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POSTED: Wed Feb 05, 2020 8:22 pm

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hangman is coming down from the gallows, and I don't have very long

He wondered if he had a big, ol' sign plastered right in the middle of his forehead saying 'fuck with me, I like it.'

Course, getting grabby with the Ashen women were a good way to get a fist planted in your face and wake up missing some teeth. Thelma thanked him politely, John managed to smear blood on his face gracelessly. His niece looked less than impressed, and honestly he didn't blame her.

The asshole would sit his pretty boy asshole ass out here until he woke up. John had parked him right in a nice pile of horse shit that'd gotten all soupy with the rain. He called it just rewards. Shit for the shit.

Back inside, the Ugly Coyote was.. semi crowded again. John scowled, he liked his nice quiet drinking place, but it sure made for good business. If he had any smarts about him he'd up and get his own shit to sell, but he didn't have nothing worth a damn rattling around inside his dumb ass head. So he plodded up to the bar, and parked his ass down on one of the stools.

Need a cloth r'sumthin', fucker bled all ov'r me. He muttered to Boone, who slid a rag and a drink his way. He downed half his drink and then began to wipe the tacky blood from his burn-scarred knuckles.

Next to him a pretty woman was looking at him, John bobbed his head, dark hair falling over one side of his face, and said semi-politely in his gravely, smoker's voice,


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