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To the shock and horror of all the old belltower has begun to chime at odd hours. The sound is deafening and can be heard for miles around. Largely in a state of disrepair the occurrence is disconcerting and nearly beyond belief. Could this all be the work of the same person? Perhaps...but strangely there is no sight nor scent of blood.

He was certain somehow that Vodeva was alive. Iomair felt that sometimes the fur on the back of his neck rippled and danced as if someone was watching him - though like a spring thaw it would evaporate quickly and he would be left alone. The others searched for her the best they could, wandering the Enidwaith and scrutinizing the river valley... But still there was nothing.

Until today.

He awoke to sounds that were unfamiliar, a hollow ringing that rang through the City Square and clung to it voraciously. The King scrubbed sleep from his eyes (he had managed a few precious hours) before tugging on his clothes and taking to the streets. The Chime Tower was an ancient leaning thing, with a door so old and heavy that it hung like an anchor at its base.

The bell was heaving, releasing another gong that had birds escaping from its roof in confusion.

"Vodeva?" He shouted, uncertain as he ran across the cobblestones, "Please be you."

The bells stopped before he got there, and in the silence that ensued all he could hear was the frantic beating of his heart in his ears.

When he came upon the door he pounded on it with his fists, surprised by the large gauges that had been made across its front. He forced himself to pause, tracing the lines with a scarred hand before he threw his weight against the door to press it open.

What he found inside chilled him.

An area that could have been a bed lay disturbed to one side, a shift-like dress torn and in disarray. There was writing too, dripping like condensation on a window pane - another warning, another message? He snarled, baring his teeth against the scene.

Watch Out.

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Arran was sleeping on his back in the pasture with the goats when the sudden ringing startled him awake. With a yelp, he flipped to his feet, head low as he whipped back and forth, searching for the source of the sound. For a moment, he wondered if he had dreamed of it when it rang again. What the heck was that? He glanced over at the few livestock that he had to attend to and saw them shifting uneasily, rather than munching on grass. A rustling sound to his left warned him of his grandmother's arrival and his hackles rose until her ratty dark coat appeared in his vision.

"What is that sound?!" Rhavan yelled. Her fur was standing on end as she looked around.

"Not sure," Arran said in a loud voice to make sure he was heard above the ringing sound that went off again. "I'll go look, you stay here!" Arran hoped that his grandmother would both hear and listen to him as he trotted off in the direction of the ringing. He got to their village and looked around for the source, but he couldn't immediately see anything. Then he spotted Iomair pounding on the door to one of the buildings. Arran trotted over. He scampered over, coming up behind Iomair just as the door opened. Arran sniffed the ground at the doorway instead of following Iomair inside, and he whined quietly, picking up on the High King's distress.

Arran took a cautious couple of steps into the room, sniffing the floor as he went. There were a mixture of scents, but none of them told him anything useful.

"What's it say?" Arran asked. His ability to read was iffy at best, and the writing wasn't too clear from his angle on four paws, especially with the way it was dripping.
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