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000 Set in Cape Acadia. Please note: thread is preferred for Sharga traveling party. No posting order - jump in, jump out as needed, just have fun :)

Though every place they had been had something to marvel, the cape was one of the most beautiful. Mountains rolled like waves, one after the other and as far as the eye could see, dusted with snow and the nascent greens of spring. The beaches were narrow and sheltered and held the chill of the winter off the sea, but it was plentiful with seal and fish, and Tiamat could tell that in the summers they would provide the cool reprieve that Onuban shores had lacked.

Ningal enjoyed the land further inland, where the low-lying areas made wetlands similar to her natural habitat. There were fields, too, and hills that would thaw and spring forth with life anew. She had been along the territories now, and even returned to the lakes and rivers of her childhood, yet something about the Cape felt a little more like home.

The sound of splitting wood ceased, and silence was chased away by the whisper of leaves until it all quieted too. She returned to camp with her axe slung over her shoulder, and in her other hand, the long branch of a long-dead pine. Tiamat took a moment to survey the camp they had made in the woods just off the shore, where the high tides would not reach. Nestled between two cliffs, the inlet was a comfortably secluded area that saw little in the way of travelers. They had been camping for days without any disturbance - a miracle in a land teeming with luperci.

Readying her grip on both items, she dragged the wood to the dug out pit they used for fire. The day had been a dry one, and the beating sun nearly warmed the air enough to forgo a fire for one night. Tiamat did not take such luck for granted - a good day was for getting ahead of the season, so she believed, and there was not a glimmer of sympathy in her eyes when she heard the distant complaints of Griffin, who was tasked with caring for the horses.

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"Najiiiiii," Mateo was bent lazily over his horse as he followed the jackal through the wood, "I'm tired."

The rhythm of her horse changed as she turned to peer at him over her shoulder, "You said you would check the traps with me." The line of rabbits across the horses hindquarters were evidence enough of the success that came with the birth of spring, "We are almost done." Mateo watched the bouncing of her bow sleepily as it rose and fell above her shoulders.

When they were finally done the horses picked up their feet - and together they galloped toward camp.

There were others now that had gathered with them in the evergreen forest, and each day brought something new to be experienced. Lingering before the campfire together had slowly become his favorite tradition - and everyone had a story. Naji watched over everyone quietly, her dark hands always working. He knew she was worried about her children - but she never mentioned them, and when she caught him looking she would snap at him playfully.

It was like learning a new language - and Mateo eagerly exchanged what he could with the rest of the group.

They tied off their horses and Naji tossed the line of hares to Mateo for cleaning.

"Tiamat!" She greeted the girl with a warmed-sand smile, "Tonight we feast."

"Hey." Mateo stood awkwardly, the rabbits haphazardly hung between his arms, "I'll go clean these by the fire."

Naji suddenly looked at him sharply, "Remember what I showed you Mateo," She raised her arms and made a slicing motion, "Away. Always away from you." Mateo blinked with mirthful eyes and offered in a dead pan voice, "I haven't cut myself yet." and spun away.

Naji laughed in the way that always had him smiling - it was a sound that came from deep within her.


Mateo is going to chill by the fire pit and clean up some rabbits for din din - anyone is welcome to help him out!

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Word Count → :: Dante & Dama

The wilderness suited him a lot more than the pomp and elegance of Onuba had ever done. Out here he felt he could breathe and engaged in the activity, filling his lungs with air that was sweet and tinged with pine and salt. Onuba had always smelled beautiful too, but it was a sickly sweet beauty that had the effect of rising nausea in him. It had been falsity and falseness, pretend smiles and shallow voices; their insincerity had grated.

Lost in a spiraling moodiness prompted from thoughts of his parents, the Amaranthe frowned down at his half woven basket and idly plucked at a stray piece that stuck out.

He wondered what was being said about him, back at the homestead. Had they told his Father of Cedrus' involvement of the heist or had his participation gone unnoticed. They chased each other around and around like puppies trying to catch their tails. Cedrus was quiet and solemn, not partaking much in the camp's activities until the arrival of Naji and Mateo.

The wildling woman's triumphant call of a feast brought a small smile forth, breaking him from his shell of anxiety. What did it matter if the Onuban nobility and common-folk talked about him. He was one of the Amaranthe's who had dared to break the norm, shattering it into pieces and that meant he was someone worth talking about, maybe a few intrepid youngsters would follow his example to freedom.

He stood, brushing pieces of grass from his person and picked his way through the camp, carefully avoiding Tsolin's gaze upon him, unto he reached Mateo and his rabbits, warm honey eyes and a tilted head,

Do you want some help, Mat?

Cedrus Amaranthe

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