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It took Lyssa a moment or two to get the right sounds on her tongue, but as soon as she parroted the little phrase to her mare, it was obvious she had made Belle's day. It was probably so satisfying for the horse to finally hear something in her own language, probably even more so when it came from her rider. Tohopka had been excitable and giddy about that sort of thing once, but nowadays their conversations in low speech were so frequent that he instead reveled in hearing Phoenix trip over himself.

"She said she likes you, too," he grinned. It wasn't exactly what he had her recite, but it was a close enough translation. If nothing else, it could get her started.

His bright green eyes widened a bit when Lyssa... described his sister down to a tee. "Yeah, she... yeah, that sounds about like her," he replied slowly, uncertainly. What were the odds this coyote had actually met Sedona, though? She still could have been mistaken; there were so many Luperci in the world, after all. More than two had to have the name "Sedona" and looked like cowgirls.

But still...

"Was she, uh, she got green eyes like mine? About yey tall?" He held up a paw to where her height probably was. "Pretty outgoing? Probably had a horse with 'er, painted mare?" His eyes were wide now, excitable. "N' you say she's livin' in this, uh, Vale? Yer sure 'bout that?"

The bombardment of questions was a side-effect of his anxiousness. He was bouncing on his feet now, buzzing with energy, grinning ear to ear. "Miss Lyssa, it sure is a small world, innit?"

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It was almost cute how his eyes lit up with hope when she talked of her meeting with Sedona. Phoenix's previous suave disappeared and was replaced with a boyish uncertainty and excitement. Maybe Lyssa had been too quick to judge him when they met; Her embarrassment of falling over made her upset quickly, which had clouded her opinion of him. After a while of talking, it was clear that he was gentle with horses, a good teacher, and now he seemed a loyal sibling. Lyssa gave him a warm smile as he talked.

"If I'm honest, I am uncertain with what colour her eyes were.... but I am certain that she was very charismatic, and about that height. And her horse was painted brown and white, similar to Belle here." Lyssa thought of the brown wold she had met. The similarities in personality were very similar between the two canines, so it sounds as if they really could be related.

"Yes I am certain she was living in Mistfell Vale. She and another wolf came to our territory to do trade. We talked for a while as she traded her goods with various members of the pack." She paused a moment to think. "Now, I have never been to the Vale, but I have a general idea where it is located." Lyssa looked up at the sky to gauge the time; There seemed to be enough time for a small detour before going home. "I could direct you where to go for a while, but I would leave so I could be back by nightfall. It will be a bit of a journey." The thought of saying goodbye to this man so early did make her feel a bit sad, but she wasn't sure what else she could do. Lyssa tried her best to hide the ache in her heart as she put on her best friendly smile.

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