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POSTED: Tue Jan 21, 2020 2:00 pm

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Despite having been stuck in a cave, unable to find the stars or the moon in the flurrying sky, Erebel found the eeriness in the wake of the blizzard somehow calming. There was destruction around and dangers still lurked in icy surfaces and deep drifts of snow but where others saw danger Ere saw challenge. She was no longer paralyzed - geographically speaking - by the blizzard.

She’d made her way back to New Caledonia at almost the earliest opportunity - somehow, despite the lonesome months she’d already endured, some part of her inner wildness told her that she needed more time to ruminate beneath the moon.

Her thoughts gathered together like the folds of her cloak, Erebel had fought her way around the souvenirs left in the wake of the blizzard’s fury and now she headed for her brother’s place, imagining herself to look like the courageous and determined traveller she’d been since returning their Gramma to the fold.

In reality, her hair was straggly and sported some mats; her cloak was sodden and her footfalls were heavier than she could ever recall. Still, in the young woman’s mind she was all but floating towards Arran’s residence.

“Brother!” she called sweetly, not realizing how hoarse she truly was. “Arra- eurgh!” The pungency of goat and sheep waste was easily recognised by a woman who’d grown up guarding the flocks.
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POSTED: Wed Jan 22, 2020 1:06 am

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After the blizzard had ended, Arran had worked hard to get himself and his grandmother dug out of their house. Thankfully the building had survived fairly well. He was sure that there were repairs to make, but at the moment it was still standing and the roof was not caving in, so he was pleased. After they had a decent path in front of the house, he had taken a really, really long nap while Rhavan extended the path a little bit. Not by much, which was fine with him. Arran had not wanted her to hurt herself. The work was very tiring, and it would be easy for her to do too much without realizing it until later, when she would be very sore.

Thankfully with the way the snow had blown around, some areas were deep drifts, but others were much more shallow and easy to walk through. It made for a winding path around, but for now, they were able to dig a small area outside the house where the sheep and goats could be outside rather than indoors all day. Eventually, he would get them back to their actual pen, but for now, he was happy to have them close by between his house and the one next to it. The snow was high enough to keep them in, and either he or Rhavan was watching them during the day. Unfortunately, if they wanted to sleep at night, they still had to bring them back in, but at least they were not all cooped up all day.

Rhavan was out with the animals and Arran was staring at the mess in the house, trying to figure out the best way to get rid of it. Maybe if they melted some snow, they could use it to wash the floors? Or something... Hm. This was going to take some planning. Maybe someone had traded for soap when the Salsolans were visiting? Arran had not thought he would need it until he was staring at a large mess to clean up. He was starting to think they were going to need to replace the floor, which would be unfortunate.

It was as he was considering this that a voice called from outside. He sat, stood, and turned all at the same time, a flailing mass of legs, paws, and claws that scrabbled against the floor in his rush to get to his sister.

"Erebel!" Excited whines poured out of him as he ran to her, head down, and then danced around her, sniffing her legs and feet before coming to a stop in front of her so he could try standing on his hind legs to put his paws on her in an attempt to to lick her face. "You're here! You're back!" He was still whining, his tail wagging so hard that the whole back half of his body was wagging with it.

Then he registered the last sound she had made and he could not help but laugh as he paused for a moment in his circles to glance back at the house.

"Uh, we had the sheep and goats in the house for a while?" Arran said with a smile as his tongue lolled out. "They're outside now that we cleared some snow for them. Gotta clean the house out though?" He could not help but run in circles around her, still wiggling.

"What's all this commotion-- Erebel!" Rhavan came around the house, and then she, too, was running in exceited circles around Erebel. Arran matched his pace to hers so that he did not run her over. He was so, so happy to have more of his family here.
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The wrinkled nose and narrowed eyes of repulsion lingered on the woman’s mottled face for only a moment. When she met her brother’s excited eyes - hard to catch in the whirlwind of movement which soon encircled her - Erebel grinned. Her own whine strained in her throat, piercing the hoarseness in her original call.

“Yes! I am!” she confirmed with a laugh, her own tail stirring into a frenzied wag.

At Arran’s explanation of the stench his sister smirked. “I thought for a second you’d really let yourself go,” she teased, mischief gleaming in her eyes before she caught a glimpse of her own tangled mane and quickly swiped a hand through it - or tried to, catching her claw partway through and yelping as it tugged at her scalp.

Another voice sounded and Erebel’s ears pricked as she untangled her claw from her wayward waves, eyes on the doorway of Arran’s home. Her home, now, too? She beamed as Rhavan emerged, ears pulling back and tongue flicking out in a show of respect to her Gramma. There was relief there, too, though it was brief; Erebel had known Arran would look after Rhavan (read: stop her from overdoing it) but she hadn’t known until now that their grandmother would be okay.

And suddenly she wondered why she had ever doubted it. Rhavan seemed as full of vigour as ever, entering the joyous circling around her.

Erebel turned on the spot, laughing.

“It’s so good to see you both! Do you want a roommate you can’t herd, though?” To be fair, they were doing a pretty good job of herding the Fir-Chlis woman anyway.

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