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POSTED: Wed Oct 09, 2019 3:46 pm

Someone has also taken it upon themselves to write messages in a scrawling creepy hand throughout The City Square in blood. Messages may include:
- "She’s always watching."
- "Hush now"
- "You’re next"
- "Water runs deep"


Sorry for the short, I didn't want to ruin the "vibe"

In the silvery shafts of moon-choked mist and rolling fog loomed a lonely horse. The clinging moisture coated his grey hairs with opalescent drops, shining and shimmering when they caught the light. This beast or phantom, a fine creature with ears erect roamed the well-worn cobblestones of the City Square, the sound of his hooves his only indication of being. The soft huff of breath parted the moisture dense air as he dipped the elegant slope of his neck to pick at the weeds that choked the base of a stone house. He roamed, following the foundation to its edge and around a dark corner where a hooded figure stood.

On the wall before him, illuminated by moon glow edges of crimson caught the light forming letters, words: a phrase. She’s always watching. The figure traced his fingers over them and brought them to his liver nose, the russet muzzle and luminous eye-shine the only features visible beneath his drawn hood.

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