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Open for anyone! Set in Fundy National Park. :)

Following her crossed paths with Nikita and his left invitation, Zdravka had concealed herself away for a few days. The evergreen stretches within the forest had seemed the most fitting place to set up a temporary camp and so she had done so. Nothing too extravangent; she didn't dare draw any more attention to herself than she already would. Just somewhere secluded enough to seem enclosed, something that would keep the warmth of her fire close to her and keep others from being too nosy. And it had worked for the most part. It was giving her the time to think and the solitude she needed for it.

On what was perhaps her third day of being tucked away, Zdravka ventured out from her small camp for a longer length than the days before. She had bartered her time wisely to set up a simple deadfall trap and today she wondered if her attempt would be successful. She had tried this same trap several times over her travels and more times than not it had failed. This time it had taken her more time to discern what an active trail was from a less active one as really, the forest was alive around her. Winter was coming and those colder and colder nights had done nothing more than prompt the creatures to tuck away whatever food they could find along the ground.

With her cloak drawn around her tightly to stave off the bite of a frosty morning wind, she slipped quietly between the needled limbs and furthered her trek to find her trap again. It couldn't have been much farther ahead now she surmised, yet there was something about the air of the place that made her uneasy. Perhaps Nikita had made good on his word to find her again and see her, or perhaps she was about to stumble across someone else. Perhaps it would be neither of these things and she was simply off-kilter for yet another day, burdened by an invisible force. The wind teased a long wisp of her bangs free from her cloak and she turned out of its way, pausing momentarily to tuck it back behind and beneath her ear habitually.

And she listened to the chattering world around her of the mid-autumn morning.

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Cris turned her stoney gaze down as she walked. This park had been a place she was told to visit, but she wasn't sure. The softer soils rubbed against her paws as they scruffed up the ground beneath her. Her muzzle lifted ashe nosesniffed out a sent of a luprici. Her hand brushed against the neck of her horse as she guided him toward the scent.

Her eyes looked to someone brushing her hair behind her ears. Chrissy looked for a while before deciding to speak up. She was uncomfortable around females, but Chris felt heself not wanting to be caught straing at her so she quietly spoke. "Khm. . . uh. . . hello there." She looked at the female hoping she wouldn't have to repeat herself. Her hands felt around and hung onto themane of Skeebo who stared knowing the new found female qouldnt hurt his toen up princess-Chrissy-on his watch.

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After just a few seconds, nothing revealed itself. But the feeling that she was somehow not alone in the expanse of wilderness did not leave her. She found out why as she turned back to the trail she had forged for herself, only to discover that someone else had emerged along the path as well. Zdravka took notice of the towering stead only seconds before realizing that it was being held along by another. Her pale eyes took in the situation she found herself in and on a personal level she was thankful that she had not been given a start. On that same level, she cursed herself for not hearing the horse though. That deep into the woodland and something as powerful as a horse would have made plenty of noise and yet she had failed to notice it.

Zdravka exhaled slowly, only then catching the quiet and meek voice of the other. It made her seem young, which by all accounts from what she could gather on a once-over told her that she was young. But her attention was ultimately drawn back to the horse, and she felt the prickle of her hackles beneath her cloak rise at the uncommon size and build of the creature. Horses were strange things to her, though she had seen her fair share of them through travel. Nikita had been tugging one along in tow the day he had found her, too. But it had not been like that one.

"Hello," she returned, her accent no doubt prevalent.

If anything to further contrast the two-toned luperci, at least Zdravka felt she sounded confident. Though she felt the urge to say something more, the words did not come. She did not feel the pressing need to find something to say either, seeing how she had been the one who had been happened upon, rather than the other way around. For the time being, her original intent of what she had left her camp for was forgotten, and her gaze left the horse to settle back on the canine with interest.

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Chris felt herself frowing hot, and slipped her head into the hood of her ragged cloak. She felt the cool breezes brush against her muzzle. That was all that was left out of the hood, but her glowing orange eyes were still seen. She didnt know what to say to the woman who spoke. Skeebo looked around before escaping Chrissy's grasp as he stomped about. He didnt like something about this fae, Chris knew it.

Chris sneezed as her horse escaped from her to charge at the female. She scurdied quickly after the horse trying to grab it before he did something to hurt the girl. Chris tugged on skeebo to keep him from trampling the girl, asshe pulled him she apologized for him trying to make him stop. "So sorry. Sorry. Sorry."

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In a flash, the horse had gotten loose from her.

Zdravka froze for a split second as the horse came towards her, though its rider was quickly in tow and grabbing after it. She considered lashing out at the heavy stead as its pace slowed and drew near, but thought better of it. The chances of her escaping it after doing something like that would have been low, thick woods or not. Nor did she desire to spark the ire of its rider and presumably, its owner. She backed off, long legs making easy strides to further the distance that had been between them.

When she felt she had cleared a reasonable gap that would give her the mobility she sought, her steps remained still though poised and ready to flee. It was only then that she realized how her face had contorted into a snarl. She relaxed, but only slightly. Whoever it had been that said horses were drawn to the fear of another had been right and this one certainly provoked her fear. It was too easy to be trampled or kicked, or thrown from them. How on earth any of them had ever managed to tame them were beyond her to some degree, but then again how on earth any of them ever managed to accomplish what they had spoke volumes about their will to thrive and survive.

<"Control it!"> she called out in spite of the apology. This time there was no attempt to translate for her — Zdravka knew she'd understand the tone. <"Control it or leave me!">

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Chrissy stopped herself in the middle of the words. Her eyes felt like they would explode. Her hand dropped the mane of her steed as she growled he next word, she didn't like the tone this far took. "And what if I don't control him, what if I don't leave? Huh? What would you do?" She growled her snagged tooth stuck out of her mouth at this time. She didn't like being told how to take care of her things. She did it how she wanted, she made mistakes, but she learned. Her hands furrowed up into balls at her sides. She angrily glared at the girl wondering if Skeebo would charge on along with her. Her gruff toned voice scowled at the girl as she caught her glare.

Chris felt her hood fall down to reveal he long scars that traced her face. The looked ragged, and painful. Yet they didn't hurt. Her fiery tongue flicked around in her mouth. She knew that she was a hot head, but sometimes she just couldn't help it. Her feet scuffed in the ground as her orange eyes stared down the girl who had walked back. Finally she decided to swing herself up onto Skeebos back growling as she sat up on her horse wondering if the girl would speak again.

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Her response caught Zdravka off-guard — had she understood the Russian? There had been far too few who spoke the language on this side of the world, not that she had ever taken offense to it. Sometimes it was easier not to understand the language, as almost everything she had ever needed to glean from a situation came from pure body language. Even with all their humanistic qualities, they were still feral beasts behind their civilized charade. All she needed to glean from this conversation was that it was going south, and fast.

<"You understand me?"> she queried, but not without the same hard edge that had lingered in her voice moments ago. Perhaps if she did truly did understand Russian, then Zdravka could improve their situation. Otherwise she would show her exactly what she would do in response to the girl not being able to control her ride, and it would be something that she found she was rather good at.

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She listened to the fae's question, and felt her lip quiver slightly. Yes she understood the russion woman, the language was taught to her by her father, yet she was never able to speak it. Chrissy simply nodded toward her saying, "Yes." Chris still glared at the woman infront of her preparing to take off, or charge at her. So long as she could smell this girl she would have her hackles raised. Her braid swung slightly behind her as she felt her stumpy tail brush away an itch on her thigh.

Chris sratched the neck of her stead as he grunted, and shifted his feet. Skeebo had thought about moving away against the will of Chris, but decided to keep still. No one liked to be yelled at, and Skeebo especially didnt like being yelled at in a language he didnt know.

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What a revelation, Zdravka thought. Russian speakers had been far and few between since she had left her homeland behind. Oh, there had been little niches of them for certain, but she had never stayed with them long. A part of her had always simply wanted to be away from them, especially after losing Anya. Even now, she felt the tide flow again with that memory, and the bile churned low in her gut.

She breathed out in a huff through her snout, not entirely sure what to make of the situation now. The anger of both horse and wolf were palpable in the air, drawn to her like a cord pulled taut; that tension could have been cut easily with a knife. Still no apology came forth from Zdravka, who used those few moments of silence to regain her composure. Nothing more followed that terse affirmation and in spite of the inclination of ire she felt coming to darken the features of her countenance, she could only think of one other thing to walk away.

And that was simply to walk away from the conversation, or lack thereof.

"I go now," she murmured in English. The traps could wait until later; Zdravka sought the safety of her tucked away camp.

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