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POSTED: Wed May 15, 2019 9:45 pm

Tora hadn't spent much time before in this part of his home. When he had been a member of the Court there had been no reason for him to ever leave the Shattered Coast, no point in leaving his no family. But the Court was disbanded and he was drifting aimlessly again, spending his days riding Jolie through the trees and to the base of the mountains. The Petite Cour didn't need him very often so he was free to wile away the hours practicing his skills. It was the one good thing to come out of the destruction of his home.He had been continuing to work on his art, filling his journal with charcoal sketches and leaving beautiful wooden carvings in hollow logs and on top of rocks.

He was working on another one, nestled deep in one of the mighty glacial valleys that filled this part of the world as he deftly carved a lump of soft birch wood into a hawk in flight. Perhaps he would give it to Yvonne when it was finished, a charm for her to put around the neck of the pup that shared his name. Jolie was somewhere behind him, the palomino having been allowed to go browse for grass to chomp on. She deserved a break, Tora content to let her do as she pleased. His father was nearby as well, the ghost choosing not to show himself but the cold gusts of wind that would occasionally blow past smelled like him. It was unmistakable, the scent of cigarette smoke and death a putrid odor that reminded Tora of screamed curses and blows with a bamboo cane. Grimacing at the bad memories the wolf tugged at his buffalo robe so that the collar protected his neck and focused on his project.

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