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It's noon near the Commune of the Salmon, and the air is full of pollen. Your character has found some shed deer antlers.

000 Open for some lighthearted fun! :>

The land was a clash of frozen and bloomed, but to a sailor that didn't know better, it was simply being itself. He didn't understand it as well as he understood other things, like ships, and he knew he shouldn't presume to, like with women. Feeling that the weather was closer to the latter, he had decided that some things were better left a mystery.

They went on, he and the horse, with the sun on their backs and the air filled with a myriad of smells that itched his nose. Sometimes the markets had smelled this way, but Griffin had never lingered long enough to make the connection between freshly hewn flowers and this sensation. As the connection dawned on him, so did a sneeze, and he rocked in his saddle with its violent attack. The mare came to a halt like it already had done four times that day, allowing Griffin the chance to slide off her back and continue his fit from a less perilous position. It was there, rubbing the goop from his nose, that he saw something that was halfway between a gnarled branch and a rib cage.

Griffin reached for the antler and held it up against the afternoon sky. Would you look at that, he marveled aloud. Turning the antler this way and that, he made a low whistling sound and stood from his crouch.

Bones. He announced. Turning to face his horse, he added to his expert observation, The beast must be as large as you, maybe even larger. As always, the mare said nothing back.

It wasn't the best company, but it carried him from place to place much like a boat, was alive like a crew, and it obeyed his command much more readily than the sea. Griffin grinned and wagged the antler in its general direction. You're a lot like my old friend Charles.

Charles was a good man, and he had been at Griffin's side since he was born. When his Captain father was at his usual business, it was Charles who had taught him how to run the boat. Like the horse, he rarely spoke and kept a straight face throughout most of Griffin's childhood, and for most of his adulthood for that matter. If Griffin was to be honest, he was never sure whether the wolf genuinely liked him or simply had a strong sense of duty. He preferred to think it was the former, just as he did with his four-legged companion.

The horse sneezed, causing Griffin to fumble the antler in alarm. It bounced against the thawing, spongy loam and then rolled, clacking as it struck another antler that he had missed half-buried in the ground. The surprise of this discovery had him laughing in genuine delight, though as soon as he realized it, he stopped and looked around. They had been alone for days now, but it wouldn't do to have someone witness him acting giddy - that wasn't who he was, after all.

He collected the "bones" and hurried back to the horse. As he opened the saddlebag and tried to puzzle the antlers into it, he rambled on, It's not enough for her, Charles, but I'm useful. Unlike that harebrained kid.

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A dancer of the wild steppes of the far east could hold silence in her palms if she only wished. Smooth like water and moonlight, she’d stolen into the familiar wilderness like a mythical creature, long-legged and armed with sharp beryl hues glittering beneath pale eyelashes.

The ashen female had expected to mind her own business today, but she so seldom ran into acquaintances unexpectedly, and she couldn't help herself. The Soul didn’t mind it at all once fate cast the die and allowed coincidence to settle in her favour. It was his scent that found its way to her first, and eventually the distant chatter of his voice.

Carefully, she snuck in-between trees and stepped over twigs and crispy leaves that would’ve wanted to give her away too soon. Griffin's distant voice spoke a name, and her silver ears folded amidst ivory wildling locks, her smile faltering only a little. She'd assumed he was alone.

It only served to heighten the monochrome dancer’s curiosity, naturally.

Tip-toeing closer still, when she arrived within sights of him, she saw only a man and a horse. Pale brows knotted somewhat with her puzzlement – the horse was a mare, no?

Damn, Griffin.”

She stepped forth, her lips settling into a Cheshire grin beneath the bright flare of a laughing gaze as she leaned against the trunk of a tree. ”I thought I heard a familiar voice.” She hesitated, gaze narrowing -- not unkindly -- as she crossed her arms beneath her breasts. ”Hello there.”

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000 boooooyyyyyyyyy

Truth be told, Griffin hadn't wanted to wander from camp. It was Tiamat who had suggested (read: demanded) that he pull his weight and do what he did best, which was to most people trading and getting the best deals. As he had tried to tell her, that was what he did second best. If Tiamat had given him the chance, he could have shown her what he actually did best, but as fate would have it, she had eluded this potent piece of information (read: checked him so hard his shoulder was still bruised) and so his efforts were wasted on other menial activities.

It was with some straight dumb luck that Anri had managed to find him all the way out where he was. Griffin had wandered in the general direction of Amherst, but that was about all he had gotten right. As it turned out, navigating by the sky in a wooded forest was much more difficult than it was out at sea. He was loath to admit that to Tiamat, anyway. His supply of grain for the horse was running low, and he was himself at the end of his food, having eaten the last salted meat three hours ago. Any longer by himself and he would have likely made it another loop around the weird derelict commune and then gone straight into the Bay.

Turning from the mare, who he had named Charles despite her already having a name, Griffin lifted his chin and sniffed at the apparition of the only other woman (in this area) who'd managed to get a fist up on him.

There was a little smile in the way he said, You. though his tone and expression was mostly displeasure. Narrowing his eyes, he assessed the beautiful woman like he was sizing up an opponent. His nose still tingled from time to time, so he knew she could pack a punch even on the brink of starvation. Who knew what a few good meals and rest had done for her now.

He sauntered up to her, his hands swaying loose and ready at his sides. When he'd gotten close enough, which was perhaps closer than was respectable, he stopped and looked down at her.

What, did you follow me out here to finish what you started? You've got another coming, Anri, he withdrew his finger, which he'd used to prod emphatically at the air while he spoke, and stuffed his hands into his trouser pockets. Considering her up close now, where he could smell the woods on her silvery fur and fully appreciate the pretty blue of her eyes (maybe he had a thing for blue eyes), he found his anger from their last interaction dissipating, albeit begrudgingly. He couldn't help but smile as he said, I got a few moves of my own.

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The dog’s spoken tones grated against the tranquil silver of her ears, pooling duskily within her consciousness like a spot of dark cloud against a glossy summer sky. And then he moved, his elegance wrong somehow, suggesting he was a creature of wavy waters and not of earth. She knew what it felt like to be lulled to sleep by a moonlit sea, and she missed it terribly. Perhaps they were similar in that way.

He settled close, brushing up against the invisible line in the sand and disregarding what was proper and comfortable. The ashen dancer wasn’t unprepared today: she remembered well his antics from their previous encounter. Ivory lashes swept low as she regarded him and the ghost of a smile that she thought she could see hiding in the corners of his disapproving mouth.

She looked up at him, her elegant visage tilted in a very innocent way as he prodded at the air before her. The Soul had gathered the words she’d wished to speak if she saw him again, but they were blown away by the way he carried himself – he rose to the challenge with more vigour than she’d anticipated. Warmth amassed in her chest, fleeting and frail like a handful of fireflies.

She hoped his grudge didn't weigh heavily on him. The unkindled woman blinked, slowly, sweet lapis lazuli clear and bright above the sprinkle of pale and dusky freckles on her youthful cheeks. She'd been prepared to be gentle, but. ”Did you just threaten me, Griffin?”

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Griffin held grudges as long as a person could hold water in their palms. Sure, he had the ability to remember every grievance that had occurred in his lifetime (keeping a mental tab of one's gambling debts and winnings was a survival skill for a sailor), but life at sea also meant leaving behind resentments for the sake of cooperation. At least, that was how he saw it. He had met his fair share of spiteful seafarers, and early on he'd decided that such a poisonous attitude was a waste of everyone's time.

In this way, he was conflicted about the woman called Anri. She had certainly left an impression on him, physically, emotionally...mostly physically. It was unclear to him whether she was as interested in him as he was in her, but he knew that one minor misinterpretation would lead to another bloody nose. That hardly seemed worth the trouble, irrespective of the time it had been since he'd been familiar with a woman.

But when she batted her pretty white eyelashes, and looked up at him with her sweetly curved nose, he couldn't help but think that possibly, maybe, perhaps, there was something there. This was enough to stoke his ego and bring him a little closer.

Her words, however, quickly squashed any hope.

Threaten? His hand fell across his chest in a mimicry of appall. Who, me? Threaten you? I wouldn't dream of it, sweetheart. Not unless you wanted me to.

He backed off, shrugging. If you keep your hands to yourself, we won't have a problem here.

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He moved like an umber thespian. His hands danced when he spoke, drifting this way and that to add momentum to his words. There was a rugged elegance to the motion– to him, somehow. He moved closer into her invisible space and it was a small effort to remain still as the distance between them shrank away, little by little.

He hadn't learned anything at all and her smile softened at that.

The fact that he did it again today implied to her that he could be one of two potential kinds of men. It chilled her to think of this, but the sensation was layered and not all that terrible.

Ears of gossamer silver flickered at sweetheart, but she’d been called worse things by better men and let it go. She simply muttered in response, shrugging silky shoulders nonchalantly. ”Should I want for such a thing?” Her wide smirk was long faded by now, replaced by something much more earnest while those wide azure eyes watched him back off with a shrug of his own.

The Soul moved then, brushing past him like a gust of white silver and Mediterranean sea. ”I’ll have to do my best to control myself, then,” she breathed, tones soft and round like sweetened honey. She uncrossed her arms and instead folded them behind her back, only now spotting the fine pair of antlers half mashed into Charles’ saddlebag.

Those things could fetch a nice trade at any market.

She turned to the man with a delicate smile tugging at her dark lips, dewy and fresh with renewed motivation. ”What have you got there?”

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000 it is taking eVERY ounce of SELF restraint not to make this into the 70s smut dialogue I want it to be

Griffin knew the kind of man his father was, and loathing him had helped him construct the boundaries of his behavior and thinking. It wasn't until Tiamat, a woman of completely rigid morality, that Griffin had begun drawing the lines further and further back. There was hope for him, she told him once, and that had meant something.

But as he saw it, Anri was the kind of woman who would not hesitate to reinforce her boundary. Perhaps relying on that was lazy, but he wasn't perfect. Yet.

At her utterance of disgust, Griffin could only shrug (if not physically, then in his mind). Some girls were into that sort of thing. He added Anri to the running list of those who were certainly not.

She swept past him smelling like a tantalizing bouquet of spring and sea. He tried to make the way he drew around with her passing seem casual, and look as though he was terribly disinterested in all the lovely things she had to offer visually. His brows rose to see her arms folding behind her, unwittingly framed her backside very nicely.

Her interest in Charles rather than him was slightly upsetting but understandable. He wholly expected her to give the horse a pat or two and then carry on, for he couldn't fathom any other reason she would be out there tolerating him. When she peered back at him coyly, a feeling stirred in his gut that was some mixture of distrust and excitement. He stepped toward Anri with his own hands clasped behind his back, his mouth drawn in a smirk.

I think it's pretty clear what I've got, he came up to only a hair's width away from her. Reaching around, he tugged out the antler.

A bone.

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I'm not often ashamed of my posts, but.

Bright beryl hues caressed the fine form of the antlers and it made her think of home. Her parents had brought her up close to the borders of Finland once to experience the Reindeer migration. Barely more than a year had passed yet it already felt like different life.

The dancer casually rolled her weight over to one hip and felt rather than heard him step closer. Her form bristled ever so slightly at the boldness.

The sylph’s tail brushed against his proximity, trapped between the horse and his approach. She turned slightly, her body responding anxiously to his closeness. The sweet pulse of her fledging heart jumped eagerly at the base of her throat, cornered and confined. She wanted to be brave, but the male’s presence within her space agitated her.

”Hmm?” sweetly curled lips parted slightly, the glean of pearly white teeth glinting just beyond. She turned, wispy tendrils of moonlight hair dancing leisurely about the sculpted grace of her visage, dubiously blinking at his closeness. Pale eyelashes trembled momentarily until her gaze drew upwards to trace the deep mahogany of his face, eventually daring to settle upon his gold-and-green gaze.

He reached around her and tugged at the antlers, and her own hand quickly rose to clasp about the satin surface of its bony form. She let her fingers brush along the fine surface, feeling the fine detail in the texture of natural bone underneath sensitive fingertips. The sweet curve of her elegant nose crinkled delicately with suspended amusement, ”It’s so smooth.”

White-tipped fingertips flowed along the antler’s design, only to stop once met with his own. She considered them briefly before her glacier gaze returned to his form, large and pure amidst silver and snow. ”And big.” A large animal must've shed it.

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