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[p. Salka] [The Call to Court]

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you say we're outta love but this is something that we both thought we could rise above

Krios had gussied himself up for the event, knowing that it was unlikely to reach the same level of gaudy that a Salsolan Last Supper or Saturnalia would end up. Granted, it was far more of a reserved version of his party attire that was suited to a more modest setting, though he doubted that this particular court was likely deliberately austere. They were newcomers to the area and not as well off as the established Salsola was.

He had come with his family's oh-so generous gifts, having dropped them off with the rest while the event was opened. He keenly missed Kamari's presence by his side but understood that the nature of her Job meant that she could be visible and named as a member of the Thistle Kingdom so publicly. He went without her and kept his wits about him as much as he could.

The opening demonstration was interesting, providing a bit of amusement for the Striker as he watched the debacle unfold. Pageantry was par for the course when it came to Salsolans, so he was quite entertained when the duplicity unfurled before them. The Sun, pretty as she was, seemed livid and the Moon unimpressive. Krios was a little disappointed. It was not the same sort of revelry he was used to, but he supposed he could cut them a break. They were less well off, after all.

The dancing was ongoing but he had yet to participate. He ached to be able to find Kamari and make her dance with him, regardless of how unhappy she would have been to do it. Instead, he nursed a drink and kept a steady look of contentment on his face. But boredom was more than a little evident in his expression as he lingered near the edges of the dance floor. His instinct was to go off exploring and gathering information, but their hosts were so generously letting them be there.

Maybe he'd find an opportunity at some other point to wander, "lost" or something of the sort.

He sipped at his drink, watching the dancing crowd with a little bit of envy.

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The gallantry, the pleasantries, all fortified and falsified the same with the similar simpering notes that Salka had not yet known the proper step to was not what she had expected when it came to the rebirth of a kingdom she had not known. She lingered, a wallflower, out of her depth, out of her field; but then again, few things changed.

These were purses not meant for cutting.

Perhaps, she could find her sister - a stranger in a familiar coat - and try to divulge interest in the event at hand and mask her... What was it? Disappointment? Lackluster? Humor? She bundled the embroidered shawl up higher on her shoulders, and moving figures, dancing and swaying, spinning like tops. Little barbs twisted in her gut, and she fought the threat of a grimace at her lips.

At least, she didn't seem to be the only one holding back from the festivities. He was tall - copper and gold and soot, with aqua eyes - was all of Salsolan's stock of this pedigree? Salka could not discern if she liked it or not, but sidled in alongside the figure quietly.

"Are you enjoying the... music?" she asked, arid and lilting with her empty small talk. Her own pale seaglass eyes did not meet his shape. From beneath her shawl, she produced a pilfered flask, and offered it over. "Seeing who all came, and what you have brought - this must be quaint."

Her gaze finally shifted over, slow, attempting to get a bead for her company.


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