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POSTED: Tue May 22, 2018 3:12 pm

The boar seemed to make Aliyah nervous; she stepped back and tried to tug her bobcat from the fence. Even Merari tensed up a little, keeping to the edge of the corral so she could climb out in case she needed to. It was dangerous to think of the pigs as fat, simple-minded livestock: they were very big, very dangerous, and very clever as well. The male would have no issue with tearing the cat apart if he made the wrong move.

Then it happened.

“Shit!” yapped Merari, when not only the bobcat but the coywolf leaped into the pen. The nervous sows crowded together, but a couple started running. There were only a few pigs in total, but once they got going, Rari knew they could do some real damage.

She cupped her hands around her muzzle and shouted. “Aliyah, get him out of there now if you don’t both wanna get killed!”

The bobcat was traipsing along the fenceline and didn’t seem like he wanted to pounce on any of the piglets, but the boar had caught sight of him and started gnashing his teeth again. The pig ran at the cat with an angry squeal, trying to bite his leg.

Merari threw herself at the boar’s back; she was just barely big enough to make the pig lose his balance. He thrashed, though, hard enough to bruise her, and she had to scurry fast to get away from him.

“Help!” she shouted, and she heard a voice call out.

“Hold on chica!”

She managed to climb up onto the fence. The boar glared at her now. Merari spotted a heavyset brown coyote running toward them: Laurel. He had a big branch in his hand and smacked the boar with this, driving him away from the fence.

Breathing heavily, Merari looked around for Aliyah to see if she had managed to make it out.

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