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Caspar- 1y 5mths, yNPC/NPC
Ramsey- 9mths, yNPC
Evariste- 3mths, yNPC
Esyllt- 3mths, yNPC

Word Count → 3+ :: aaaaaa <3

She rode Ghostface into the neutrals, resisting the urge to glance back upon the Vale as she did so. Caspar and Ramsey made the journey on four legs, the horses that had been used as communal stock having already been vultured by the Cavaliers and the Ashen. They had a sole mule with them, though she carried the bulk of their belongings upon her back, and even if she hadn't been she was far too small for either boy to ride her comfortably. The younger pair, Evariste and Esyllt were perched upon Ghost's croup and withers respectively. Saga couldn't help but lament their quickly growing forms as she had found them purchase on the horse as they began to set off. Soon they would be little adults and her nest would be empty again.

'Maybe not.' she thought to herself, trying to swallow her optimism. She had no idea how Athras would react to her presence, though she hoped his emotions would be favourable. For all her initial concerns with the man, he had proven himself to be an excellent father and she found herself compelled to be by his side. Mistfell hadn't fallen because of Athras, buy Saga would have been lying if she denied his part in her decision making.

They travelled without stopping, the journey only taking half a day give or take. Ghost made the journey without much need for any sizeable rest breaks and Caspar too only found himself needing to stop for a quick drink or bite to eat. Ramsey flagged far more, but even still he managed to keep up without much in the way of complaint. Saga thought that enthusiasm for his new home must've had something to do with that as he hadn't seemed too thrilled over the concept of being packless.

The sun was still high in the sky when they arrived, though it was slowly beginning to sink back down to the horizon. The former Ursarchon wasted no time in calling for Athras, though (admittedly as an afterthought) she sent out another call for anyone who happened to be nearby and able to deal with newcomers. Admittedly she knew little how New Caledonia and the way it functioned, but she supposed she'd learn soon.

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He had dreamt of her and it had left him with wanton emotions that crashed against his ribs like fingering waves of some vagrant ocean queen. She had been pale as ivory even then, cast in sea foam and glittering crests that had eaten away at the pits of his soul. She was all of them; all facets of time he had spent caught in vermilion knots or beneath a set of flashing sapphire eyes.

The Heartwards had been some comfort; had offered solace for his losses and filled a quiet hollow with peaceful silence.

Vodeva never let him forget that his place was on the floor. Sometimes he awoke and longed for the bed she lay in, perfectly still. Patience would mend the wound in their relationship, it would move Dúr’s mountains and forge steel beneath his scarred hands.

It had brought him this far.

A dragon fly broke away from the pool of water in the Kings path, and the ripples distorted the reflection that gazed back at him. There were some days that he found himself unrecognizable, others where he saw mirrors of his sisters face – a legacy that had been lost far too soon.

The long howl that echoed through the forests startled him into movement, and at a gentle two legged lope the King set off to find the caller.

What he found was a family, the speckled woman perched atop her horse – a cub nestled on either side of her. The others were on four legs, each boy arranged around the group warily. Iomair whuffed his welcome, allowing his ears to prick forward curiously. ”Greetings,” He offered, allowing his gaze to rest on each of those present before addressing Saga, ”I don’t know that we have officially met.”

The little faces on the horse were familiar somehow - each bright eye mischievous and coy.

He bobbed his head, ”Have you come to visit our Lord Regent?”

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