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Leadership: Iomair, Athras Eryn, Willow Cormier
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The realm of New Caledonia begins at its City Square; an ancient fort that has managed to survive humanity’s decline. Though the city lays in disrepair, Caledonians are offered a sprawling territory to explore outside of the city's limits and are surrounded by thick forests, mountain ranges, and a lush green river valley. Cape Acadia sees their border running along Sugar Loaf Resort and ending with the precarious Sword Coast.
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New Caledonia Information Portal

Sun Aug 18, 2019 2:34 pm

New Caledonia
    Mae govannen, mellon!
  • Joining the realm?, while you're there why not check out our pack adoptables!
  • For a basic overview of New Caledonia, see the Active Pack Summary.
  • See Game stats to view our statistics.
  • New Caledonia's borders are OPEN! Be welcome!
  • Gather beneath our banner. New Caledonia is a pack full of interesting themes and prompts to explore! Check out our website for detailed information and a quick synopsis of our history!
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The High King Iomair Nartholiel Tinker I Mate to Vodeva Nartholiel
The Lord-Regent Athras Eryn Priest I, Diplomat I, Rogue I
Captain Grand Maester Outrider Greenseer
Court of Dawn Court of Dusk
Percival Parhelion Diplomat III, Piscator II Fennore Diplomat II, Magister II
Kalypso Savoy Corsair I, Tinker II, Merchant I Inara Ailurus City Watch II, Heartward II
Teagan Stryder City Watch II, Falconer I Mate to Makoto Ridley
Arran Fir-Chlis Grovekeeper I, Herdsman I, Heartward I Willow Cormier Piscator I, Priest I Calan Brecours Merchant I
Daisy Parhelion Corsair II Toraberā Tanaka Pathfinder I Bellad Songthorn
Kadir Ahearne Nkechi Ndaiye
Vegard Dystopia Massacre Hibiki
Erebel Fir-Chlis Pascal Sadira Alix Sairina
Avery Knight Aidan Loch Pixie Serene
Gaia Dawnrunner Woodsmoke Merlin Knight
Ierian Songthorn Athalie Savoy Salka Huxley
Tristin Loch
Vodeva Nartholiel Mate to Iomair Nartholiel Toklo Ikiaq Alistair Callow Mate to Atalanta Kartal
Atalanta Kartal Mate to Alistair Callow Rhavan Fir-Chlis Tsolin Himaa
Makoto Ridley Mate to Teagan Stryder Sigríður Huxley Amon
Eulalie Savoy Cora Cormier Kattegat Tarasova
Genkei Stryder Catharsis Massacre Isadore Savoy
Svanja Dikiy Naomi Stryder Aerin Galenas
The Underthing
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Re: New Caledonia Information Portal

Tue Aug 20, 2019 3:49 pm

Apothecary Hunter Grovekeeper Herdsman
Arran Arran
Piscator Falconer
Percival, Willow Teagan
Scouting & Defense
Pathfinder City Watch Reaver Rogue
Toraberā Inara, Teagan Athras
Corsair Wolfsbane
Diplomat Heartward Priest(ess) Merchant
Percival, Fennore, Athras Inara, Arran Athras, Willow Kalypso, Calan
Ironpaw Tinker Magister Woodwright
Kalypso, Iomair Fennore
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Re: New Caledonia Information Portal

Wed Aug 21, 2019 2:00 pm

Game Scores
Teagan Stryder 2760
Fennore 609 -50 for title change
-400 for custom title add
Kalypso Savoy 326
Willow Cormier 312
Arran Fir-Chlis 73
Pascal Sadira 32
Athras Eryn 24 -400 for permanent custom title
Calan Brecours 17
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