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Hellfire Hollow

POSTED: Tue May 22, 2018 10:28 pm

Dipping his fingers into the cooling ash, Diego rubbed the soft grey powder meticulously around his wrists and ankles, spreading it layers thick until it was dark and bold. Twisting his arms and bending his elbows, he located all the various burn scars and little hairless nicks and darkened them with ash, and then he scooped more of it into his hands and began marking his face.

A former resident of Ceniza Valley, Diego had taken to the ritual of applying ash markings readily. Though not a particularly thoughtful canine, he appreciated the meaning behind the practice... particularly its symbolism of good luck and particularly these days. He often wondered if he hadn't applied his ash markings often enough, or well enough, while he was traveling between Inferni and Ceniza Valley. Or perhaps he should have danced around the fire more? Was that how he had ended up with that annoying little tag-along?

Rubbing his hands together to dislodge some of the loose ash, Diego rose from the dead campfire and searched for the longest stick he could find. And then, slinging it against his shoulder, he made his way into the cave he shared with Paninya and grinned a wide and demonic grin.

It was a wonder how someone as little as she was could take up so much space when she slept.

Looking down at her slumbering figure, arms tossed outwards from her body and legs kinked in separate directions, Diego crouched as far away from her as he could while still being able to reach her with his stick. "Niña!" he cooed in a sing-song voice. Then, stretching out his arm, he began poking her with the hard, rough end of the stick until, with a snarl seemed much too big for her, the imp awoke.

"Ay, get up!" he yipped, dropping the stick and standing up so quickly that he hit his head. "I need someone who gotta put an ash print here." He pressed his palm against one side of his chest. "Hey, where's Hocico?"

OOC: IDEK what this is. I'm just trying to get back into his guy. Offer to help Diego with his ash marking? Or maybe find Hocico digging in your things? I'm open to almost anything!

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POSTED: Wed May 23, 2018 10:19 pm

Was the coydog surprised to find the coati ferreting around in her hoard of special things?

No. No, Magpie was not surprised. She awoke to the sound of snuffling, to the grasping sound of little claws on metals as Hocico sought an edible treasure amidst the sparkling jewels. Her green eye watched as he tried to bite into a gleaming stone, and she let out a sharp Hey! in warning; she wasn't going to let him consume something beautiful. Did he put it down when she yelped? No. Did he ever?

There was a grunt as the bottom-heavy clanswoman dragged herself from her furs, her heavy dog-paws carrying her closer to the amicable beast. She knew him. She knew who claimed him as a pet (though could Diego really claim the fascinating, intelligent coati as a pet and not a companion?). That's mine, she claimed, reaching down to heft Hocico from the floor in dark-furred arms. The coati chittered as he was lifted, squirmed, and crawled out of her embrace to perch instead upon her shoulder. Quiero! he cried – her favorite word, though she didn't know what it meant.

She let him hold the necklace with its ocean-stones and brassy metal as she slunk from her home to find the Spanish-speaking coyote who danced with fire.

He was where she expected at this hour – his home, speaking of ash to the girl who often sprawled amidst the bedding. It was unsurprising when Hocico abandoned her. She let him take the necklace with him. A gift, she supposed. I found your badger, called Magpie, He was in my stuff. Why do you let him run around like that? Someday, someone's going to eat him. There was a pointed squint to the coati – who she openly misnamed 'badger' often – as if to indicate the source of her mock-ire.

[wc: ---] Wasn't sure how much to describe Hocico – I hope it wasn't overstepping boundaries or out of character for him! MAGPIE TO THE RESCUE!
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POSTED: Thu May 24, 2018 10:02 am

She was like a tornado, or those little whirlpools that would sometimes show up in the river down in Ceniza Valley. Twisting around, Paninya flopped onto her belly and snatched the fallen stick in her hand, glowering at Diego. She gave a single, loud laugh when he bumped his head, then returned to glaring at him between heavy brows and pursed lips.

"Why are you asking ME? He's not mine!" she replied with disdain, picking up the stick and lifting it until it was pointed at Diego. "That sounds like YOUR problem."

Diego took a step back, away from the pointy end of the stick. "Ay! ¡Ten cuidado!" he yapped, lifting his hands defensively. ", pero he's always with you. Ain't you watchin' him, Niña? Shiiit."

If Diego was trying to placate the girl, he was doing a poor job of it.

Jutting her hand forward, fingers wrapped tightly around the rough, knobby circumference of the stick, Paninya managed to poke Diego's thigh. He yelped, leaning forward quickly to try and grab the stick from the girl. But she was faster. After pulling it sharply out of his grasp, she thwacked him smartly across his shoulder.

"Ouch! ¡Haya paz!" He reached over with his other hand and grabbed the stick, ripping it out of Paninya's grip. "Stop it!" He repeated, stepping safely away from the girl. She grinned impishly back up at him and settled comfortably back onto her stomach.

Looking every bit as harassed as he felt, Diego turned wide eyes onto Magpie when she entered the cave, Hocico on her shoulder. The fire-dancer watched as his coati – his coati! – abandoned the dark woman's shoulder to bound victoriously toward the little Paninya, chittering Quiero! repetitively as he crossed the distance between them. He had a necklace that Diego didn't recognize. "What? I ain't did nothin'!" he said defensively to Magpie. It was not lost on Diego how his pet completely ignored him.

"Well, it seems to me as though Diego owes you now, Magpie," Paninya said, grinning at the dark woman. "Dontcha think?"

OOC: Eeeeee! Thank you for joining meeee! Everything looks perfect with regards to Hocico! <3

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POSTED: Fri May 25, 2018 9:18 pm

Diego seemed flustered, large in part thanks to limber Paninya and the stick she wielded in her hand. If Magpie were a kinder girl, she might have felt sympathy for him; she wasn't a kinder girl, though. Instead, the thought of poor Diego unable to defend himself against his friend was hilarious.

She laughed.

It was the first time she had laughed freely in months, and it felt good to let it out in the wake of someone else's suffering – for once. Unable to further chastise the hispanic coyote while she burbled out tittering giggles, the dark-furred coydog bent forward as she howled her mirth. Why did this amuse her so much? She supposed it was just so normal, and she wasn't used to normal anymore.

When the peals of her amusement died down, she straightened, her tail fwiping behind her. She tried to straighten unruly curls framing her ears. She failed. Why're you poking him? she asked Paninya, squinting at her in the most quizzical of manners with her differently colored eyes. She wanted a reason to join in, to gang up on good-natured Diego, to try and act normal again.

Did he owe her now? It was a joke, she knew, but could she play words well enough to think of something witty?

Guess he'll have to pay me back, she agreed readily, using the best choice of response when she was unable to think of something more entertaining to say.

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POSTED: Sun May 27, 2018 8:46 am

The trill of laughter erupting from Magpie's mouth set Diego's jaw. He pushed his bottom lip up while pursing them together tightly, watching with fiery eyes as the dark woman laughed and laughed and laughed. Paninya, too, joined in – mostly at Magpie, rather than the situation that had given birth to her laughter – and when she doubled over, even Diego couldn't help but allow amusement to melt his indignation. Never one to be left out, Hocico chittered and danced around, crying "Quiero! Quiero!" as he did.

For whatever reason, their little domestic dispute had struck Magpie as unbelievably hilarious.

Once the laughter faded and everyone regained their composure again, Paninya's slate eyes flashed at Diego. "Because HE poked ME first," she explained defensively, pointing sharply at the tawny coyote. She turned again to Magpie, almost imploringly, seeking sympathy. "He woke me up by poking me with a stick. Who DOES that?"

Realizing quickly what was happening, Diego dropped the stick and took a step back. "Ay wait now, I ain't done nothin' wrong!" He rounded on Paninya. "You should'a been up already anyway!" He shifted uncomfortably, as though preparing himself for the inevitable: he was about to be ganged up on.

"You ain't the one to decide that!" Paninya retorted, sitting up now on her butt. She folded her arms across her chest, grinning up at Magpie. "So, the way I see it, he owes ME, too," she said, pushing a thumb into her chest.

"Ay dios mío," he murmured, sulking.

"Hmm, let's see..." Paninya started, pushing an index finger thoughtfully against her lips. "We could make him give us massages. Oh! OR, we could make him do our chores for us. Actually, how 'bout THIS: he should steal us BOTH something nice." She grinned toothily at Magpie. "A necklace for a necklace, right?"

"I ain't stoled nothin' from you, Niña!" Diego argued, looking hopefully at Magpie.

Paninya shrugged indifferently. "What do YOU think, Magpie?"

OOC: Bahaha! Yesss! You're welcome to choose any one of these, or suggest something else, or nothing at all. <3 I'm good with whatever!

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POSTED: Thu May 31, 2018 11:54 am

Poor, poor Diego.

The suggestions from the other female caused Magpie's tail to fwip again, a display of thought and approval. She neared the dead campfire, thick frame crouching near it to press her hands in amidst the ashes left behind. Her palms were lightened, rather than darkened, thanks to her already dark color. Surrounded by different faiths, she had been drawn to the ways of the Cenizans who had come to the clan before her birth – her papa and Aunt Clover had seen to that.

With the ashes on her palms, she approached the Cenizan native. You're gonna need some luck, she offered to him, extending her hand; she didn't touch him, yet, knowing better than to harass a cornered 'yote. It was a silent offer. Yanno, when you steal some nice stuff from someone for me. Oh, naturally Magpie had to go the route of her namesake, seeking beautiful things. She was sure Boone had more of them and was simply holding out on her – but she couldn't very well steal them rom the young Lykoi herself, could she? No. No, she couldn't.

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POSTED: Sat Jun 02, 2018 8:49 am

For a long time, it seemed to him, the bright-eyed Magpie said nothing. Instead, with a flick of her dark tail, she drifted off to where the fire had died. Its warmth gone and its light snuffed, it had only ashes to offer now. Diego and Paninya shared a wondering look, then watched her. When the Civilis returned, it was ashes that she brought back with her.

Diego flinched when Magpie approached him, expecting some sort of physical retaliation. Instead, when she extended her ashy hand, it seemed to be in an offering of goodwill. The fire-dancer breathed a silent sigh of relief and, casting Paninya a victorious look, Diego puffed out his chest and allowed the Civilis to mark his chest. He nodded emphatically, thinking that the woman was siding with him. Of course he would need luck if he meant to survive companionship with the impish Paninya.

It took him several heartbeats before the rest of the words that tumbled from her mouth sunk in.

Visibly, the desert coyote wilted. "Aww, Magpie, why you gotta be like that?" he whined, the corners of his lips sinking downward while his brows pitched soulfully up. He slumped forward theatrically, bending his shoulders in defeat.

Paninya cackled, rising to her feet. She lifted a hand high above her head, offering Magpie a congratulatory high-five. "You should probably keep better track of Hocico, dontcha think?" she said in a sing-song voice. "And remember what happens when you poke the bear."

Diego looked up from his defeat, flashing a doubtful glance at Paninya. "You ain't no stinkin' bear, Niña," he countered, straightening again and folding his arms defiantly across his chest. "More like a flea."

Of course, as he knew that it would, this set off a bubbling of annoyance. But he'd forgotten about the stick until Paninya picked it up and wielded it defensively. "You wanna say that again?"

And, of course, despite everything he knew about his companion and had ever learned about life; despite the knowledge of how much sticks hurt when you were struck by them, Diego continued to bait her.

But, to his surprise (and unease), Paninya smiled and did nothing. Cautiously, Diego looked at Magpie. "Uh... So... That necklace... it ain't worth all that much, right?" He asked, not thinking that he might upset the Civilis, too.

Nobody had ever mistaken Diego for being a smart man.

OOC: I'm keeping this pretty open for whatever. If you want, feel free to have Magpie lash out at Diego and Paninya will join in. Or it could end up being more civil. :)

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