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POSTED: Sun Jul 01, 2018 12:46 am

Food. They needed food to eat, and somehow Rami ended up the one to go hunt for it. He wasn't exactly sure how he had ended up voluntold for this particular task, but off he went anyway on for legs, figuring that would be his best bet since he did not immediately see anyone he could beg food off of. The success of that was about as hit and miss as his hunting attempts anyway, so he figured he may as well go hunt.

The smell of prey was everywhere, but the main issue was finding the most recent one, and Rami wandered around from one scent trail to the next. It was not the most focused attempt at finding food, but he figured he had to come across something eventually.

And come across something he did. There was a burrow ahead. It didn't look like it was a new burrow, but that didn't meant it wasn't being used. Maybe there was a rabbit inside! Or even better: two rabbits! Wouldn't that be great? So, Rami trotted right up to it and stuck his head inside. Of course, this blocked any and all light that was getting in.

"Hello? Anything tasty in here?" His voice sounded weird and muffled in the closed space, and as he breathed in, the scents inside were stale. Dang.

POSTED: Tue Jul 03, 2018 9:21 pm

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Cawthunk! Right beside where the jackal-dog was sniffing, something wet and silvery hit the dirt. The crack of delicate bones and the force of the fall breaking organs echoed for a blink's worth. Unmoving eyes staring blind, a small fish - something river-born - laid in the dirt like an unwrapped gift. Wings beat somewhere in the sky above him.


Dogmeat landed on a spindly branch, hopping down the boughs of summer greenery. She stopped several feet above the ground, giving a distasteful chatter. Well, Dogmeat hadn't expected a dog to be here, having been so high up and the nearby canopy thick. Unable to spot a rock to drop her catch on, the crow had let go in the hopes it would hit something sturdy and hard. The height she'd made it to was more than enough to compensate, but a body breaking open would save her some time.

Now, something that could swallow her in one gulp was sitting right below her. She could easily peck and thieve the fish away from dog, but she would feel guilty if she did. All the past meetings with canines - all kind and warm - had made her think twice about messing with them. The jackal-dog might be hungry, and Dogmeat could always find another fish, or scavenge. That's what crows did, even if she preferred the taste of fresh meat to old.

Dogmeat ruffled her feathers and made a disgruntled squawk. Fine. Her conscience had won this time, and she'd see if the jackal-dog took the fish. If he didn't take the fish, she'd swoop down and take it back once he was gone.

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POSTED: Tue Jul 31, 2018 9:44 pm

The sound of something landing next to him had Rami jumping in surprise with an entirely undignified squeak. This, in turn, caused him to hit his head on the top of the den as he scrambled backwards, sending clumps of dirt flying. He looked swiftly around, trying to find whoever had snuck up on him, and then his eyes fell to the fish that was next to him.

A fish. An apparently magically-appearing-from-nowhere fish. Blinking, Rami stared at it for a couple of seconds, fully expecting it to disappear. It didn't. With a frown, he stretched his neck out to sniff it while keeping his body as far from it as possible as if it might somehow attack him. It didn't do this either, of course.

"Well now," Rami murmured, turning wide eyes on his surroundings again while sniffing around. He didn't smell any canines, or anything else, really, that would explain this most pleasant surprise. Nothing smelled off about the fish, either, although since he was still relatively new to the area, he supposed that didn't mean too much. Something could be wrong with it that he just wasn't aware of.

Deciding that he wasn't going to be a paranoid nutcase, Rami leaned forward and took a bite. Just as he did so, he heard a squawk from somewhere above and his eyes quickly zeroed in on a crow. Rami wasn't sure if a crow could have brought him his fish, but since it certainly hadn't really appeared out of thin air, he supposed that the crow was as likely a delivery bird as anything else. So, he wagged his tail at the crow and then took a bite of the fish.

POSTED: Thu Aug 09, 2018 4:52 pm

Wait! She didn't mean for him to -

Wait a minute! Wait! Why was he - ?

Oh, fine. Dogmeat ruffled her feathers, disgruntled but not going to do anything about it. He was hungry and happy, and wagging his tail at her now. Her black-feathered heart melted a smidgen. Luperci were cute when they were happy. They had those wet pebble-eyes and tree-branch tails, flint-sharp ears and fish-flopping, full-body wiggles. Appreciation was nice, and so was doing something good for them. Dogmeat hadn't done enough for the wolf-folk, she realized. All the ones she met had been going around and doing things for her. From feeding her to freeing her to giving her shelter from the rain, they always lent a helping paw.

Dogmeat felt guilty. Her gizzard twisted like she'd eaten something too rotten for a crow. She could always fly and look for something to scavenge, but the canines? The canines had to travel and sniff, travel and sniff, and got in fights with each other or other predators. They coudn't take to the air like Dogmeat could. How long had this dog been looking for something good to eat? He chowed down like he hadn't eaten in a day or two.

Well, Dogmeat could do something to prevent such a thing. Spreading her wings, feathers blue-green in the dappled sunlight, she glided in an arc down. Settling in front of the dog, Dogmeat gestured with her beak, crying, "Awp! Awp!"
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POSTED: Fri Sep 07, 2018 10:05 pm

Man this was a good fish. Great, even! Rami couldn’t wait to tell his brothers all about it and maybe they could catch more just like it. Or maybe the magical fish fairy could drop some on his brothers as well. That would be way easier on Rami, especially considering he knew nothing about fishing. Hm. On second thought, maybe bragging to them would be a bad idea since Rami wasn’t sure there would be more than bones left to bring back once he was through eating.

Rami was so intent on chowing down, practically wiggling with glee, that he was oblivious to the bird’s approach until it squawked at him. With a high-pitched and utterly undignified yelp, Rami jumped back from the fish and stared at the bird with eyes so wide the whites could be seen all the way around the irises. After the initial sound, Rami couldn’t make any more come out for a couple of tries. His eyes darted between the crow and the fish, which he really did not want to give up. Her beak did look pretty sharp.

“Uh, hi?” Rami finally managed, though it was little more than a squeak. He had heard of birds being able to speak with Luperci, but he had no idea if this was a kind that could. “Hello.” That was better. A complete m, non-squeaky we rd.

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