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POSTED: Mon Dec 04, 2017 5:32 pm

As Brandy left the hall and its cold faux leader behind her, she could hear the telltale footfalls of two Sapiens trailing behind her. She didn't look back, but she could tell who they were from their scents and the heavy, enormous gait of Shaamah. Good. If they did see anyone who knew any information, he'd be important. She'd seen his rage firsthand, had seen what it could do. She loosely stripped herself of her flannel and threw it aside, wasting no time in shifting into her large, fast Secui form as she moved, eyes focusing forward.

She shrugged the doors to the manor open and stepped outside, lifting her nose to scent as she walked. She didn't expect there to be any trace of Rowtag or Hibiki, but the lack of their scent still dug another pit in her stomach. She shook her head, beginning to lop towards the nearest border.

"Alrigh', so... Row's been sick or somethin' lately an' I ain't seen him in a few days. But that means he can' be that far, so if we look aroun' the area, maybe we can find some clues or somethin'." Her voice was void of her normal jovial demeanor, and her brows furrowed, face serious; she didn't slow her pace as she spoke to her packmates, merely burrowing her nose to the ground to hopefully catch something, anything.

backdated to right after the meeting :> - words

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It was a short and very tense walk out of the Estate and into the wilderness. Lucky for Tzila, her long legs made it easier to keep up her pace with Shaamah's and Brandy's stride. Her ears twitched backwards all the time, like she could still catch the rest of the pack talking behind them, muttering and whispering away. It made her neck itch, knowing they were probably filled with disapproval over their actions. But she stood firm to her path; she couldn't in her right mind leave Brandy to deal with this on her own. She had lost her own mother to the grief of losing someone to an unknown fate, who had wandered off chasing shadows of a loved one gone from their lives. She didn't want to jinx anyone by assuming the worst, but she had to be realistic; if the worst case scenario did happen, she would have to make sure they didn't lose another to grief as well.

She glanced over to the mountain of a man walking almost beside her, and she couldn't tell what was going on in Shaamah's mind. He was a mystery to her; that distant memory of a spar and a drinking game offered no hints to this puzzle. She knew his loyalty was unquestionable, despite that incident almost a year past; but there also lied a danger. Blind loyalty could lead to some rather catastrophic decisions, if not tempered with common sense and empathy. She didn't know enough of the ex-Adcredo to know if he truly had enough of both, or if she just assumed he did, considering how high in the ranks he had been before. But then, she was reminded of Nivosus and that was enough to reassure her not all leaders were good people.

Brandy started talking, quickly undressing herself and shifting into her halfling form. Tzila wasn't a very fast shifter, and she was not going to just dump her clothes on a corner, no thank you. She remained in her original form, and before Brandy could completely disappear from her sights, it might be best to maintain a voice of common sense. "Brandy, please wait a moment. I understand how you feel, and I want our friends back as much as you do. But we can't just comb through all of our borders without some direction or lead." She takes a deep breath, collecting her thoughts. "You say Rowtag has been sick, but sick how? Why would he leave if he was sick, why not stay in the Estate until he got better? This is all too... convenient for my tastes. Did he mention anything to you before he disappeared some reason for leaving, any at all?" She asked, because how could she not? She still felt very lost in this whole situation, and any shred of information that might help would be much welcome. Tzila glanced over at Shaamah, also hoping the man might share something useful. Anything was better than grasping at straws.
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The Blackrust female wasted little time in stripping to what nature intended her and making her way out the door, while Tzila maintained her Sapient dignity, but just as Shaamah reached up to his vest to rid him of the uncomfortable thing, Tzila's tune hung in the air. She seemed to be the voice of reason to the heated exit and quick shift that Brandy made, but her company came at no reward. Brandy was surging out the door as quickly as she could, and Shaamah was on her side of it. He didn't want to be here for the conversation of the disappearances he hadn't been a part of, he had already relayed the information of finding Nivosus' daughter in a river, and wasn't piqued at the though of hanging around in the first place. Sapient gatherings were awfully animated for his tastes.

"As a trio we can maintain sight while we spread our distance to cover more ground," He was sure she wouldn't be terribly thrilled that he was taking Brandy's side on this one. While Tzila made perfect sense, Shaamah wasn't too terribly interested in meeting Tierney quite so soon, either. That was his reason for making way out of the meeting, disguised in the surmise that he was off to help Brandy seek out clues, which didn't hurt the situation at all and certainly didn't seem so selfish as his true intentions. It's not like anyone would ask him. He didn't make himself a man of many words, save for purpose, for a reason. Large fingers worked diligently with the buttons on his vest, the plush of his coat coaxing the panels open before it was discarded to an armchair in the corner," If he is ill with nausea and indigestion, this will increase our chances in locating traces of his whereabouts."

The shift to Lupus did not take long, as he had plenty of practice while off-grounds at the University and a long history of preference to his lighter form. The weight lifted from his body came as a refreshing change, old skin again, and a good reason to use it, even though this really wasn't a good reason to use it. Shaking his coat free of the tension from the shift, his brow faced Tzila as his pants slipped from his haunches. Her mention of convenience rung soundly throughout the situation here, and if it was a laden trap, then so be it. Shaamah had never strayed from real conflict, even when his was the disadvantage," Let them digest their facts, Tzila," He gestured toward the room that they had left, where the other Sapien's huddled together and tried to build a blue-print of how to handle this best," At our least, nothing new is found. At our best, Rowtag is returned to Sapient," The name sounded hollow coming from the soldiers maw. It was nothing more than a name. The man had never met the Sapien, but that was no reason to stand idly by," She will go anyway," Rose dipped muzzle lifted toward the door," As a Mercenary for Sapient, if I can ensure her safe return, than I have done my duty."

With a rear kick, he shed his pants to the ground, effectively clearing himself of the last bit of clothing and he made his way out of the open door that had been left in Brandy's wake. He wasn't a fast being by any means, but in this state, his weight didn't hamper his travel as much, it wasn't a burden on his bones, and his energy spent would be minimal. In the even that something might happen out there, this was his best attempt at being ready for the unknown. His shoulder clipped the door and it clacked sharply against the outside wall, flapping in the cold winds outside before settling wide open with a creak.

As he neared Brandy's proximity, he found her muzzle pressed to the earth. Silver maw parted to her, as he wasn't too terribly concerned with offending her improvised plan," Days time can make a difference, Brandy. How long?" He sought out more accurate information than 'a few', as it was necessary. Any tracker knew it, and if she wasn't going to keep a level head and stick to information, Shaamah was going to get the information he needed to be of any use save for a bodyguard if trouble came to a head," Has he made mention of any travels or tasks for personal or pack purpose?" And more importantly, his scent was of Sapient but," What color of coat?" Shaamah didn't know a single thing about the man, save for the notion that Brandy favored him as an individual, because despite her knowledge of Kaimu's disappearance, that didn't seem to be her focus here. Not that Shaamah was particularly concerned with family, either. He'd had his trials already with one boy, if there was one less, he wasn't one particularly for morning.

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