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Miriette practically danced as she made her way down the scorched pathway, her golden feet stained sooty and dark from the ash that trailed behind her. They had torn the places heart from its centre. They had brought flame to the lazy looking cabins until they had belched smoke through their gaping maws, their cracked windows glinting like teeth.

Now the beast had been quelled.

Now there was nothing save for the silence that came with sudden absence. Death hung quietly here like a cloud, the cabins cracked open like ribs against the sky. Miriette wandered idly, dragging her hands along the charred remains as if to see if they were still warm.

She hesitated before a wall that had been mostly untouched – though its nearby roof had crumbled upon itself, the neighboring walls destroyed. By some miracle it stood, defiant.

Miriette made a sound in her throat, a sing song sound that echoed in the quiet of the once Krokar.

”Whats this?” She mused, gathering a piece of charcoal in her hands.

She was always asking them questions – seeking answers that they never gave her.

The wall winked at her, a blank canvas that ached to be marked by an all-knowing hand. They gave her that power. She grinned, canting her head as she stretched a golden hand and began to sketch a large, all-seeing eye.

She drew eyes upon eyes - the scratchy nib catching upon the splintering wood.

They took up the entire space and gazed unblinking upon the wreckage.

Post dated to November 3rd and set for after Krokar officially disbands.

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Optime | Miramichi Watershed (near Moosehead Lake) | NPC: Cedar (+807)

Set in the aftermath of Krokar’s disbandment.

Kamari’s scent is disguised. She is wearing a tattered, dark green cloak and dark pants. She has her bow and quiver and a knife on her.

In the past few days, there had been strange sightings to the lands northwest of the Kingdom. Or, at least, that was what the Emissary had heard from a few travelers and traders both at Biff’s Bar and in the general area while she had been out hunting for new areas of wealth for furs. It seemed the rumors had not only been heard by her ears, but, the Director’s as well, as he had tasked her out to do some investigating herself. The subject matter of the reports had had the Kaiser intrigued the most though.

Livestock. Random, domesticated livestock had been found wandering alone out in the northwestern territories. Some in groups, others by themselves. A large, dark plume had been seen seen climbing high into the sky a few days before as well. Either way, the sightings were apparently frequent or peculiar enough for these traveling Luperci to speak on them, and, that it likely wasn’t some Loner that had lost their precious family horse.

Kamari had enlisted the Quartermaster’s company for the investigation. While it was something that should have been entirely scout work, Kamari felt that Helena’s position in the Merchant Faction made her thoughts on the situation worth hearing. In charge of the pack’s provisions, the Frenchwoman would likely have a good grasp on the worth of all of these supposedly runaway livestock, and whether the Mafiosi should be notified to take advantage of the situation.

The Salsolan pair had rode out to the general area that the reports had all described. And, the further out they traveled past Mount Oromocto, sure enough, they had begun to see a couple of sheep here, a lone horse there. When they had come across the stench of a pack border, Kamari had paused them to assess things. The smell, she remembered it, for it had been on that shaggy-furred male that had traded with her some months back, and, if her calculations were correct, the river they’d see should have fallen about where the Miramichi ran. A pack called “Krokar” was supposed to have been around these parts, or so the maps and reports went.

Sniffing at the ground though, the Shadow was surprised to notice the smell there to not be as fresh as one would have expected of an active pack patrolling their borders on the regular. It’s almost like how Sapient’s were. Moving to stand, she swung back up into Cedar’s saddle. Tread carefully, Sekhmet, she warned in French, Something may still be swimming in the waters ahead.

They would be trespassing.

It might have been better to ask the Quatermaster if she had wished to do so, but, some part of Kamari thought it might have been more insulting to ask as much. Digging her heels into her stallion’s sides, she led the way past the old border markers. Her tall ears pricked and swiveled, searching for any signs that the natives might still be in the area. They found nothing though. They passed over bridges here and there, eventually making their way to what must have been the pack’s housing areas…or what was left of it.

The patch of forest was scorched, and, with it, the many houses that had dotted the area. It was an eerie sight to behold, the dilapidated remains. Some buildings were nothing but piles of ash, spent wood, and scorched stone; others were blackened from the smoke that had likely covered the area when it had all burned. The sight was not new to the Kaiser, not when she had been one of the ones to cause similar destruction to the coyote clan. Still, she found herself drawing her bow and slowing Cedar’s pace so that she could scrutinize every bit of rubble.

Perhaps the most concerning sight of all was not the burnt remains of a once thriving village, but, the multitude of eyes that had been drawn upon what little remained standing. They were everywhere.

Between her thighs, she felt Cedar rumble softly in warning. Finding the source of what had caused him to alert, Kamari turned to Helena, clicking at her to get her attention. With a jerk of her snout, she indicated to a blonde woman who looked to be in the midst of drawing one of the strange eyes. The Shadow held her bow at the low ready, locking eyes with the Frenchwoman before turning Cedar and directing the horse to circle around and out of sight.

Helena was much more comfortable with her honeyed words, and her exotic and accented dialect would likely keep this woman distracted easily enough. Meanwhile, the Emissary would check to make sure that the blonde was alone, and remain in what Kamari dwelled best in; the shadows.

Kamari Kaiser

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