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POSTED: Fri May 11, 2018 3:50 pm

Ichabod Bertram
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We can wrap this up here? :>

“Are you actually tryna guilt-trip me?”

Their conversation became more and more ridiculous the more Aliyah opened her mouth. Scoffing, Ichabod crossed his arms and immediately squashed what little pity had arisen for the hybrid during her earlier barrage of apologies. The way Aliyah had phrased her words made it seem as if he would be the one responsible for her hypothetical ‘death’ if he reported the attack. He scowled, irritated by the obvious piece of manipulation. “She’s not gonna kill you, idiot. Even if she did — ” the Sciens clung onto the tiny sliver of hope that she might “ — it ain’t on me.”

Wolf blood ran strong in the woman, that much was obvious. Perhaps if she had been born more parts coyote, more pure, his initial impression may not have been as strained. Now, however, he recognized her heritage played little it his dislike towards her; coyote or not, she was an unwelcome intruder to the relative peace the clan has entered in the period following the war.

He would have the scars to prove it.

“Whatever,” He sighed again, finding the effort not worth it. His gold-flecked eyes darting up to examine the trees once more, narrowed with suspicion at the sudden lack of screeching. "Let’s jus’ go. The smell’s throwin’ off the ravens.” Ichabod turned, already starting to retrace his steps out of the gloomy wood.

The treetops were alive with quiet movement, the branches swaying underneath the weight of dark bodies. Though they were only animals in his eyes, they held some measure of intelligence; Ichabod’s tan ears could catch snippets of half-formed plans to drive the two luperci out if they did not leave as quickly as they had come.

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Aliyah thought that Ichabod was being dumb if he thought she was guilt-tripping him. "Obviously not." She said, now a little different. Ichabod clearly disliked her, and would do anything to get her to be killed, or kicked out of Inferni. Her stomach twisted at the thought, and she would kill herself in front of Vicira if she needed to, or at least try.

Taking a deep breath, Aliyah tried to find the right words to convince Ichabod she wasn't so bad after all. And she hoped this would work. "I was born into a friendly family." She explained. "Friendly siblings and everything like that. Made friends with basically everyone. Not too long after I became eleven months old, my father Cobalt became mental. He started targeting me and my family, and killed my siblings and my mother, I think. I started losing control too, but I began being able to handle my feelings, but started to learn how to control it. Became antisocial slightly and had trouble getting along with others.But hopefully, you understand why I'm the way I am." Aliyah knew that would she said would probably not work, and the fact that Ichabod was hostile towards Max at first sight put her on end.
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