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Giving up all you have left

Mon May 21, 2018 6:57 pm

Aliyah had made the horrible and upsetting choice she had ever made in her life. She had to abandon Max because of Vicira, and since then, Aliyah had changed. Staying away from Inferni territory, becoming antisocial, starving herself, and being very neglectful of her duties as a Sciens. Kinko had tried to comfort Aliyah, but it never worked. Aliyah had been staying by Max's side, waiting for his wounds to finally start healing. Tears glowed up in her eyes, plopping down on the ground she was laying on. Aliyah knew she had to eat something before her demise would end up happening, but she had fallen into depression, and now she wasn't the same. She needed someone to help her feel better. If Ichabod came, Aliyah swore to make him feel sorry for what he had done, telling on Aliyah's bobcat, who looked around. By the looks of it, Aliyah slightly cheered up, being Max was starting to look better, and he had even tried to hunt once, but fell. Aliyah's bicolored eyes looked around, trying to detect anyone coming to her aid, or maybe confronting her. Perhaps Ichabod's ravens would end up flying after her and peck off of her, a payback for their beloved master getting mauled by a bobcat, or at least almost mauled. "It's alright Max." Aliyah murmured, looking at her friend. She wanted to stay strong for her best friend, hoping that maybe he would get completely better eventually, and soon everything would be alright. Max could tell Aliyah wasn't doing well, and that she was starving herself for him, wasting all her time to be with him. It was a sign how badly shaken Aliyah had been when she had to give up Max, and how close she was to him. Nothing would keep her away from Max, and hopefully someone would actually come to comfort her.

Aliyah had lost hope.

She had given up everything, everything she had left.

Re: Giving up all you have left

Mon May 21, 2018 7:32 pm

how pure, how sweet the love beneath it

Ichabod had come by to see her, some time earlier, with unpleasant wounds that threatened and festered beneath the skin. It was early enough yet, still with a chance to fix, but the damage had been done - he was sour, and tensions strained with one of the newer folks and her possession of a predator.

The war was still fresh, and rumor had it that Salvia had the eyes of a bobcat, keen, watching. Never resting.

Rumors were simply rumors, though.

Perhaps it was a misplaced kinship that had Briarblack seek Aliyah out, the incredibly thin thread of pre-emptive bond that tied them with the feeling of loss; at least, she had felt certain of such. Nothing bonded people quite like pain. Or grief.

On all fours, she ventured towards the borders, following scent unfamiliar and that of something not quite canine, sure as she was of their owners - until she had caught sight and spied the duo; a shadow and a cat. Coal nose twitched a little, and triangle ears twitched a little, blue eyes pinching at their corners. Aliyah had the stink of neglect on her, and it twisted at Briarblack's guts.

"You're friends with the bobcat," she stated dumbly, before clearing her throat, and at a safer distance, she apprehensively moved to sit. "I... This must be difficult for you. I'm sorry."

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Re: Giving up all you have left

Mon May 21, 2018 8:32 pm

Aliyah could smell someone, not an intruder, coming over to help. This was a fellow Infernian, and Aliyah wanted to get up and talk, but she couldn't. Vicira had made her mad, drove her to the brink of literally starving herself for Max. She had broken her, made her...different. "V-Vicira showed no pity for me, even though I was completely shattered. Look what she did to me." Aliyah said, and looked all over herself. "She made me seriously depressed. I'm completely broken now." Max looked up at Aliyah in a form of somewhat agreement, that he was mad at Vicira too. "I don't know what I can do without Max." She murmured, and looked at the injured and healing bobcat. Weakness and hunger had overriden Aliyah, and she couldn't let that go on any longer. She needed food, and perhaps comfort, comfort strong enough to help her. Sighing, she slowly got up. Luckily, she was new to major hunger and basically starving herself, and there was no sign of her ribs showing. She hadn't starved herself that much. Aliyah was scared of everyone at the moment, but Briarblack seemed to actually be concerned and worried about her. "I wish Max didn't hurt Ichabod, I should've just been killed by him, or attacked, or should've just left." She said, looking down. "That darn Ichabod, he was made a Sciens for a reason." Aliyah looked down and stared at Max again.

She had just lost all hope, and there was nothing that could be done. "I really miss playing with Max, and him playing with my best friend Dalia's pet fox." She said, closing her eyes in guilt. "Now, he's just left out in the wild. He's the only hope I have left, and that was taken away from me."
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