Re: Settling in is a Challenge

[AW; Ames de la Mort]

POSTED: Mon Jan 29, 2018 5:30 pm

Blaze froze when Faith pointed out two rabbits. She crouched down beside her and scanned the area around them. She nodded as the female suggested a plan.

”Good idea. Here, I'll hide over by those brambles,” Blaze whispered, pointing at a tangle of brambles. ”I'll bark when I get there, hopefully distracting the rabbits a little a bit.” She didn't wait for a reply from Faith before beginning to sneak to the brambles. The thought of food made her too impatient.

Blaze stepped lightly, crunching the snow as little as possible. She peeked over the brambles, hoping to see Faith moving. Blaze waited a few seconds for Faith to settle before giving a short bark. The rabbits shot up and turned their attention to her, unknowing of the lurking danger behind them.
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