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WARNING: This thread contains material exceeding the general board rating of PG-13. It may contain very strong language, drug usage, graphic violence, or graphic sexual content. Reader discretion is advised.

all welcome (more than one preferred, post order is open) and encouraged to help fennore haul amon back and heal him! <3 (first couple of paragraphs can be skipped, just exposition lmao) [+800]

There were many strange goings-on in New Caledonia as of late.

The blood in the Endewaith was the first instance. Admittedly there could have been a myriad of reasons why it was there, but somehow paired with the mists rolling in during the evening time, her mind only jumped to the most extreme of reasons. She figured by morning time it would be cleared out, but alas, the thick gray vapor still hung low over the earth, the rays of sun not even strong enough to dissipate it. Perhaps by midday it would disappear, but for now, well into the morning, it remained staunchly in place.

No matter. In the safety of the sunlight the Moonwraith was not afraid to venture out from the city square; in the uncertainty of the night, however, she would have to be more cautious. Nevertheless, she decided to not go out unarmed any longer, just in case. The simple bow and quiver were strung across her back, and she was unadorned save for the braided crown upon her skull. Fog would definitely impede on her archery practice, but it would certainly not deter her.

Macha, her spotter, was seated nearby, watching with the same childlike and renewed interest as the woman nocked an arrow and aimed for a trunk, farther away than any target she had hit before. In small increments she had increased her range, going at a pace similar to what she assumed the golden scout would set for her — though maybe a bit slower to account for the lack of a proper instructor. But she powered through his absence anyway.


The mist began to thin out as the morning wore on, and just as she walked over to retrieve a stray arrow, she froze when she heard the snapping of twigs. Whipping around, she squinted, still unable to make out shapes too far out, wrapped in gray fog —

Movement. Sound. And then the distinct, coppery smell of blood wafted through her nostrils.

"Who goes there?" she demanded, her voice sharp and booming as she quickly got to her feet. Her pale hands gripped the bow uneasily as she was met with silence, but soon the figure began to slowly inch closer, limping with each labored step.

She could see his eyes pierce through the smog, and an arrow aimed right for him in her shaking palms. "Do not come any closer or I will shoot," she warned, instinct begging her to let loose the arrow into this unknown threat, but she remained still — she remained calm, or as calm as she could muster.

He came to a halt, grunting. The man was a behemoth, easily dwarfing her twice over; his hand clutched over his side as red beadlets dripped down. Fennore's grip on the bow faltered, and her eyes widened at the sight. "Are... Are you bleeding?"

The male didn't speak. Instead he sunk to his knees, eyes rolling back as he slumped to the ground with a loud thunk. The clattering of metal fell with him, and the axe strapped to his back lay abandoned beside him.

At first the wolfess didn't move, her arrow still pointed toward his still body, but from the corner of her eye she could see Macha staring at him, surprised and concerned and scared. "F-Fen?" she meowed quietly, her usual curiosity all but absent.

Fennore moved to him painfully slowly, whitened knuckles still gripping the bow as she hovered over him, lips pulled into a taut line. His blood pooled on the ground below him, and the color drained from her face as she forced herself to kneel down beside him. She struggled to roll him over, and the red stained her scarred palms, and her eyes were numbly drawn to the raven tattoo on his chest.

He was still breathing, he was alive. But the gaping wound at his side suggested not for long, not without medical attention — something the woman was entirely unfamiliar with. From the smell of it, he had lost quite a lot of blood, and the thought of it made her swoon.

Her mouth opened and closed as she tried to find words to say. He was awake, albeit barely, and his glazed over eyes could barely focus on her as he groaned, trying to get up. "Stop moving," she hissed, gaze hardened as she pushed his hands back by his sides.

Macha was against her side, rubbing into her fur, mewling softly. "Call for help," she said in a voice Fennore had never heard before. Never had Macha seemed so... scared. Nothing had phased her before, nothing until now.

Fennore remained motionless for a moment, but then her head tipped back to let loose a summoning call, one tinged with urgency and worry.

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Word Count → +500 :: OOC Here

Nkechi found herself settled outside her home, her gaze fixated on the sky above her. Back in Bedaya, the stars in the sky were meant as a path to ones own fate. It was common to see many of her tribe watching the phase of the moon, watching for the signs of good omens. A shooting star was the best sign anyone could ask for, to the desert that rain was coming to their land. From the green that covered these lands, such harsh conditions were not experienced here.

She wondered then what these omens could bring to her new home if not rain. What fortunes could rain down on them?

The jackal turned her head to the sound of the door opening. Sigríður's silhouette appeared, outlined by the candles lit inside their home. There was not much between them, but a pelt was wrapped around her shoulders. Shutting the door, she came to join the other woman, looking at her, "It's gettin' late."

"I know. It's the perfect time to be out here. My people would walk under the cover of night, guided by the stars."

A grin seemed to curl along the hound's muzzle, "Oh? That so? And here I thought you weren't for sneaking around and looking suspicious."

The words managed a small giggle from the jackal, "My tribe is not the only one in Bedaya. They know of our culture, as do those in Cairo. It is something we have done since the desert brought us all here."

The fall winds brought a small gust, Nkechi's thobe and the pelt brushing along behind them as it passed. The two sat there, together, looking up at the sky, hours seeming to pass them by, and losing track of time. The reddish woman soon fell asleep out there, pelt wrapped around her small body, yet the jackal looked onto into the night sky.

It was morning when the mist began to roll in on them. It seemed like she had been up all night, watching for the signs of a good omen, none of which ever came. Tiredness hung in her eyes, ready to get some rest herself. The hound stirred, soon waking up with a stretch as well as a yawn. Her green eyes fluttered on her companion, "Oh please don't tell me you've been out here all night." The jackal opened her mouth to speak, but her attention shifted to a gray cat that appeared in the square. Its green eyes darted back and forth, looking frantic. Something was wrong.

That's when the call went out. Nkechi and Sigríður exchanged a glance with one another before getting onto their feet. With everything that was going on, they couldn't be too sure that something was or wasn't wrong. If there was a call going out, it had to be something. They moved to their feet, padding towards the sound.

When they came across the pale woman, there was a darker man there with her, towering over both the short females. The smell hit them instantly, "He's hurt."

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Sometimes the morning sunlight managed to burn through a section of the mist that coated New Caledonia so thickly, and in those pretty golden moments Iomair found himself transported to times of olde. They were always short lived however, as soon the fog rolled in to clot its way across the sky. The King watched quietly from his post; his hands clasped behind his back – his sword hanging like a quiet promise from his hip.

It had been difficult to stay in the Bastion alone. Vodeva eluded him like a ghost, waking him with memories of the sounds she made when she twisted and turned in bed – forcing him to consciousness only to realize that she was not there. He had arranged her furs perfectly, smoothing the blankets so that there was not even a wrinkle – and still it lay undisturbed, the blood stains covered and hidden so that he was not reminded of the morning she had been taken.

Even the thought of it made the muscles in his jaw twitch, and he forced himself to attempt to gaze out into the din – his features cast with shadows of iron and steel.

When the call went out he pitched his ears forward, wishing for all of the world that he had a horse to gallop after the sound. Instead he made the journey on foot, slinging the sword up over his shoulder so that it was out of the way while he ran. It was in moments like this that he was reminded that he was not a particularly young man, and though he was in good shape for his age he could feel the creak of his knees as he ran up a hill – the tell tale ache that told him that the prime of his life was now.

When he found Fennore he rumbled a greeting, but was surprised at the hulking form that lay like a heap of stones against the ground. He could see the gentle rise and fall of his shoulder blades as he shuddered, and Iomair felt a snarl building in his chest – rumbling against the cloud which rose around them on all sides.

Nkechi was there too with her companion, Sigríður, and he greeted them with a silent look – one hand raised as if he was prepared to defend him.

”Where did he come from?” His voice was as sharp as a blade, the usually warm expression that so often graced his features cold and calm as the sea.

These were strange times.

And this man was an unknown.



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others can still join in when they get to the square! [+400]

Macha's warmth at her side disappeared; when the call rang through the forest, the feline had sprinted off, back towards the Square. She tried calling after her, but she had already fled. Perhaps to get help. She prayed that was all it was.

His haggard breaths demanded her attention again, and she snaked her other hand under his head, propping him up into her lap as she wracked her brain for what to do. He was still bleeding, albeit slowly, and she swallowed hard as she took his hand and pressed it against his wound, applying pressure and trying to keep it from spilling further. "Hold this here," she told him sternly, and he did not protest, either because he couldn't register her words or her was slipping in and out of consciousness.

They were not alone for long. Soon the thundering of footsteps reached her ears, and she looked up to see Macha returning with two other Luperci in tow, two women she had never seen before. But the smell of Caledonia was on them, however faintly, and she knew them to be the newer commoners in the Realm. No matter. Help was help, and she was not going to take it for granted.

"I can't... We can't do anything for him here," she said, hurriedly, stiltedly. "We need to bring him back into the Square."

Could the three of these tiny women carry such a huge man back into town?

But then there was another presence, a regal air that blew in quite suddenly; Iomair was pale, the bags under his eyes signs of how little sleep he had gotten since the Queen's disappearance. He was rightfully much more on-edge than anyone else in the Realm in these dark times, and his reaction to the stranger was appropriate.

Even still, the haughtiness in his voice surprised her; she had never witnessed such shortness from the otherwise gentle King before.

"I do not know," she admitted, seeing the man's grasp slip on the injury and pressing her own hand into his to keep up the pressure. "He stumbled through the Enedwaith, injured..." She beseeched him for sympathy, for guidance. "My King, we cannot leave him here," she said quickly, the weight of him heavy and painful against her dainty frame. "Darkness lingers within this fog; he will surely die out here. We must heal him."

Even if New Caledonia was facing an unknown terror, they were still a haven to the wayfarers and the weary. Iomair of all people knew that. She just prayed that Vodeva's absence would not overshadow his mercy.

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Word Count → +400 :: OOC Here

The man that appeared before them was in terrible shape. Coupled with the way he looked, the time of day, and where he was wandering, it was a wonder how he had managed to make it this far and for this long. Then again, the will to survive was an amazing thing. Not everyone was so willing to let wounds make them give in to death.

Sigríður probably knew that better than the others. The life in the shadows was not always a kind one.

When the females drew in closer, the jackal woman had noticed that the man was holding one of his own hands against his wound, guided by the Caledonia already on the scene. She must have been the one that gave out the call in the first place. The hound lowered herself down near the man's side, looking over his wounds while Nkechi left her focus on the pale woman.

She had come to the conclusion that they were going to need to get him back to the square if he was going to get the help he needed. Working together, they might be able to manage such a task, but all they could do to help prepare him for that move would work better, "One of us could make a quick run to the square to gather some items to make quick work of covering his wounds."

Then they could work more in depth once he had been in a safer place, assuming it would be welcomed to have him there.

Nkechi and Sigríður turned their heads to the sound of another coming their way. It was the High King himself, though looking much more on edge than he had been why they first arrived. With news about his mate and the fog that had settled down on the land, it didn't come as much of a shock that he would look in such a manner, or even sound more wary of those found on his lands.

The pale one begged for mercy, and the jackal woman was more inclined to side with the tan man. Bound by her own culture, that of her tribe, now her new home, was to come above those that were Outsiders. Their safety, especially in a time like this had to be questioned.

But Sigríður was the opposite, "Come on, I doubt he's going to cause us any trouble with the state he's in. His blood could be on your hands, having a chance to help him and turning him away. If it helps, we can just have him watched. Seems like she's willing to do that."

The jackal woman couldn't help but give a small smile. The one woman who had looked out for no one but herself and now her companion was vouching for the life of another. She remained quiet, awaiting the King's verdict.

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