A Worthy Tribute

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POSTED: Mon May 14, 2018 6:49 pm

Between Cape Acadia and Timber Cove[+3]

Baelish was feeling pretty confident after his successful trading trip with his sister. He could hardly believe they had gotten away with what they had; a ram, a boar and sow, and a horse; it was nearly comical how badly the other side had lost. But he had to chalk it up to his negotiation skills and his sister’s diplomacy; if not for those two things they probably would have been run out of there with pitchforks and torches blazing.

Ever since then, the young D’Angelo male had put his mind full force into trading and scavenging; Mistfell Vale, despite its natural splendor, was in desperate needs of goods. The landscape around here had been pretty much picked clean of easily found useful items, but Baelish was not beyond getting his hands dirty to find hidden treasures.

His trek was now five days in, and he was far north of his pack-lands, a heavy laden pack on his back. Inside, a variety of salvaged goods, some in great shape, others needing some tender loving care. But the more he found, good or bad, the better the Vale would become, the stronger it would become, and he stronger with it.

It was mid-day when he stopped to take a break, letting loose the exhausting weight from his shoulders. He breathed a heavy sigh and took a drink from his water skin; he’d have to return to the Vale soon, he was not sure he could carry much more. Out of habit, he reached into the pocket of his favorite gray pants, and rubbed a thumb-pad against the worn porcelain inside. It was a comfort, more than anything; but he held onto it where he had given up the rest of the cache of the old broken toilet he removed from his home. This piece, however, was special; he’d hold onto it until he found the right price.

Mistfell Vale
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