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Birds and insects sang a mighty chorus in the mid-day sun. With the rains long behind them, the forest was teeming with life and movement once more. Green sprouted everywhere in the form of pine needles and new shoots and leaves. In the warm daylight, a soft, cool breeze gently filtered through the wood and played with the treetops overhead. It was a good day to be outdoors, an even better one for exploring.

Asura had been testing her limits more often lately. She was sure her parents and uncle knew about the further and further distances she traveled away from home, but, she wasn’t about to call any attention to it just yet. On the off chance they didn’t, the last thing she wanted was to be grounded to pack territory only. She wanted adventure, just like they had when they had been young!

On such a pretty day, the Sapien had taken her travels west of the pack, venturing out towards the Old Church Mountains. It was one of many areas that the teen had yet to sniff out and explore. Her excuse, when questioned by her father, had been that she wanted to go hunting for herbs—hence, why she’d taken her mother’s seal-skin satchel. It had been partially true, as the pack was in need of some, so, the rebellious child didn’t see any true wrongdoing with her white lie.

She’d been sure to take her knife as well, proudly sporting it in the new leg holster her uncle had had made for her. Other than that though, the girl was still pretty naked in appearance to her packmates. Asura didn’t mind it though. It just meant more freedom of switching forms if she so wanted to.

The silver wolfdog had gone out some ways, finding very few in the way of anything interesting. A few large deer herds, the scent of a large predator—a bear, maybe a cougar, she wasn’t sure; it was something she’d have to ask her folks about later—and a few abandoned hunting cabins in various states of decay. The one she was at that moment, being one of the few that she’d deemed “safe” to poke around in.

Her nostrils flared as she took in the old, moldy, dusty scent within the small, abandoned home. Cobwebs decorated the ceiling, most of the corners, and across many of the fixtures that hadn’t been scavenged by a passerby. Dead leaves and pine needles were scattered about the short porch and in the main room. Dust and dirt covered the floorboards and many of the surfaces within the abode.

Curious though, it appeared as if someone had been there recently. The teenager readjusted her satchel as she took another inquisitive sniff, trying to figure out who had been there last.

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Fallen had left his map out on the table in the cabin, a forest having been recently added to it. The man himself wasn't in the cabin though he was still nearby. He had seated himself out back, the door open to help air out the cabin so he would have a place to remain for the night. The scenery was what had made him decide to retire early rather than to continue his exploration. Through the trees he had caught a spindly legged fawn drinking from a stream next to his mother. The scene called to him to memorialize it.

Between strokes of his charcoal pencil on vellum he heard the click of claws on wood. "If you are out to steal something, there is nothing worth stealing." At this a pine marten barked a reminder. "Nothing beside Acel but he is a pest." The French accented voice amended and the pine marten cried out again, clearly understanding the male's words. This was speaking from his experience of time in the trade markets. Knowledge wasn't valued as highly as shiny baubles. Some time he could fetch a decent price for his portraits, namely from those who had someone they wished to impress. But what he trafficked in wasn't what traders found to be worthwhile.

"There is food to be found if you are hungry. Just don't touch Acel's bone. He is very possessive of that ratty thing." A melodic laugh followed the snappish sounds of the pine marten scolding the man for calling his bone ratty. "There is a bit of pemmican and some hardtack. A skin of water too." The small list of long lasting food that the traveled with was listed off. "If you are feeling adventurous I have some absinthe and a bottle of chartreuse." He wasn't a heavy drinker but he didn't mind a taste every once in awhile.

This whole conversation was carried out from where Fallen remained seated outside. He continued to work on his landscape piece, having to glance between the deer and the paper upon which he was drawing.

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Areas where dust had been moved and pawprints of where someone had walked stood out on the dark flooring. There was also a few other animal tracks, which, as she squatted down to observe them, were not of Luperci or canine make. Small, hand-like prints. It had to be a weasel or something. She hadn’t seen a lot of them, but, her lessons with her Uncle and father on tracking made the unique prints more recognizable than they would have been without their teachings.

She continued her search about the cabin, finding a detailed map spread out across the table. Unlike almost everything else in the abandoned home, it didn’t have signs of age to it, nor did it have a film of dust coating it. Asura had reached out to touch the parchment when a voice suddenly carried in from outside. Her hand came to an abrupt halt and her entire body went rigid in her surprise.

Even though she’d been looking for someone, she hadn’t actually expected someone to be there!

The voice—masculine and with a strange accent—carried into the cabin from outside. Out back, she realized, as she suddenly spotted that the door was open back there. Her steps were light and careful as she made her way towards the opening. There was a strange bark of some sort of animal, and it appeared that it was outside with whoever had spoken to her.

Asura intertwined her hands behind her back as she peaked outside, finding the owner of the voice sitting out there with. He was older than she, and had rich, red hues that reminded her of Tierney and her family. For a man that knew there was a stranger nearby, he was awfully calm about it. He even offered her things—only two of which she knew what they were though.

“Not stealing, sir,” she replied, her glacier eyes looking over the man curiously as he continued to work on something. “I was just exploring and found…” She looked back at the building that she’d just left, suddenly unsure if it was his actual house or if it had just been a place he’d chosen to spend the night in. “…uh, your cabin here. It’s one of the few I’ve come across that didn’t look like it would fall into itself at the slightest sneeze.”

The male had seemed friendly enough, even if he talked funny and was surprisingly uncaring—outwardly at least—that some random stranger had been snooping around the place. “I don’t think I’ve ever met someone that would offer someone their stuff without knowing them first,” she commented, her tone surprised and amused rather than criticizing. Daringly, Asura took a few more steps towards the seated man, her eyes drawn over the parchment in his hands. The drawing was in black and white, and, as she recognized the shapes, her eyes flew up to where he had been looking.

Sure enough, there was a doe and her offspring standing in the distance. Both stood stock still, their large, dark eyes watching them carefully. Asura mirrored them, not wanting to frighten them away by moving any more. Looking back down at the man’s drawing, she complimented in a softer voice. “You’re really good.”

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"That was the reason I picked it myself." Fallen agreed with the assessment of the building with a laugh. "That and it being dry inside." Just a single drop of water could entirely ruin one of his maps. This was a lesson that he had learned the hard way. He had just been glad that it hadn't been his mentor's map that he had lost but simply one of his own creation, one that hadn't been too difficult to recreate. And since that time he had chosen where he worked on his maps much more carefully.

"If I offer it to you then you cannot take it." Which sounded like an odd thing to say. But over his lengthy travels he had learned that if you were to offer someone than they were less likely to want to try and take it. And if intentions had been pure in the first place then the offer was often appreciated. Of course that wasn't to say that such was the only outcome ever. He just found that he had been less likely to run into trouble when he was upfront about his possessions.

The man looked up to the young woman when his work was complimented. "It has put food on the table from time to time." He said as he smoothed a bandaged wrapped finger across a line in order to purposefully smudge it. "Watch out for Acel there." He said as the pine marten returned inside of the building in order to go and check on his bone to see that it hadn't been tampered with. "I'm Fallen and you are?"

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She chuckled a bit at his comment about one of the qualities for choosing the cabin was because it was dry. “Whoever built it must have known what they were doing. After all of the rain we just had, I’m surprised that anything was left dry.” Back at home, the Estate had held up well enough, but, then again, it had been constructed out of a sturdier material than the meek little cabin here. With the dilapidated state many of the cabins she had come across thus far had been, she hadn’t considered the one this gentleman had chosen to be anything but “lucky.”

To his reasoning for why he had offered her things right off the bat, she hummed with thoughtful amusement. It was true, and the words had a sort of wise, philosophical sound to them. “Huh, I never thought of it that way,” she mused, mentally storing the sentence away for a time she could use it and hopefully sound as wise and cool as the older male before her had.

Recalling all that he had named off, the teen asked, “What was most of that stuff anyways?” Pemmican, hardtack, absinthe, she had never heard of those before. She was familiar with waterskins, and chartreuse, when combined with “bottle,” sounded an awful lot like some sort of fancy alcoholic drink.

He looked up at her when she complimented him, and she offered him a friendly smile. The stranger was an interesting one, and he seemed pretty…well, she wasn’t sure what to call it. Knowledgeable? Wise? Cultured? He was different from any Luperci she had known in Midnight Shores or Sapient.

Asura stepped further out of the doorway as the weasel-like creature skittered by, and strode—slowly—closer to the red-furred Luperci as he introduced himself. “Asura,” she offered, “Member of Sapient to the east of here.” She thumbed in the direction from which she had come.

The introduction out of the way, her thoughts jumped back to what they had been discussing previously. “Luperci really trade for stuff like that though?” Her brows rose in surprise, but, upon realizing how insulting it might be interpreted, they furrowed in worry. Hastily, she added, “I mean…well, I’ve never seen anyone trade for art before. Mostly, it’s just for food and herbs and things like clothes and weapons.”

She squatted down to his level so their conversation wouldn’t be so awkward. “How’d you learn to draw like that, anyway? And, oh! What else can you do? Are you from around here?” Her curiosity had always gotten the best of her, and it was obvious in her excited tone.

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"It holds up better than the boat I was on." Fallen admitted with a laugh. "There always seemed to be water all over the floor, and that is below deck where I spent most of my time." He could understand water on the floor when you were above deck and could see and feel the waves but he hadn't expected it to seep into the hold as well. It had made for a miserable trip, but luckily the journey had been a short one. It hadn't been the long ocean voyage that he had partaken of not too long ago. He didn't think he would have been able to handle having his feet submerged for that great length of time. Just the week that he had spent aboard the leaky ship had felt to be too long.

"Not many do." Which he was perhaps lucky on or else it would come to be expected that he give away everything that he had. Though he was likely to do that anyways based on who he was. Fallen certainly didn't mind sharing what it was that he had. Often it wasn't much but he always had the ability to get more. He knew how to ration and so he couldn't think of a time that he had ever been without, even during trips over water.

Fallen grinned when he was asked about what he had. "Pemmican is just some dried meat. Hardtack is like a biscuit, it doesn't spoil and so it is good to take on a ship. Absinthe and chartreuse is just alcohol. They were gifts and I'm not much of a drinker. I'll take a sip every once in awhile, usually when I have company to share it with me." But it wasn't like he could just turn down a gift. The colors of the liquid were interesting to look at at least.

"I might have to stop by there, even if it was only to see you again, Lady Asura." He wasn't really that great at flirting but he tried. Usually he could get away with it because most became enchanted by his accent rather than the words he was using, most especially when he chose to speak in French. "Une femme aussi belle que vous n'est pas une vue qui ne peut être vue qu'une seule fois." He decided to try his hand at a bit ore schmoozing but the effect was destroyed when he cracked up laughing at the pine marten backed out of the door, his bone being dragged with him. "Acel, nobody wants that thing."

Fallen chuckled as the young woman quickly added onto her question. "Not often, no. There have been a few times. Usually some young woman wishing to impress some gentleman that she has her eye on. Those are usually portrait pieces. I have had a gentleman a time or two wanting some sort of landscape piece, mostly to claim as being their own creation to woo a woman." Though he left off that it was usually for a single night that the man wished to have the woman's interest. "Those are usually in areas of larger population where commerce is of great value. Ports mostly, anyone can flaunt their wares there."

Fallen shifted so that the woman could have room to sit on the step next to him. "I don't know how to answer that exactly. It is just something I do when I feel inspired. I suppose you could sum it up as practice though it is not something I actively set out to learn. It is just something I do, same as walking and talking, breathing and eating, hunting. I can't say a time when I learned any of those things but they are all things I do." He was trying to answer to the best of his ability but came up short on how exactly to answer the question.

The one about where he was from was far easier. "Oh no, not from here. I have been a bit of everywhere though. Well, not everywhere per say but I have been enough places. I'm working on finishing up the map that my mentor had started. I was just a fool when he found me and took me in. You know the type, the ones who think more of themselves than they are? That was me. I thought I was invincible." He laughed and shook his head. "Ah, the misconceptions of youth." He had his own hasty addition to make. "But not you. You have a good head on your shoulders, not at all like the rapscallion I used to be."

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Her onyx ears pricked at the mention of a boat. Given his strange accent and the weird things he’d mentioned previously, an excited assumption formed in her head. “Did you come from across the ocean?” She asked. “My Da came from over there.” She added, feeling the need to explain the sudden reason for her question.

He was an interesting individual, Fallen was. He spoke like a wise and learned individual from one of the story books she’d read in the Province House Library when she was younger. Well versed in the world, and with strange, sage-like wording to his replies and statements. She couldn’t help but to wonder what other strange lessons and knowledge he might have to offer.

To her question regarded the items he had listed upon acknowledging her arrival, Asura tried to mentally picture each that he described. Each was clear enough. Pemmican sounded a lot like jerky, hardtack sounded like something Ember would have dreamed of making, and the alcohol, well, she was sure a few of her packmates would have perked up at the mention of it. Being a non-drinker herself, they didn’t interest her other than as a possible use for sterilizing wounds.

“Hmm,” she hummed in acknowledgment of Fallen’s explanation, a hand moving to grasp her chin thoughtfully, “Sounds like the usual traveler’s inventory.” She smiled. The provisions would do well for someone crossing the countryside, and the alcohol would trade for useful stuff if need be.

She blinked at his flirting, completely oblivious to its intent. She had never been the focal point of another’s affections before, and, being a tomboy as she was and mostly hanging out with her family, meant she often didn’t receive comments of that nature. Trident had always offered out a plethora of compliments, but, seeing as how he often honeyed his words for everyone, they had never been taken to heart.

So, unfortunately for Fallen, the meaning behind the statement had gone right over the girl’s head. “I’m sure the Sagax would let you stay if you did. They’re a sophisticated sort like you,” she replied. She couldn’t help but to stare at the red-furred male when he switched tongues. The words he spoke was not familiar to her, though, when combined with his accent, it seemed to be—likely—his native language. She blinked, and when he suddenly broke out into laughter, so too did she, unable to help herself, especially, when his attention was suddenly taken away by his weasel returning with its bone.

With the mirth still in her eyes, she pressed between chuckles, “What did you say?” A pause before she thought to add. “And what language was that? It’s not Dutch or Common tongue.”

Her laughter died down as Fallen addressed her inquiry about his art. It was a strange concept to grasp. She wasn’t sure if she would be wooed by a piece of artwork, as well talented as Fallen might have been. Knives, fighting, practical talents and skills, medical stuff; those were what Asura appreciated. Though, she supposed, to each their own.

“I’ve never seen a busy port before,” she commented instead. It was true, while Midnight Shores had dwelled in a sea-side town, and Sapient as well had part of their claim along the coast, neither compared to the ports her father or the other adults had spoken of. Busy, bustling with life and noise. It was something the young Creo could only roughly imagine.

When Fallen shifted so she could sit next to him, Asura wordlessly took the invitation. He gave a long-winded explanation as to how he had learned to draw like he had. At his closure, Asura grinned at him, offering, “So, it’s just a hobby, yes?” Her turquoise gaze shifted back to his artwork, once more, letting her eyes wander over it in quiet admiration. “You have great talent, just as good as my brother is with hunting, or my Mam is with herbs.” A natural.

The latter of her curious questions seemed easier for Fallen to answer. Her brows rose in interest when he confirmed he wasn’t a native to the area, and he had her undivided attention when he mentioned working on a map. She laughed when he laughed, commenting under her breath, “Sounds like my brother.” It was not entirely true, but, to the sister, it was.

Asura couldn’t help but to bashfully smile at Fallen’s compliment to her, “Thanks, but, I’m sure you weren’t too bad seeing as how you are now.” It was polite to offer a compliment to a compliment, or so she had been taught. There was truth to her words though. The lone male seemed pretty “cool” in her book.

She wanted to know more about the male before her, so, she tried to steer the conversation back to be about him. Glancing over her shoulder and back to the cabin behind them, she asked, “The map in there?” Her eyes returned to him. “Did you make that one? It was really detailed, probably the best I’ve seen for a Luperci-made map.” It was obvious from its material and upkeep that it hadn’t been a scavenged item from the human’s time.

Movement out of the corner of her eye alerted her to the deer taking their leave. Inwardly, she cringed at the thought of having lost Fallen his references for his drawing. Outwardly, she offered him a small, apologetic smile.

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"I did." He nodded. "Does he claim any certain spot as being home?" Fallen could tell where he had been born but to his it wasn't the same as his home. Actually he didn't even consider himself to have a true home. There was just a long list of places that he had stayed during his travels but never anywhere that he could think of settling down for any period of time. To him home would be a place that he would desire to stay, not a place that he would end up leaving after he had gathered as much information as he could.

"I would suggest to always carry food and water along with you if you are going to be traveling long distances. You never know what hunting will be like in the are or how far away the freshest water were to be found." Fallen always kept food and water with him no matter the distance that he planned on traveling. He liked knowing that he always had something to eat available at any moment in time. Of course should there be plenty of prey in the area then he would hunt to fill his belly. His stores were just that, stores to help him through the hard times.

An ear twitched at the unfamiliar term. "Sagax?" He questioned the unfamiliar word. Clearly from the phrasing this was something important which meant it was something that he needed to know should he actually plan a visit. He had meant it in jest at first but now was considering it as it was stated to be a place of like minded individuals. It certainly piqued his curiosity as to what it would be like to be in a place with others that had the same pursuits.

"French." He answered the question of the language first. "All I said was a woman as beautiful as you is not a sight that can be beheld once." He wasn't used to being asked for a translation on what he said and it showed with the shy dip of his head as he repeated the words in a language that she would be able to understand. Usually women just tittered at the words that he spoke and assumed that they meant something pleasant.

"I'm not sure if you would like it there or not. It is a busy place, full of bodies jostling around. There is always someone looking to take everything you got, whether through trade or other means."He wasn't about to go into details of what these other means were, ones that he had participated in during his youth. "In the larger ports you'd feel lucky to even make it out alive." It wasn't a place for someone who didn't know how to keep a head on their shoulders. And to be young and innocent was a curse. Even the traders would prove to be crooks if they could find a mark they thought would pay more than a fair price for their wares.

He nodded his head when his art was called a hobby. "You could say that. I'd prefer to say it is my peace of mind." He placed a few more lines down, filling in the details to the trees."Is there anything you like to do, anywhere you like to go, when you are alone? Something or somewhere that can quiet your mind? That is what this does for me. I don't think when I draw, I just create." The male chuckled and shook his head. "That sounds like a really silly thing to say." It had sounded much better in his head rather than when he had put voice to the words.

"Trust me, you wouldn't have liked me if you had met me when I was younger. It is my mentor who has made me what I am today." And it was for his mentor's patience with him, when his own mother had already given up on him, that made him want to finish the map. That made him want to honor his mentor's work.

Even though he couldn't see the map he still glanced back to the door near him. "Partially. My mentor started it and I intend on finishing it." He was trying to keep the same level of detail that his mentor had started out with. He wanted to make the man proud of him and what he had accomplished even though the other was no longer of this world.

When the deer moved on he set the pad to the side. "So tell me what you are doing out here all by yourself without a chaperone."

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Her head cocked to one side at his question, confused by what meaning he might have had with it. “I don’t think he’s ever really referred to anything over there as being ‘home,’” she began, hoping she had read the context of his wording correctly. “He left when he was young—or, at least, that’s what he’s told my brother and I. Anyways, it’s always, ‘back where I grew up’ or ‘back in the Netherlands.’ When he talks about ‘home,’ it’s usually referring to where we live. At the moment, that’s the Estate.” She wasn’t much of the philosophical type, so, she hoped the answered satisfied what Fallen had been looking for.

To his advice, she wordlessly nodded acceptingly. Lucky for her, she’d never had to worry about such things. Patrolling the mainland often with her parents or uncle had made it relatively easy to find whatever they needed. As well, she had never traveled far enough from home on her lonesome to need such provisions.

When he parroted Nivosus’ title, Asura quickly realized her mistake. “Oh! Sorry! Our leader; that’s what we call our leader. Sapient’s Sagax—err, leader, is Nivosus. He’s the one that let my family and Trident join the pack after ours was disbanded.” She went on to further explain. It was, perhaps, unnecessary, but, the bit of information wouldn’t hurt to divulge. Besides, if the male was considering visiting her pack someday, it would be best if he knew a bit about it beforehand.

“French?” It was her turn to repeat what had been said. When he went on to translate what had been said, only, then did Asura find herself unconsciously flushing. She wasn’t sure why, but, something about the compliment just seemed…she wasn’t sure what to call it…maybe embarrassing? Very few had used such an adjective to describe her, and none of which in a strange language like Fallen had.

Asura’s ears pinned and she offered a nervous chuckle, “Uh…thank you.” She offered a smile to show she meant her gratitude before distracting herself to suddenly pick at the porch. “There are a lot of pretty women in Sapient,” she added modestly, adding with a laugh, “And they dress the part too.” She was, by far, much more feral and “naked” in comparison.

The Sapien hummed when Fallen went on to explain what a true, real port was like. “I’ll have to be sure to take someone with me then if I ever have to travel through one,” she surmised, unfazed by the thought of wrongdoings and evils that happened in the trading cities. She was ignorant, naïve, and undaunted by whispers of danger. Her brother came to mind, perhaps her uncle, to take with her if she ever went to a Port. No one would mess with them two, not unless they had a death wish.

Fallen agreed to her word choice, and she watched as he penciled in a few more lines on his drawing. He explained what drawing meant to him, Asura laughed softly when he finished speaking. “Not at all,” she said, shaking her head, “It sounds peaceful, relaxing, really.” It sounded like it was like going through her fighting drills. Her mind stepped into a different plane. She didn’t think, she just did. Weaving, dodging, countering an invisible opponent.

She laughed when he denied her previous statement about his younger self. “It seems he made you into a good Luperci then,” she concluded. The man beside her seemed well rounded, learned, and polite.

“How much do you have left until it’s complete?” Asura asked regarding the map. Her world was small, having only known of Nova Scotia, and she knew not of how big or small that was in comparison to everything else. Obviously, the realm they lived in was much larger than what small portion of it that she knew. Her father and Fallen having come from across the ocean were a testament to that.

Thankfully, Fallen didn’t seem too worried about his references leaving them. To his question, she scoffed, grinning playfully at him. “Exploring. It gets boring staying at home all the time. And, besides, I don’t need an adult to watch me anymore. I’m over a year old!” She laughed.

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"So he was something of a nomad too then." Or at least that was what Fallen took out of it. The woman's father felt to be a kindred spirit given how she spoke of him. It was the same way that he referred to things. He never once had said back home but simply back where he had come from. "Ah, the Netherlands. I have been there. Beautiful country. Do you ever plan on visiting?" He didn't think it to be too far fetched a notion for the woman to want to see where her father had originated from.

"It would end up being this Nivosus that I will have to seek out and request permission from then?" He might never had truly joined a pack before but he had stayed with a few and knew some of the customs. He also had learned that each pack had their own sets of rules that they adhered to. But they all seemed to have the same basic premise of asking the leader to let you stay.

He nodded when she repeated back the name of his language. "Yes, it is the language of the place where I was born, France." Though he didn't really figure that she would recognize the name of the country either. "What about you? Did your father teach you the language of where he came from?" Fallen knew a few words in other languages but not enough to hold a conversation. The most frequent word that he learned was beautiful.

Fallen nodded when he was thanked but did not seek to comment when she deflected the compliment. He honestly didn't know what to say. No matter what he tried it felt like a trap. To agree would make his words mean nothing and to disagree would be to call her a liar. Neither option seemed as if it would have good results and so he chose not to say anything at all.

"Don't take just anyone." Fallen was quick to caution. "Take someone with experience in ports. You want someone who will know when you are about to be swindled. You need someone with a careful eye too." One had to keep their wits about them so as not to be robbed of all of their possessions, whether through unfair dealings or just someone running off with all of one's stuff once one's attention was diverted. Someone with experience in ports would know just what to look out for and often seemed to develop an extra sense that lets them know when something is amiss. Or at least Fallen had felt that way numerous times.

He nodded his head when she agreed with how drawing made him feel, her seeming to understand just what it was that he was trying to convey. He even smiled when she had pleasant things to say about his master, even if they actually regarded him. What he did choose to speak on was his map, that was a remark that needed an answer provided for it. "All I have left is to travel east and find where this side ends." For certainly it must butt up against the ocean somewhere. "Once I know where the world ends I can go back later and add more details and refine everything." Which is why he made separate maps for everything he did. His exploring in each new area was done on sheets of their own and when he felt good about what he had discovered and how much he knew he finally added it to the large map, as he didn't want that one to be messed up because he had misjudged the size of things.

"But you are also a young maiden out on your own. Certainly there should be someone to look out for your well being and making certain that you aren't being harassed." It was for her gender rather than her age that he felt a chaperone should be present.

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