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In the forested area between Miramichi Valley and Fundy National Park!

Her scent (and the horse's) is disguised.

It grew warmer with each passing day as winter slowly gave way to spring. More and more of the snow melted, and the sun stayed out and lit the Earth below for just a little while longer. Green could even be seen in patches here and there, a promise of new life in the aftermath of a long, problematic winter for the Kaiser. Best of all though, the gradual change in seasons made the terrain more accommodating for travel, and Kamari had been excited to take her first trade meeting by herself.

Normally, her father accompanied her, having dealt a bit more with traders than she. Her year mark had made the Kaiser daughter wanting to spread her wings though—as well as to take every chance to get away from the burdens that had settled upon her with recent events—and she had begged her father to let her go on her own. It had taken a bit of convincing, but, eventually, he had relented. When she had left the Kingdom, she had had one saddlebag full of high-quality furs and one full of bundled arrows. Returning home, the items had been replaced with an array of smaller goods; a few jars of spices and glue, wood nails, and a few rolls of twine.

They were practical things, items that had a purpose other than aesthetic reasonings.

She had taken one of the pack’s calmer communal horses to help her ferry the goods back and forth from the rendezvous point and the Kingdom. It was a pretty, dusky, grey-brown mare that was aptly named, Dusk. The horse had been one of a few Kamari had been using to help her get used to the creatures and riding them. It knew a few basic commands and was ever patient with the new rider. The mare had made the trip just a little more manageable because of that.

If asked, Kamari would have guessed that the duo would have had a few more hours left before they reached Amherst, a little more before reaching the Thistle Kingdom. Everything had been going smoothly, but Lady Luck seemed to have some sort of vendetta against her as of late. A rabid raccoon lurched out from a nearby bush at the sound of Dusk’s approaching footsteps, startling both the horse and rider.

The mare jerked and reared, causing Kamari to fall, unprepared for the sudden movement. She fell with a grunt into the leaflitter, and quickly scrambled to not be caught beneath hooves as Dusk moved, stomped, and kicked out as the grey vermin made another, half-coordinated lunge. After a third attempt to attack the horse, Dusk managed to plant one of her hooves into the raccoon’s spine, causing it to flail as the mare trotted off to a safer distance from the rabid creature.

Meanwhile, Kamari staggered to her feet, drawing around her bow—which had thankfully survived the fall—and picking up one of the arrows that had fallen out of her quiver with her sudden, forced dismount. By the time she had nocked the arrow, Dusk had moved off and the raccoon looked to be having a fit of some sort. It screeched and held its mouth wide and gaping, its clawed hands scraping and trying to grasp the leaflitter and flora around it while its hind limbs laid still, its spine likely broken from the mare’s well-placed stomp.

She took aim, and her movement caused the vile creature to look at her with wild, beady eyes. It let out another choked growl and Kamari let her arrow fly. The projectile plunged into its chest cavity, and the rabid creature was felled instantly.

Kamari let out an aggravated breath with the raccoon dead, her arms dropping and eyes searching for where Dusk had gone. “Dusk!” She called out, swooping down to collect her scattered arrows as she looked around for the mare.

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ooc - Oscar to the rescue! To bad he ruins the moment by calling Kamari a "lad"...whoops! xD


As was custom in Krokar, as the snowmelt washed away for good and the days lengthened, this change of seasons was celebrated by a hearty bonfire, as well as the encouragement to go beyond Krokar’s territory in search of goods through exploration and trade. Eager to prove his merit to his mother as well as the Quartermaster, especially after the disaster that had befallen on Krokar by his own doing, the wiry haired man tacked up his older mare at first light and set out. Adeline was the most sure-footed out of the two mares Oscar owned, as well as the most experienced. The palamino’s calm, easy going demeanor made her the perfect candidate for trade with other Luperci and their mounts.

The mare’s gait was easy, if not a little slow. If Adeline had a downfall, it would be that she required a reminder every so often to pick up her feet. The Magnate clicked is tongue, heels digging into the palamoni’s side as he felt the weight on his reins increase. Eventually Adeline picked up her head, and the young man immediately relented his cue. The saddle bags attached to the saddle were brimming with goods, ranging from animal hides to spools of wool to clean bones and antlers. Some accessories crafted from leather and wooden beads were also tossed in there, as well as a flask of amber colored booze. Then, he had intended to bring along some dried fish jerky, however the strips were dwindling by the minute under...mysterious circumstances.

As Oscar finished off the last of the meat, the cry of a horse reached his ears. This was followed by a commotion, and some noise from the fallen rider. ”Aye, lets see what we’ve got here!” The Morelli was quick to act, spurring the golden mare into motion as they headed towards the source of the sound. In the clearing Oscar saw the fallen rider, nocking their bow as they aimed at the flailing grey creature thrashing about on the ground. And in the distance, a panicked mare bolting off towards the horizon.

”C’mon!” Oscar dug his heels into Adeline’s side and set off after the panicked beast. The dappled mare had worked herself up to quite a fright, her eyes rolling as her hooves ate up the ground. When worked up to such a state, Oscar knew these animals could go on for miles. The wiry haired man drew his own mount alongside the panicked mare, reaching out to grasp the beat’s flailing reins. The first attempt almost made him lose his balance, however the second time around the Morelli successfully grasped the leather reins. Eventually the young man was able to bring both mares down to a slow trot.

”Right, then,” Oscar panted as he turned the two horses around, still grasping the other mare’s reins in his free hand ”Should probably return ye to yer owner.” By the time Oscar returned to the clearing, the cloaked stranger had gathered up their fallen arrows and was calling the mare’s name frantically.

”T’was quite the ride, eh lad?” Oscar commented as he drew Adeline to a halt, Dusk pausing obediently behind them ”Believe yer lookin’ for this beauty.” The wiry haired man dismounted, handing the reins off to the young man. The boy was younger than he, if Oscar was not mistaken. ”Eh, nice shot!” Oscar commented as his eyes flickered over to the racoon’s carcass, the arrow sticking out from its chest.

”Say, boy, the creature bite either one of ya?” Oscar asked out of concern, looking over Dusk’s legs for any nicks as the thought occurred to him.

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SL Animal NPC: Dusk (+576)

Kamari has never seen dreadlocks xD

No, no, no! Of all the things to go wrong! Kamari’s head continued to swivel around, frantically searching for the runaway mare while she gathered the last of her arrows. She needed to find that horse! The goods didn’t matter, her parents would understand, but, the horse! Oh! The Boss would skin her alive for loosing such a valuable asset to the Kingdom! A good horse, a trained horse! Her recent betrothal would have been the least of her worries if she did not find the mare and return it to the Kingdom unharmed!

She saw a figure approach from the woodland, and she drew into a defensive stance, bow in one hand and an arrow ready to be nocked into the other. It was a wiry-haired male, one of distinctly doggish features…and a strange texture of hair bound up in what looked to be a knot on the top of his head. His face was…furry and…fatter than the more feral looking faces of her fellow Salsolans.

He rode atop a palomino mare, and, in his hands, held the reins of Dusk.

From the looks of him, he didn’t appear like a threat. He drew the horses close to where she stood, and Kamari’s defensive stance lessened as he came to a halt. The young man’s horse had saddlebags that appeared to be full of goods. He looked like a traveler or trader, just as she must have looked with her own mount having a similar loadout.

Being addressed as “lad” certainly caught her off guard, and she blinked, slowly straightening as the taller male dismounted. He thought she was a boy? Isn’t that what you wanted? Some part of her hissed. Women were easily targeted by the Others, preyed upon, particularly if found alone. Kamari chose not to correct the stranger, wanting to see how well the charade and Loki’s handiwork would work out for her.

Kamari put away her arrow into her side quiver and sighed. “That—” She gave a irritated jut of her jaw towards the dead animal. “—stupid raccoon charged us and startled her. I just wish I would have seen it sooner. I could have lost her if you hadn’t have come along.” She gave him a sheepish half-smile, looking every bit as embarrassed and grateful as she felt.

Taking a sniff at him, she tried to discretely figure out if the man before her pledged his loyalty to a pack or group. He seemed rather well kept—minus his mess of hair atop his head—for the possibility of being a wandering Loner.

“I don’t think so,” though, it was apparent from her suddenly joining him near Dusk’s legs that Kamari wasn’t certain for the mare. Panic briefly filled her at the thought, but it was quickly dismissed as her cornflower blue eyes found little evidence of the rabid raccoon having bitten the mare.

“I’m Birch Kaid,” she introduced, standing back a bit so as to give the man room. She gave him a friendly smirk. “And, who should I be thanking? You seem like you must know horses pretty well if you were able catch Dusk while atop of your own horse.” The Salsolan mare had taken off at quite a clip. Wrangling a second horse while maintaining control over her own would have been impossible for Kamari with her novice skills.

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As Oscar entered the clearing astride his palomino draft, the boy drew himself in a defensive stance, a wicked looking arrow ready to be notched in his bow. Oscar could have laughed at the sight, had he not seen the youth’s handiwork on the fallen racoon. While the Morelli may have height and strength over the slender teenager, no amount of brawn could fend off a well aimed arrow in the hands of an established archer. So the Krokar male made himself as placant as possible, offering a friendly grin and a gentle comment where he could not wave his hands in greeting.

At the sight of the dappled mare he led by the reins, the tension in the boy’s shoulders eased. Oscar was relieved to see the lad’s arrow lower by the time he dismounted, feet landing softly on the earth from practice. ”Eh, good thin’ I was ‘ere then!” The wiry coated man grinned in response to the stranger’s rather abashed smile ”But lets not dwell on what coulda’ been.” Even the most steadfast horse could be unpredictable with the right trigger. It was fortunate that the situation resolved itself, for there could have been a far more tragic conclusion.

”Whew, she looks good to me!” The Magnate sighed in relief as he felt the mare’s legs over, feeling no swelling or abrasions. Between the two of them, Oscar doubted that they would have missed any sort of injury. So for now, the mare was in the clear. ”Sure ya’ didun’ get bit? The foamin’ sickness is a nasty one…” The Morelli turned to the boy, urging the lad to look over himself now that his mare was situated.

”Well, Birch, its nice ter put a name ter th’ face!” Oscar winked playfully at the Kaid’s friendly smirk ”Names Oscar Morelli. A bit newer ter ‘ese parts, Krokar’s me homelands.” The wiry haired man didn’t know if his pack would be familiar with the teenager, being this far out in neutral lands. From a quick sniff, the Morelli was not able to detect any pack scents, either.

”Ah, I’ve got some experience with em,” Though Oscar’s words were humble, he noticeably straightened with pride at Birch’s compliment. ”I tend ter the herds back in Krokar.” Though as much experience as one may have with the beasts, to chase after a runaway while astride horseback was certainly something else entirely. Much could have gone wrong with the stunt - Oscar could have easily fallen off and gotten trampled, or worse. While most would look upon his actions as reckless, Oscar preferred to call it ballsy. Besides, nothing had gone wrong, after all. Though he certainly wasn’t going to tell the boy that he owed his thanks to Lady Luck instead.

”What’s a lad doin’ out ‘ere all by his lonesome, ‘ith nothin’ but his horse fer company?” The Morelli inquired with a tilt of his head. For a loner, the boy himself was fairly well kept, if not remarkably so. And the dappled mare he rode was certainly doted on, that much Oscar could tell from her sweet demeanor and the shine to her coat. Perhaps he was on his way back to his parents, or a nomadic loner group.

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SL Animal NPC: Dusk (+533)

He had a strange accent, she noted as the adrenaline started to die off. His words were butchered and shortened in certain places, elongated in others. It was nothing like what she was used to with the denizens of the Kingdom. While there were a plethora of languages, and perhaps a few whose words were accented from their native tongue, none of their words were twisted in such a way as the dog’s did. It was intriguing to say the least.

The male confirmed that Dusk was alright, and Kamari was glad to hear it from another’s opinion. As a trained communal horse, bringing it back injured or, worse, having to kill it because it was rabid, would have ended very poorly for the young Kaiser. She would have rather not have to face the wrath of the Boss for undoing however many years of work in one outing.

To his once over of her, Kamari shied away, not wanting him to inspect too closely and give up her ruse of being a boy so soon. She scoffed to—hopefully—help distract him from his searching. “Hnn, yeah, I’m sure. I would have filled its body full of arrows out of petty vengeance otherwise.” She would have. Rabies was a death sentence, and she would have been utterly enraged to have her life ended and all of her hard work undone because of some enraged, diseased vermin.

He winked at her, and Kamari was unsure what to make of it. They weren’t friends…or even acquaintances. Wasn’t such an action reserved only for those that one had a familial relationship with? …or was it different outside of Salsola? The dog went on to further introduce himself, going the extra mile and confirming that he was, indeed, from a pack. One called Krokar.

“Krokar? Where’s that at?” She asked, brows furrowing. Obviously, from what he had said, he wasn’t from around the area, and, while she had heard of Krokar from her studies with Lokr, she had never seen one of its members or seen the territory it held claim to. She wondered what their members looked like, if they were all like this furry, broad-boned dog before her. Salsola had a lot of wolf hybrids, after all.

Oscar brushed off her compliment, and his defensive modesty only further peaked her interest in the Outsider. “Woah, you have herds of them? I can hardly take care of my family’s horse, much less a whole group of them!” She made sure to make the awe shine in her eyes as she looked between the Morelli and the two horses.

When the conversation was turned back onto her, she shrugged nonchalantly, trying to think of how Krios might have dismissed the matter. “Getting stuff for my family. We needed some more supplies, and we heard of a guy that had goods to sell from another Loner.” Already, she had a reply ready if he cast any doubt onto her explanation.

However, she hoped to naturally steer the conversation back to him and less about her. “What about you? Your horse looks like it’s pretty loaded too.”

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The young lad shied away at Oscar’s closer inspection, taking a step back. ”Aye, ye seem alright.” Oscar immediately ceased looking over the boy at the lad’s obvious discomfort. The Morelli gave a relieved - and apologetic - grin, making no further advancement towards the hybrid. The dog’s ear twitched at Birch’s scoff, blinking in surprise at the lad’s brusque words. ”Either way, ye did a kindness fer th’ poor creature,” The Magnate acknowledged, nodding towards where the fallen raccoon lay ”Ain’t a pleasant thing ter go through, rabies.” The wiry man gave a slight shudder at the thought of what would have happened if the mare had been attacked, or worse, if he or Birch had been bitten.

It was a good thing the lad was a decent shot, that. The more the Morelli talked to the boy, the more he noted the Kaid’s mature nature. The hybrid’s words were spoken long and eloquently in stark comparison to the Morelli’s own drawling speech. But more than that, the boy spoke in a way that suggested to Oscar that he was older than he looked.

”Ye never heard o’ Krokar?” Oscar asked out of surprise. It was vain of him assume that a loner boy would know of his birth pack, being so far out as they were from Krokar’s borders. But for the young man himself, this was as far east as he had ever gone. It was foreign concept, to interact with those who never heard of the Pack’s whereabouts. ”It’s west from ‘ere,” The Morelli continued, pointing towards that direction ”Ye cross ovr’ th’ Ismuth n’ keep goin’. Eventually ye will find Krokar.” It was not an easy trip to make on foot, but with a sturdy mount it was certainly possible to make decent time.

At Birch’s unshying awe, the Morelli gave a chuckle. ”Well, ‘erhasp not quite herds of ‘em,” Oscar admitted, scratching the back of his neck ”But we let th’ mares n’ their foals in a large paddock, stallions in th’ other. N’ it’s not jus’ me takin’ care o’ all of em’, mind you!” The wiry haired man patted Adeline’s neck as he spoke ”Lot o’ Krokar ‘ave their own horse, n’ chip in ter help with their care. Adeline’s one o’ mine.” Hearing her name, the palomino draft gave a gentle whicker.

”Aye, I’m sure you’ll get th’ hang of it soon ‘nough!” Oscar encouraged with a smile ”They already trust ye’ with Dusk, don’t ‘ey? Yer must be doin’ somethin’ right! Do yer lot ‘ave any more horses, or jus’ this beaut?”

Oscar nodded as Birch delved into an explanation of why he was so far from home, wherever home was. ”I take it ye didun’ find this loner yet?” Oscar inquired sympathetically. As the Kaid turned the tables on him, the Morelli nodded. ”Same as ye, wanted ter fin’ some folks ter trade ‘ith. Every spring, Krokar’s people set out ter add some more good ter our storage.” Oscar shrugged as he continued ”Figured I migh’ as well come out ‘ere, since I neve’ been.”

”Say, what were yer family lookin’ fer, ter trade” The Morelli questioned, the formations of an idea beginning to take root in his mind.

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SL Animal NPC: Dusk (+659) (+741)

We can make this more of a trade thread if you like since I think I’d like that direction more than us trying to force the impromptu horse lesson xD

The dog spoke of kindness in her action, but all Kamari could think of was the irritation and anger that had been in her shot when she had loosed her arrow. She had been angry that she had been thrown off her horse, angry that it had lunged at the spooked mount, angry that it had looked at her with those wild, mad eyes of it like it wanted to harm her dearly in its delirium. Her action to put an arrow in it had not been one of sympathy, and, hearing the man’s words, she felt embarrassed that it hadn’t.

To his rhetorical question, she shook her head negatively to confirm that she had never heard of his pack. Her lack of knowledge seemed to make him more willing to speak on the matter, as he gave her a direction and then a landmark to help guide her heading. She nodded, being sure to notate such information for later when she had the time to scope out the pack. It never hurt to know what lied beyond the Kingdom, and, if anything, it was exciting for her to learn something new and see unfamiliar lands. Her trip with O’Riley to scope out Cour des Miracles had birthed such a curiosity and hunger for adventure.

She was a bit disappointed to hear that it didn’t seem like Krokar had as many horses as she had initially believed, however, at the very least, it sounded like they had quite a few. The Boss might find such knowledge useful, though, Kamari wasn’t sure if the horses Krokar had would meet her preference or standards for the creatures though. Should the Kingdom ever step out from hiding, knowing of other viable breeding options might be valuable information.

“Is your pack really well off?” She asked, “I know my father had to trade quite a bit for Dusk here.” She moved in to give the mare a comforting, familial-like pat. To hear that a lot of his packmates owned a horse themselves too said a lot for the pack.

When Oscar gave her some encouragement, Kamari did well to act modest and bashful. “My mother and brother aren’t really…horse Luperci,” she chuckled. “And, no, just Dusk. We don’t make or scavenge enough things as Loners to be able to afford another one. It took us forever just to get her a proper fitting saddle.” It was a plausible enough tale to tell, and, while a lie, there were bits of truth she had been able to weave into it. Loners didn’t have much to them, and, even in a pack, Kamari’s family didn’t have enough goods of value to trade up for a horse of their own.

Kamari shook her head when he questioned her on finding the lone trader, “No, unfortunately. I walked Dusk around for hours trying to see if I had messed up too. Either he wasn’t there, or the guy we heard the rumor from was mistaken.” The lie was safer to go with than the truth. The last thing she wanted was for the trader to squeal anything that might have tipped the Krokaran off that Kamari was not all who she claimed to be.

Her ears pricked when Oscar mentioned that he was, indeed, out on a trading mission as well. When he moved the conversation to ask her about what her family was looking to trade, Kamari had to think fast. She had traded what her parents had wanted her to, had gotten what she could from the Loner. However…there were a few items she had left over as well as a few extras that the Outsider had given her to make a fair bargain.

“Useful things, mostly. We don’t have much need for flashy or pretty accessories when survival is a bit more important. My mother could use some better cookware, or herbs or hardy food that she can cook into things.” She paused for a moment, trying to think of other items that she didn’t currently have tucked away into Dusk’s saddlebags. “Maybe some fishhooks. I know my father has been thinking about trying fishing lately with the ice and snow having melted.”

The jackal hybrid’s eyes looked from Oscar to his horse. “What about you? You look like you have quite a few things to barter with.”

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”Well off? Why yes, I’d say so.” The Morelli replied, scratching at the tufts of hair growing from his chin. Of course, what constituted as well off varied from person to person. But in his home pack, Oscar never really had to want for anything. Hunger and thirst were figments of his imagination during his childhood, and remained so today. Just like all the Guppies born in Krokar, he grew up with a roof over his head and a fire to warm his hide. ”I’m lucky, ter hav’ my pack take root in lands tha’ give so much ter us. Th’ river gives us fish fer our bellies, water fer ourselves n’ our beasts. Plenty o’ pasturelands fer grazin’ ‘s well.”

”Th’ River ‘s why we can spen’ our time on livestock n’ such, s’well as tradin’.”

Oscar gave a chuckle at Birch’s assessment of their parents. ”Ay, not ‘veryone is!” The Morelli agreed, a certain packmate of his coming to mind. Elias Blueridge was much more comfortable amongst birds than equines, and had made that clear enough! ”Ah, was lucky me’self tha’ me Mam had a horse o’ her own. Learned to ride on tha’ big ol’ draft, I did!” Oscar nodded his head in agreement at the Kaid’s next comment. ”Saddles n’ leather tack are hard ter come by, even ‘n Krokar. ‘S a valuable item ter trade fer.”

”Ay, t’is a pity.” The Magnate murmured in sympathy, however a gleam of excitement shined in his eyes. That dappled mare of Birch’s was loaded with stuff - stuff that Oscar could bring back to Krokar, with the right words and offerings. And there was one less man to compete with now.

Oscar tapped his chin thoughtfully as the young lad listed off the items his family desired. No use for pretty things - well, that eliminated the various wooden and sea glass baubles crafted to please the eye. But that was no matter, for Krokar had much more to offer than trivial indulgence. Cookware Oscar did not have on hand - but fish hooks, yes he did! ”Fish hooks, ya’ say?” Oscar cocked an eyebrow, digging through one of the saddlebags hanging on his mare’s side. From there he procured several hooks, carved neatly from bone and varying in size.

”I got ‘ese, n’ a corded rope net, shoul’ yer Pa take a fancy ter tryin’ his hand at a net.” Oscar winked. ”Also got som’ spools o’ wool n’ animal hides, shoul’ yer folks fin’ use in that.”

”My people woul’ fancy som’ handy tools, th’ sort fer fixin’ up ol’ houses n’ such. Supplies fer huntin’ go nicely, ‘s well as any sort o’ traps. Scavenged nails n’ boards be nice too.” Oscar paused for a moment, inclining an eyebrow towards the Kaid ”Leather supplies n’ armor, weapons too o’ course, woul’ be very nice.” The later he added in with little expectation, but it certainly couldn’t hurt.

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SL Animal NPC: Dusk (+468)

She listened attentively as he spoke of his home pack. From the sounds of it, they appeared to be rather stable if they could afford so many horses like Oscar made it seem. As well, it seemed as if their lands were fertile, able to provide both by land and water. His continued reference to water made it easy to make the assumption that it was something of great importance to his pack’s way of life.

So this Krokar…they had a lot of livestock, and likely lived in an area that had at least one major waterway that flowed through it, or maybe a good-sized lake. Plenty of room for their animals to graze, so, they were probably fairly large in size. Maybe not as big as the Kingdom, but, it would have had to have been large enough that they could own a bunch of horses and feed them properly. They thrived on the water and what it provided… Notes, so many notes to be added to what she knew about the world beyond her home.

The conversation moved one, and, as she listed off what other items she could possibly trade for before finishing her journey home, one in particular seemed to catch the dog’s attention. He moved to his horse, procuring the actual times—and with variation!—that Kamari had mentioned. Cornflower blue eyes roved over the hooks that Oscar showed her, picking one out of the bunch to inspect it with quiet awe at the quality of the craftsmanship.

“Did you make these yourself? How durable are they?”

Oscar listed off a few other items he had to offer, also noting what he would be interested in on his pack’s behalf. She had to think quickly, had to figure out if she should only trade the leftover goods that she had brought with her to trade, or if her father would be more interested in what Oscar had to offer than keeping the nails that she had received from the Loner before the Krokaran’s appearance. The teenager hummed in thought before handing the hook back to him.

Kamari turned and went to Dusk’s side to rummage through one of her own saddlebags. “I have an extra bundle of arrows with raven feathers for the fletching?” She offered over her shoulder. “I have a few nails, and then a few nice fur pelts that you could probably use in the colder months?” He had already listed animal hides as things he was offering, but, she figured it wouldn’t hurt to see if he might still be willing to trade for the high-quality furs that her father could make.

“How much might those get me for some hooks and maybe some rope or a spool of wool?”

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As Oscar spoke lovingly of his home pack, the young lad listened attentively. Although the friendly Krokaran merely assumed that Birch was being polite - little did he know that the crafty youngster was actually gathering intel. Nonetheless, Oscar chattered on, pleased at the boy’s interest and seeming awe of the riches Krokar had to offer.

Eventually he shifted gears, porceduring a handful of goods for the loner to observe. The Morelli grinned as Birch selected one of the fish hooks to study, holding it close to his eye for inspection. ”Made from bone, they ‘re! Each ‘re good fer a few uses, n’ much sturdier than tho’ rustin’ metal ones.” Oscar raised his eyebrows as Birch ran his fingers over the ivory material, not holding back his advertising spiel. ”Oh no, not me!” Oscar chuckled at the boy’s question ”If I made ‘em, they wouldn’t look ’is good!” Needless to say, the Morelli’s talents lie in other areas. Such craftsmanship he left up to those in the Production tier.

The wiry haired man tapped his chin thoughtfully as Birch listed off the items he had to offer. Although he didn’t have much experience with a bow, those newly carved arrows were tantalizing. Briefly, the Morelli envisioned himself shooting arrows at fish from the riverbend..

However nails, yes, Krokar could certainly use those. Oscar pondered over an asking price, looking over the hooks as he did so. The fish hooks could easily - and quite eagerly - be traded for the spare nails that Birch had on hand. Though, the Morelli would be damned if he returned with only a handful of nails. Hell, it probably would have been less humiliating to return with nothing at all!

”Say, I coul’ trade three hooks fer yer handful o’ nails?” Oscar offered, an eyebrow raised N’ how ‘bout a spool o’ wool fer a few arrows?” The Morelli left the number of requested arrows vague, allowing Birch to name the price for that. As for the animal pelts, the Magnate politely declined, for he knew they had more than enough in stock back at home.

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