Signs and wonders, water stain writing the wall

P. Nazario | Âmes de la Mort

POSTED: Sat May 12, 2018 10:40 pm

Without the yawning caverns and the stony beach, Inferni's new territory still left him with an unsettling feeling.

Padding along at an easy lope, Diego held his head low and his ears lower, squinting with every drop of gentle rain that plopped against his thick skull. He had no business in Âmes de la Mort, except to familiarize himself with the territory that Inferni had claimed after the fighting. But now that he was here and the caverns – called Hellfire Hollow now, he reminded himself – were well across clanlands, there was nothing left to do but to carry on and deal with the rain.

There were many things about Ceniza Valley that the ruddy coyote liked more than these lands to the north, but chief among them was just how delightfully dry it was down there! Aside from the storm season, when the rain fell in earnest and dampened all, it was the fire – their wildest of gods – that seemed most powerful in the Valley.

But not here. Here was a place of rain and green and of cold, white snow.

Pausing to shake crystal rain drops from his tawny pelt, Diego glowered miserably up at the grey sky. But here was also home and, though it came with its inconveniences and discomforts, nowhere else filled that title quite so meaningfully, quite so completely, as Inferni did.

Lowering fiery eyes again, a mottled boulder, oddly dry beneath the bough of a stunted conifer, drew him near. It wasn't perfect, but it was drier here and maybe he could wait out the rain. Giving his pelt another healthy shake, Diego glanced at the boulder and noticed, with minimal interest, the etchings scratched into solid, grey surface of the stone. "Me pregunto qué dice eso..." he mused to the gentle rain.

OOC: "It's morning in a dense forest, and it's raining. Your character is trying to read words etched on a boulder."

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