Los instintos nunca envejecen


POSTED: Tue Oct 16, 2018 1:52 pm

OOC - Midday in Fundy National Park

Ivory paws stepped and skipped through the long, yellowing grasslands. Each strong step of Leto's front paws was followed by a quick hop of his one working back leg, with his bad limp being dragged pathetically behind as it tried to move and keep up. It wasn't often Leto relied on his four-legged forms, he didn't like having no hands to hold things with, but in these forms the old man could at least move around without too much pain. Plus, if danger happened upon him, Leto was the most confident in his feral form at scaring away any would-be attackers.

Today, with a low autumn sun leaving the ground crisp and cold despite it being long into the day, Leto was going to attempt to hunt something. He hadn't ever really done anything like chasing prey before, it wasn't his job in the Villa and he was too old to really partake in it when he left. When he got Sabina, she gradually learnt to hunt for the both of them, mostly fish, but even then Leto didn't eat much of her catch knowing the girl needed it more than the tired old dog. Leto wasn't sure how to go about it, he just planned to chase the first thing he saw and hope he could get his jaws around it. There was hunting dog blood in the old man's veins, a good instinct to chase whatever moved and latch on until it bled out in his maw.

The ivory dog wasn't sure how fast he could even run on three working legs, so Leto just hoped whatever he found would get caught quickly. About an hours worth of pacing up and down the grassy hill, working his aged nose on finding any tracks, Leto finally found something. A long furred creature, squeaking ad huffing as it scuffed through specks of dirt. Some sort of weasel or similar mammal, Leto didn't care, he just saw the skinny thing as food. Trying to remain as quiet at he could with his prominent limp, Leto skulked as close as he could to reduce the distance before charging forwards.

Unfortunately trying to leap off one good leg wasn't an easy feat, and the old man landed harsh on his front legs close to the weasel as it squealed and started on it's escape. Leto found his bearings after a few running steps, and fortune favoured the old man as the weasel ran itself into a dead end made of old thorny bushes that were impossible to traverse. The beady eyed creature had a moment to fear it's mistake before jaws landed around it. Leto snapped the creature off the ground, stumbling onto his rear end as he came to a stop and shook the little rodent in his jaws until it fell floppy and dead.

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