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An excited squeal left the golden woman's mouth when she heard Fennore's answer. "I will pack right now!" And with that, she jumped up and began to gather items into her bag. It was a fairly long journey, so she would need to be sure she had everything she needed for herself and Belle. Should she bring one of her nice dresses? They weren't that fancy, but they were the nicest things she owned. With a shrug, she stuffed the light blue one in the bottom of her bag just in case.

Her excited energy did not stop as she continued packing, and turned into more questions. "Ooh you need to tell me all about New Calidonia on the journey over! Please, will you tell me lots of stories? ...Do you think I need to bring my hat? Oh, I'll just wear it." She spun around, gathering items, a flurry of movement and words, as her two companions waited.

At last, when she had everything she thought she needed, she turned back to the white woman with a smile. "Oh, and ma chérie? You must do my hair again!" She needed to have her hair done up fancy again, like when the first time they met.

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we can keep this going or we can call it here; i will leave it for you to choose! :> +300

The speed at which Lyssa began to compile all of her things was astounding, catching Fennore off-guard; Macha lifted her gaze momentarily from her food to watch the coyote with awe, growing excited as she flittered around the small tent. The kitten wanted to help, it seemed, and she hopped up to paw at random objects around the cramped space, mewling gleefully at the golden woman. "Bring this! And this! " she exclaimed, and the Moonwraith let out a small sigh at their antics.

They were so similar, it was a bit jarring.

Of course, I will tell you everything you wish to know, Fennore agreed, though a small part of her dreaded the new onslaught of questions Lyssa would have in store on their journey back to the Realm. Perhaps it would not wear her out; Fennore was certain she couldn't tire of Lyssa's company no matter how hard she tried. Macha had proven that her patience was quite a bit more resilient than she previously thought.

The moment she mentioned braiding, a distinct glint shone in Fennore's purple eyes, and she immediately beckoned the woman over, seeking to run her hands through her pale hair. Come, then, and I shall do it now, she urged, expecting little objection or hesitation. Any opportunity to weave manes into beautiful works of art she would take; Lyssa was more than happy to comply, as Fennore already knew.

Shall I do the same as last time or something different? The cat was occupying herself with Lyssa's packed back nearby, messing with the contents inside. Macha, do not fiddle with her things, she warned the kitten, which in response prompted her to curl up at Lyssa's feet.

I know a great deal of braids that would look excellent in your hair, should you allow me to give them a try. You will look regal stepping into New Caledonia; I will make sure of it.

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