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POSTED: Wed Jun 13, 2018 12:39 pm

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Some Luperci were driven forward by the need for power, by ambition or control. These were a fierce breed and the veteran Stormbringer contemplated that they might be more fitting of the surname than he was. It was curiousity that had always driven Ascher to greater lengths than anything else. Sometimes he tried to quash that innate thirst for knowledge. Sometimes he knew full well it would end in regret and he found himself bowing to it anyway, as easily as the tender blades of grass underfoot.

For a man of his age, the copper wolf moved lightly around the Grand Lake and towards the area which had once been known as Jordheim Village. The sun beat down at his back and his blue eyes were soft as they settled upon the comforting shape of hill houses.

Curiousity had drawn Ascher to his old home and he was now too stubborn to turn back to Krokar. He wanted to see how the place had held up over the past year. More than that he wanted to know if there was anything to salvage from the ruins of a once prosperous pack.

He wondered if it counted as scavenging when you’d known the place as intimately as he had.

Ascher planned to visit the Sveit Village Hall first. In comparison to the houses he suspected it would cause fewer pangs of painful memories, though one thing had resided there that Ascher had considered very dear: the Almanac.

The scents within the Hall were all staleness and must and it was far too quiet. That was perhaps better for Ascher than being confronted with the scents of everyone who had once celebrated and listened here but the silence meant the sadness crept into him more easily. The Almanac wasn’t here; he hoped it had ended up in good hands.

Turning, tail and ears low, Ascher crept back to the door and the sunshine.

Perhaps he, as someone who had loved and lived in this place, wasn’t the best candidate for plundering what remained.


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