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All the lights and nights

"Keys and lizards, keys and lizards." Yarrow repeated the words over and over again as if they were some sort of mantra. He had shifted now but he still clung to the stuffed elephant, Jumbo, as if his life depended on it. "Keys and lizards, keys and lizards." He glanced from chest to chest on those that he passed but he found neither item. He didn't exactly understand what he was looking for still. He just knew he had to find someone with keys and someone with lizards on their chests. Not that he even knew what a key was. He figured it would just pop out at him and he would just know it once he saw it.

He sighed and ended up moving to the river's edge in order to sit down. He hadn't expected his task to prove so difficult. He had thought he would come to Inferni and find his mother's friends straight away. But then he also hadn't expected there to be any difficulties in joining Inferni in the first place and there had been.

The young man frowned down into the water. He sat crossed legged on the shore and held Jumbo on his lap. "What are we going to do Jumbo? I can't find any keys or lizards. Mama's going to be so upset."

Go with whoever you want?

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She missed her son terribly.

Vesper woke from a wonderful dream into a waking nightmare, the vestiges of his scent fading like the frost on the cavern stones at midday. She curled tighter into a ball and snuffled as if she might smell him even outside the dream, but it was gone; Cartier was gone. She was alone again.

The coywolf wanted nothing more than to lay in her den all day, but she forced herself to get up and stretch her legs. Fang had told her that she would waste away if she didn't get moving, and already Vesper could feel that her broken limb had atrophied from lack of use. It seemed a shriveled thing after only a few months, and it ached awfully when she tried to put weight on it. It was easier to just hobble along on three legs, though the fourth hung, a dead weight, a constant reminder of what had happened. She made the paw touch down on the earth when she could.

The journey to the river took her hours, but Vesper was curious about its banks. What flora would paint the floodplains in spring? She wondered if she might find some tracks there: prey passing along and drinking from the Yawrah. Even if Vesper couldn't chase them anymore, she could report back.

She wandered and sniffed here and there, until the lazy burble of the water caught her ears, and then a smell filled her lungs.


The old coywolf stood still, her ears twitching, her tail hanging low. She stared at a youngster sitting on the shore, and approached hesitantly.

Hey, kid. She tried to recall his name. She hadn't met the coydog before, but Clover had mentioned him a few times. Yarrow, right?

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