you'll poke your eye out, kid

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They had spent their time in close proximity to the inn. Nearby, Myrtle had found a little tent made with a ratty pelt stretched across a collection of sticks. Alone, it didn't make for much protection, because whoever the owner was must've left with the parts that didn't look so ratty - but the other side of the tent was snug against a brick wall, and a hole dug in the ground made for a den.

Myrtle supplemented this patchwork with sticks and woven grass, so they'd at least had something of a roof when they slept at night. Had the ground not been so cold, they might've widened the hole. As it was, they weren't too sure how long they would be staying, or how long they would be welcome, so they kept it simple.

It wasn't meant to be lived in, just to sleep in, and it'd done that well enough. And if someone knew that they'd stolen their little abandoned tent, fixed it up and made it better, they hadn't come by to complain.

Brickface half expected it now, sitting by the fire in the inn. She had pulled off the ugly armor she'd worn around her body, and was now ripping out the little pieces of metal with her teeth. The weight of her armor, and the amount of metal she'd put in it meant that it had started to scratch at her skin. In some spots, she was starting to lose her fur from wearing it so much.

Myrtle wasn't here to make fun of her for it, but Brickface was nonetheless well aware of how ridiculous she looked. Still, she couldn't will her fur to grow back, so right now, she was resolved to not think about it.

The sound of tearing leather filled her ears. A seam ripped open, and out rolled one little sliver of metal.

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