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SNOWBALL FIGHTTT | "High" noon of January 2nd

POSTED: Tue Jan 30, 2018 8:15 pm

Magpie saw the girl creep across the lines, but she did nothing. Why would she? It was just a girl, and this seemed to be meant to be amusing for those with light hearts and not old, sad ones, like her. So she let her creep by, let her go about her business, pretended she saw nothing and did nothing and had no reason at all to think about this girl who had clearly breached their perimeter. She just kept making snowballs, piling them for Rialu's use, the witch's own armorer.

The the stink came, and she let out a plaintive, Gross... as she rose from the snow, letting it fall from her doggish fluff. It seemed this caused them to lose, if only a for a moment. Then Rialu sent snowball after snowball at Virue, and Magpie watched, no longer making more. This whole thing centered around a creature made of snow, one that the older Luperci reached out to take the head off of. Kill it? It wasn't alive; they couldn't kill it.

You can just make a new one, can't you? wondered Magpie, who wasn't able to truly blend her mind into the illusion they had concocted amongst the rest of them.

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