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POSTED: Tue Feb 06, 2018 11:23 pm

Posing as hardcore

Perhaps, Redtooth thought, it hadn't been the best idea to throw away the only article of clothing he had in the middle of a particularly brutal winter. Though he had lived in the northern reaches of Nova Scotia for nearly a third of his life, he was still a southern 'yote both in both heart and body. Needless to say, Redtooth was turning into a walking, talking popsicle. It took Redtooth no time to improvise a solution. He raided the meager stores that Inferni had stocked in the caves and he fashioned a lopsided and baggy buckskin poncho of incredibly poor quality from one of the hides left over.

It looked dumb on him, but at least it was warm. Redtooth's worst gripe, however, was the fact that it had no natural pockets.

He didn't realize how much he took such a simple thing for granted, not until Redtooth returned to his construction work in the village. Having pockets had made things so much more convenient. Now, every time he wanted a smoke, he had to return to his tent instead of pulling a pre-rolled cigarette from a dedicated place. It was a constant back and forth, with him returning to the tent nearly every hour. It was affecting his work. He felt scattered upon returning once again to the unfinished barn. Interrupted.

It was mostly done -- the important parts, that is. What remained were the frills: individual stalls, stands for saddles, ect. He stamped his cigarette into the cool dirt floor before scratching his head and staring at the pile of lumber he planned to somehow turn into a saddle stand.

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