When The World Burns Down And The Clouds Turns Black


POSTED: Fri May 18, 2018 2:46 am

Gaspesia. In Lupus Form. Can we date this forward a little?

Naomi usually awoke with the day's first light, but today was different. She pawed sleep from her eyes in confusion. It was still so dark why was she awake? Just as she tried to curl back into her dreams, she heard the whistling calls of sparrows. If the birds were already calling then she'd woken up later than usual. She stuck her head out of the brambles and bushes she took shelter in the night before and looked up at the sky. The sun was so densely covered by angry, fat clouds and worried mist that only the strongest shafts of morning light broke through the darkness. Hunger rumbled in her belly, but rather than furrowing her brows with worry, Naomi's lips curled into a triumphant smirk. With the moisture and breeze of an impending rain the scent of prey animals carried far and their tracks stuck to the dewy grass. Today she would go to bed full.

Naomi walked through the dense forest until she came to a hill covered in young pines. She could early make out the sun's faint glow rising to the east and a set of mountains looming to the west behind her. Thunder roared in the distant black clouds and a strong wind hit her squarely in the face. She closed her eyes and scented the wind. The smell of little rodent creatures drifted in from all directions. In the near east the strong, earthy smell of dear rolled in. In the far east she could make out the smell of many, many wolves. She shivered for a moment. She knew she was at least a couple of acres away from pack lands, but the thought of running into strange wolves put her on edge. What if they were dangerous? What if they claimed the prey in this area as their own, even though they were far off pack lands? She turned her thick muzzle to the west and breathed in the smell of squirrels, shrews, and field mice. The hunger in her tore at her stomach once again, and she started to trot towards the east.

She put her nose to the ground and trailed the smell of a doe and fawn. As the smell grew stronger she slowed her steps and placed every paw step gingerly. Eventually the smell was so strong it overwhelmed her. Naomi lifter he head from the ground and quietly poked her face through the forest brush. Two deer grazed peacefully. The wind's direction and power hid her from their keen noses and muffled the sounds of her approach. They had no idea she was following them. The fawn was older than she would have liked, but it still had faint white speckles glowing along it's coat. If she hit just right the fawn wouldn't put up a fight and it's distraught mother would flee in fear. The doe looked up as if startled. Had she been discovered? Naomi crouched and leapt towards the fawn, hoping her aim would be true. It was now or never.


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