avoid tripping as her prey ran on. Slowly, she closed the distance between her and the rabbit and chose to act. She lunged at the rabbit and bit into its hindquarters. It gave out a cry and wriggled in her grasp. She quickly let go and snapped her jaws around its neck, killing it. The infernian woman lifted her prey off of the ground and turned back to follow her trail, hoping to find Faith,

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