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He felt as if he spent every waking moment searching for her, calling out her name until his throat was hoarse and the sounds he made were weak and useless against the fog. It coated his land with unrelenting fierceness and blotted out whatever clues he could have hoped to find. Some say that absence makes the heart grow fonder and in the wake of his wifes disappearance Iomair was fraught with feelings that he struggled to sort through.

Even as he paced the Enedwaith his hands trembled, and for the followers that would eventually find him there he was ashamed to think that he was not the picture of a strongwilled King.

What if remnants of the great war had followed them here? What if a clansmen who felt wronged had found them and decided that now was the time to strike, when they were fresh and new?

Iomair hummed with concern, and continued his trek – stamping the heel of his hand against the butt of his sword.

The whinny that rippled through the trees had him straightening sharply, the sheen of his eyes wide against the din. ”Who goes there?” He barked, narrowing his expression so that it was as sharp as his blade. Now was not the time for diplomacy, for out there – somewhere – Vodeva lay alone and scared.

He refused to think of any alternative.

The sound came again and Iomair curled his lips into a snarl before almost choking as the pale horse appeared through the wafting mist.

It was a thick necked thing – pristine white with a dappling of grey against its forelock. It was riderless and completely alone, save for the crackling silence that suggested rain would soon be upon them. It snorted nervously at him, stamping its hooves against the moist earth before rearing and taking off through the trees.

”Wait!” Iomair shouted feebly, ”Come back!”

The King launched into a half-hearted run, but was forced to pause when the dampness soaked between his toes, sticky and cool… just like-


Finding blood strewn throughout New Caledonia’s territory. Pools of it can be found at the base of certain trees in the Enedwaith.


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She was slowly getting back to her resolve, and with the strangeness that came with the mists, Inara took to patrolling as much as she could. Not only did she have this undertaking, she also had clothing to make so she spread her time as wisely as she got her life back in order.

With the City Square checked over, she began to walk outward smelling a the scent of her King. Inara could sense something lacing his scent, something that gave her a strong sense that he was under stress. She tried to keep an outward calm as she attempted to calm her own thoughts. Her black socked legs moved her quickly and gracefully toward the king. His scent growing stronger with each approach toward the lowland's silver strip. Her nose flaring with each draw of scent and soon her ears perked forward as she heard the faint call of Iomair. It sounded as though he had croaked out a 'wait'. Confusion came over her and she barked out, "Iomair! My King, is everything okay?" She closed the gap just as he said something about blood. Her eyes fell down and she felt revulsion. She had been so worried for her King that she didn't really pay attention to the texture of the ground. To her the fog could have caused the squishy odd texture that her pads felt. After a moment of astonishment she spoke, "...why..is there so much blood!?" She felt panic surge up into her, "..it isn't of anyone in our pack...I don't detect it as being anyone in our kingdom.." Her eyes looked up to Iomair hoping she wasn't failed by her nose.

*Please note that the Images are Artist Interpretation of Inara's actual outfits <3 *
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