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So they found themselves here after all this wandering. Steph thought they'd be better off finding a place to stay when they arrived in this new northern land, and her brother had agreed, wholeheartedly. Or as wholly and heart felt as he did with a stone faced squint, as if deliberating, and the slightest buzz of the throat which apparently meant less than a 'heck yeah', and more than a 'meh'.

The twin mutts sat on their haunches eyeing the end of neutral territory as it stood invisibly but still identifiable by scent alone. Orlean sniffed one long drawn out pull, giving the air a full inspection. "Hm." He sounded, because that meant so much in a world bursting with linguistic variety.

"Are you going to sound out brother, or are you just wasting time like our extended trip?" His sister asked, eyes rolling toward Orlean as if to cue the next thing. But nothing happened. He was still staring into other man's land like a lost pup. "Brother?"

The young coydog replied smartly, matching a rising tone of questioning.

Steph turned her head to look at him more plainly then. "You know as well as I do, we salute the scenic route. Gaze at the gallery. Sight see and see the sights." He announced. That was when he looked right back. "Is'at alright?"

Steph scoffed to the ground, hanging her head, releasing a mumbly, "Alright."

"Now that we've quelled the whiny Susan we can shake the beehive, and since your jaw has already had the jaunt, howl."



But whatever it was that was on his sister's mind fell away, because then she tilted her head back and belted her voice to the sky before it guttered out shakily and off key.

"But that," the girl remarked.

Orlean smirked. "Your voice is broken, git er fixed eh. Sound like a half-size duck chokin on a fuller-size sword. Get better ears. Heard better song from dead birds..."
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my heart was flawed, i knew my weakness

He'd taken to this border-patrolling with frequency, with care and concern, often times with Briarblack in tow while they ensured the marked area was staying just that - the effigies were still in shape, and they fastened ties into the trees. The medic trotted behind him on all fours, nose to the ground.

Beyond the drone of summer cicada screams and the hum of insect wings through the tall grasses, the call came, the origin hard to place. It wobbled, keened on high - something notably hybrid. Nazario cast a look back to his company, and she looked up with pallid blue eyes, before starting for it, her tail a rigid line behind her as they made way to answer the beckon - Nazario's own voice crept up in answer, before he followed hot on the heels of the quick medic.

Her pace only slowed once she saw them, blinking through her suspicion, and her head craned forward, coal nose twitching.

"Hola," Nazario announced behind her, glimpsing to the two four-legged shapes at his border, his gaze somewhat curious. Coyote, dog - a humble looking duo, surely.

"How can we help ya?" he asked, folding his hands and doing his damnedest to look amicable while Briarblack, a little less burdened with her initial prickliness crept forward to examine the duo more thoroughly.

"Are you two... Non-luperci?" she asked, wondrously.

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Welcome to the Del Cenere Gang

Congrats, and welcome to the roughest, toughest, wiliest bunch here on 'Souls. We're happy to have you, so dust yourself off, kick up your feet, and stay a while!

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Still thinking on what to do next? Why not take up an Open Thread, or draft up some plots in the Thread Requests forum? If you're still stumped, don't hesitate to contact your leaders, Despi, Ryan, or Mandi and we'd be happy to help you!

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