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He wasn’t sure what he had expected. In stories the victim was always thankful, always wonderfully gleefully thankful that their lives had been saved. It was something that he hadn’t anticipated, this feeling of adrenaline that began to seep red-hot through his veins in the wake of the jackals retreat – and then the feather-softness of relief that he had been able to save this pretty silver creature.

… but she hated him.

Maribel and Rita had always been so eager to be rescued - whether from a particularly arrogant member of the nobility, or from a lesson arranged by their father. Nova Scotia was filled with brand new dangers that Mateo had naively believed he was prepared for. Tiamat would never require a heroic rescue, and Naji would have laughed at the notion of Mateo protecting anyone. The desert-woman spoke often of her children and her tribe, how she would gladly die for them if necessary.

Mateo was beginning to feel the connection that came from living with a group - but this was different.

He thought he would feel better about it.

Somehow he had forgotten about her injury, about the rushing rivulet of red that trickled down her ribcage and between her sticky fingers. His large ears suddenly fell flat, one long curl falling to poke him directly in the eye. ”Uh… I guess that was a stupid question.” Mateo suddenly wished that Naji were there to be diplomatic and assertive about the whole situation. She was hurt. She needed help.

His smile disappeared as he rocked on his heels.

The girl started crying.

”Uh…” He wasn't sure if it was better or worse. There was crusted blood in her hair that fell in dry curls about her face, the blue of her eyes cold and hard despite the rim of tears. He had grossly misinterpreted his role as the woman's hero. He felt as if the stories he had read were false... was this was it felt like to rescue someone? He quietly thought of what Tiamat would do - what the strong women of the camp would have done in this situation.

He reached into his pocket and pulled out a kerchief to offer it to her, "Everything?" He blinked those large violet eyes of his, "Maybe we can get it back."

He crept closer, "At least you didn't die." He cocked one of his thick eyebrows, "Right?"

"Press this to your ribs." Another step, "I have a friend who I think could help."

Without thinking he tipped his head and released a doggish bay into the rain.

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The white silver of shimmering locks cascaded about her like rivers of rippling silk, weighted by rain and grisly umber spots of diluted blood. The fallen dancer peered up towards the youthful man that’d sheltered her life from being taken by a darkly hellion, her chest expanding and contracting unevenly, painfully.

Lustrous lashes swept low, gathering shimmering droplets of salt and freshwater while the black pools of her expanded pupils looked towards the direction of which the criminal had retreated. She’d be in no form to pursue the woman for days, and in no form to challenge her for months and maybe years – if ever. The futility of her circumstance gnawed worse against her innards than the wet pain in her side.



Within her chaotic interior, she pulled at the turmoil within and cast it away to be digested another day. Tremors continued to rustle the sylph’s angular frame, but the beryl of her gaze cleared with renewed poise. Now when the friendly stranger spoke, her large silvered ears lifted to listen while she graciously accepted his kerchief. Beneath the curling tendrils of blood and wet earth, she inhaled the scent of him.

Anri wordlessly followed his instructions and pressed the cloth against the injury in her side, clenching her teeth against the new wave of agony as she did so. She believed that he spoke true, but her circumstance was more than a bruised rib and material misfortune. A stone spear would’ve ended her life mercifully if compared to the crawling torment of starvation and worse. It was what she'd be facing now.

Her ashen form painfully winced at the sudden burst of his call, but he’d proven himself to be a reliable creature. Curiously, the blue-eyed female wondered what had caused the scales to tip in her favour when she’d needed it the most. Despite her misfortune, he had saved her life, and no clear-minded creature voluntarily wished for death when met with the opportunity. With these thoughts present, her free hand desirously reached out for him, pale like freshly fallen snow beneath cold mire and smeared droplets of blood.

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Mateo couldn’t imagine what it would be like to lose everything. Though he had traveled to Nova Scotia with very little in the way of personal belongings, what he had brought had meaning – a carefully curated assortment of notebooks and a brand-new set of survival skills which Naji had been eager to instill in him. The older Jackal travelled light and had a strange way of coveting water – a habit that was instinctual.

Mateo had been lucky to travel such a distance with friends and in some cases his family – but this girl was obviously alone, and it made him wonder what her story was.

When she offered her hand to him he clutched it tightly, pulling her upright slowly and supporting her weight with the breadth of his shoulders. He teetered uncertainly for a moment before finding his resolve, and he was surprised at the warmth of her despite the rain.

”Mateo?” The voice that barked through the trees was filled with worry and followed by the sound of cantering hooves. Trees and branches shook as Qima navigated her way through the wood, finally delivering Naji to the injured pair. Mateo was inspecting the way the girl pressed the cloth to her wound and making sympathetic sounds in his throat. ”Naji!”

He scrabbled forward, the woman leaning on his arm, ”She’s hurt – we’ve got to help her.”

Naji was wary of strangers and found that she hesitated a moment – her heart beat quickening in her chest. The air smelt of blood and jackal and she inhaled sharply the scent of disturbed earth and rain. Droplets beaded along her muzzle and she licked them away with a pale tongue. ”What happened?” She began digging through her bags as Mateo smiled softly at Anri.

"She will know what to do.”

He glanced at Naji, ”There was a jackal attacking her but I chased them away.” He said it as if it was the simplest thing in the world and Naji clicked her teeth as she gathered her items and stood before the silver woman. She was beautiful really, with bright eyes despite her pain and a long-tapered muzzle that ended in a button nose.

Naji made a comforting sound in her throat, her voice warm and slow.

”Marhabaan silver one,” She turned the pack in her hand, ”Can you ride?” She glanced at Mateo who was rubbing the horses nose absently, one ear cocked towards them. ”We have a camp where you can rest and I can treat your wounds.” She brushed her hands together, tilting her head to inspect the bloodied cloth the girl clutched to her side.

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He held on to her tightly and became the pillar she needed to lean on. Her underweight silhouette merged with his as she put her weight onto him, no doubt a light burden in her current state and shape. Matteo’s tan hues became discoloured wherever her unclean fingers touched him and clung to him as if he’d been a lifebuoy in a turbulent sea and it was a comforting closeness, different and wanted despite him being a perfect stranger.

So many new and unforeseen experiences graced this day.

Carefully tilted ears fell flat at the approach of another, and she saw the jackal with her inner eyes all over again, dark and terrible and causing her matted sterling hues to rise once more with distress. Her jaws parted with a tired curl of her lips, but the enemy hadn’t possessed a steed and they spoke her saviour’s name. The dancer quickly abandoned her unborn snarl and merely let her engorged pupils dance between the two canines like a frightened doe.

The woman, Naji, had a warm and rolling voice, the words upon her tongue a dance of foreign songs and universal kindness. The young woman shrivelled against the male’s warm body despite this, blinking against the downpour while her gaze wandered for her runaway alpaca which still could be heard trotting about. Despite everything, Yorshka hadn’t left her. That was right – her animals!

”Zhdat – wait,” she whispered against the man’s shoulder, grimacing through the ghostly echo of the spear that continued to stab and stab and stab at her side through the now blood-soaked cloth. ”My animals.. I can’t leave without.” She turned her narrow muzzle towards the distant silhouette of the brown alpaca, ”please."

”If you follow the al’paka, she will lead you to my camp.” Her voice withered. Would they take her animals if they were lead to her petite camp? Worse still – would she risk them leaving her behind? She’d not realized how much her survival relied on them. Teeth grinded with worry as she turned to the man with those kind sunset eyes.

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Naji was watching the girl carefully, assessing the injury as Mateo balanced her against his shoulders. Her animals were trotting through the surrounding forest nervously, the thin necked alpaca grunting and snorting as it surveyed the scene. Despite the thick stink of fear on the air they remained - and Naji couldn't help but acknowledge the power of loyalty. The animals danced in the rain, tapping their cloven hooves as their master leaned heavily upon the Salcedo mans shoulder, and Naji made a soothing sound toward them - but they stiffened, not trusting.

She nodded at the Russian, "We follow them."

Mateo was dipping his head to make sure the girl could stand. "We will take care of you."

Together they made the careful trip through the trees, following the russet coloured alpaca as they headed towards the small camp. The rain blotted out portions of the forest, casting them in deep inky shadows that the trio avoided. The horses followed slowly, and Qima nickered softly when they finally came across the small camp that lay shielded from the continuing down pour.

Naji gestured towards the cover, "Put her over there," She tied Qima and Ombra together, fastening the long reigns to a nearby tree.

"Come on," Mateo was grasping the womans elbow, leading her to safety, "Your animals are safe. I promise."

He was smiling at her softly as the rain disappeared beneath the thick conifers, and Naji trotted along with her satchel, rolling up her sleeves.

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