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The fire I began, is burning me alive
But I'm no stranger to the heartache and the pain

OOC: Back dated to November 3rd. I hope you all enjoy.. the bitch is finally dead. Sorry if I am not that great at RO's XD. +1100 words.

"Where the hell are we going?"

Miwa's voice was a sting in his head. Kaimu had long since tried to get rid of it. For some reason, the combination of his mother and this sickness would not go away. Every single passing day only seemed to make it worse. At least in that span of time, he was able to avoid being anywhere near his mother, but the discovery of the dead Kalila had given him another means of escape. His mother never loved him.. never cared for him.. so why should he be expected to do the same. After all, she was the first one to tell him that he looked like an old murderer.

"You heard what Naenia said. They don't want anyone going outside of the borders alone. You were the only one available."

"Then let's make this quick."

Not wanting to put up with her son, and rather wanting to get back to Sapient probably did not cause her to question more what was going on. She was used to this sort of behavior from her dark son. Guess this would just be another attempt for him to try and show her that he belonged to be a part of her family. Even if for some insane reason she accepted him, the rest of the family would not. He should count himself lucky she was at least saving him from being slaughtered.

A spot had been arranged, somewhere to the north that was out of the reach of both packs. There was nothing else further along this path. Being that he was alone in this, he had to plan carefully. He paused as they came to a small spot among the northern forest, "We're almost there mother. Let's just take a break here."

"Since when do you order me around?"

"It was just a suggestion."

Annoyance was creeping back into him. Miwa had seen his behavior lately, and found it rather unfavorable. Should have known something like this would happen to him eventually. Eyes narrowed at each other before a heavy sigh escaped her mouth, "Fine, we'll rest." Wherever it was Kaimu was trying to take her, it seemed they still had a bit of a ways to go. He explained there was something he needed to get, an exchange. He had come back before mentioning such a deal with someone else he had come across, and it was clear he was making his way to other packs for his own reasons. He was just following orders after all, even if she found it stupid.

Meanwhile, the dark boy stepped over to one of the trees, examining the back side of it as he spoke, "Mother, I want to know something."

Of course you do. "What is it Kaimu?"

Every time she said his name, it was like shooting an arrow into his body. There was a physical sting, and now he knew what it meant. Why she chose it from the very beginning. He gave a sigh as his one hand reached down behind the tree, "Why didn't you give me a chance? I know I look like my grandfather, but that didn't mean I was him. So why?"

"Does it really matter? No one would accept you, not even me. That's as simple as it is."

Lips curled up as he bent back up. He turned to face the smaller jackal, having gained some height on her thanks to his "generous" father. He approached, hands moving up as he finally jumped her, using what weight he had to push her down to the ground, snarling battling between the two of them as he pulled her hands back to be bound, "What the fuck are you doing?!" Her words were lost in his focus.

Both of them struggled for control over the other. He did not have the experience that his mother did, but he had surprise. In time, he got what he wanted. Moving off her, he huffed, cold gaze turning down on the cruel woman, "Undo these right now Kaimu."

"Why should I?"

"You will do as you are told."

Snapping happened all at once in his mind. His hand reached down to the knife he carried with him, trailing a slash across her body, "What for? For you?! You never cared about me from the day I was born! All you've done my whole life is reject me no matter how hard I tried!" Another slash. "I worked hard just to gain your approval! To show you and your family that I was worth something! But nothing I ever did was good enough for you!" And another. "I hate you! You had the nerve to name me something so disgusting! I hate my name! I'm not 'nothing!'"

The pain was null and void. He was ranting like a child. Of course he wouldn't see the bigger picture to all of this. What would she care though? This only proved he didn't deserve it, "It's all you have been, and all you will ever be." Her tone was cold, and firm.

"Then it's not my name anymore. I'll show you! I'll show all of them that I am not nothing!"

"Never in my eyes.

Then I'll change that right here and now. He lowered his head into her face, "Then let these be the last words you ever hear. I'm not nothing. From this day forth, I will have no a drop to do with your family line. And from now on, my name is Hibiki."

A grin formed on Miwa's face, "Then may the echo of your cursed existence ring for the rest of your life, Kaimu."

Anger took over. He just kept going at her. The time to talk was over. All his collective rage came out in one assault. Her body had become mangled, stained, and limp. He'd killed her. The last thing she said to him was a taunt. She knew what he was going to do to her, but even now she was haunting him, repeating those last words in his mind. Reaching down, he undid the binds and began to carry her body back to Sapient. He had to finish the cover up.

Kaimu was dead, but Hibiki was very alive.


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