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It's night near the Commune of the Salmon, and it's warm. Your character has stepped on a pinecone.

Backdated to April 12th. Bear with me while I figure these boys out. P: [ 412 ]

The stone shack seemed as good a place as any to make camp for the night.

As Merlin tended to the horses Arthur set out to collect some firewood. There were plenty of trees still dry and withered from the dearth of winter that made for excellent sources of wood. From them Arthur snapped a few branches here and there, moving from tree to tree, not wanting to completely ruin a single tree for the sake of his own comfort. It was a pretty area budding with spring growth and before long the whole place would be bursting with verdant leaves, colorful flowers, and all sorts of life. He didn't want an overpruned dried up old tree ruining that. Weird as that seemed.

Both Knights were weary from their long journey back from Portland and were eager to get home, but they couldn't rush. They had their horses to think about as well as themselves, and time needed to be taken to ensure they were all fed, watered, and rested before they continued onward. There were many days of traveling still to go, but at the very least it was back in familiar territory, even if it had changed a little.

"I still can't believe Vinátta is gone." Merlin mumbled as he placed the last stone in a circle that would function as their fire pit, his hands then rubbed over his pants to knock off the bits of dirt clinging to his pads. Arthur made an acknowledging sort of sound as he returned from the forest with an arm-full of firewood, his footfall quiet against the damp earth until the distinct crunch of something dry and crumbly shattered the relative silence around the old shack. "ARGH!"

The firewood fell from his arms in a cascade of branches and twigs and spilled all over the ground ahead of him as Arthur stumbled and reached down to clutch at his foot, a throaty growl erupting from his gritted teeth. Merlin burst into laughter almost immediately, dramatically folding his arms against his gut as he rolled onto his back on the leafy ground, mocking his brother.

Arthur growled again and threw the offending pinecone at his brother, still laughing at his misfortune. "It's not funny!" It was a little. The anger drained from his features almost as suddenly as it had flooded in and he sighed, shaking his head a little with a smile. "Just help me pick all this up you clown."

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It wasn’t habitual for the young woman of attired silver to traverse into the path of others that were not lonely wanderers. To dance with one was a gamble, but two made a crowd that easily would fold against her favour. Defeat had always been a bitter pill to swallow, and her presence here remained a solemn reminder of her unfortunate circumstances.

But a forecast of clouds in the horizon did nothing to the sweetened curves of her smile as it stretched, soft and lovely upon her elegantly sculpted face. Evening had draped the forest with the blanket of nightfall, but the air was hot like a sunny day, swaddling her like an unwanted lover in an unyielding embrace. She'd left her band of horse and alpacas behind once more, scouting her surroundings and only recently learned that she was not the only one out here.

The sterling Soul slowly edged closer to distant murmur of voices by a weathered shack when an outburst of pain that was not her cut through the softness of the evening like a knife through an abdomen. For a slight moment, the girl and her intentions scattered like a wind tumbling through trees and meadows to strange places. Crawling closer with the slight breeze in her favour, she caught eye of the source of the ruckus as he stumbled and growled, clutching at his foot after having stepped on something.

Foolish lowlanders, the Russian thought with a slight smile, the silkiness of her pelt settling neatly along the feminine arch of her back. He looked like the flurry of autumn leaves, a rich silhouette shaded golden orange like a kind sunrise. His companion was darker, enriched by earth and forest, and they both laughed and bantered like good people might. Such sights could be seen in good and evil, naturally, but Anri loved a good Russian roulette.

She inhaled deeply and savored the caress of her own heart as it thumped against her curvy chest, thrilled and scared as it was every time. Icicle eyes traversed her immediate surroundings and latched on to a few dry sticks that she then quickly picked up from the soil. Pushing a few wildling locks of white silver from her night and cotton freckled face, she stepped forth with on her dancer’s feet, grace and femininity embodied in her natural elegance.

”I thought it was a little funny, actually,” she mused out loud, tilting her head terribly innocently while she stepped into the scene and let the darling blue of her eyes dance between the two males. Older than herself by a cycle or two, perhaps – it was difficult to say. Although dressed in the cold tones of winter, her glance was a warm gush of spring and her smile was the tickling laughter of summer, golden and bright with delight.

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~ [ 310 ]

Arthur grabbed a smaller stick and threw it into the circle of stones, one after the other, making a kind of sort of organized little pile of kindling to get started. As he did that, Merlin stacked the larger sticks and branches to the side to add in as needed once they got a good flame going.

They did this for a short while before the sound of footfall drew both their eyes from the makeshift fire pit to the treeline just beyond the small clearing around the shack where a female figure emerged from the dark with a few stray sticks in her hand and a quip in her voice. Merlin smirked and eyed his brother who feigned a measure of offense. "Well, I'm glad my suffering amused everyone."

"Welcome to our little camp, miss?" The darker male prompted an introduction and both Knights waited a moment for her to produce her name before nooding a greeting and producing theirs. Arthur dug out his fire lighting supplies and struck a few sparks, the hungry points of light catching in the dry sticks and growing from embers into tiny flames.

"What brings you out into the woods in the dark?" He asked as he motioned toward one of the large logs across from them for her to sit if she wished. Merlin threw a few more sticks into the pit as the fire grew and after a moment the clearing was flooded with a soft warm glow and the quaint crackle of burning wood.

"Alone as well. Who knows what's lurking out there." Merlin teased as he absently prodded an ember with a stick he was holding, turning the glowing bit of wood over and flipping it closer to the dancing flames. Arthur eyed his brother a moment before unabashedly admiring the femme, a sly grin lingering upon his maw.

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